Phone Monitoring App
Will there to keep an eye
on your children or to
see what they are up to, When you are not there

Phone Monitoring app: Ultimate Phone spy

With the Top IT and Support team, Ultimate Phone Spy provides Cutting-Edge Mobile Monitoring Features

Contacts and Phone Calls

Inspect all phonebook entries remotely in an elegant, user-friendly way. Read More

Use of GPS Location

Watch locations on your list and get updates right away.
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Area Recording and Phone Call

Listen to their phone recordings or record calls. Perfect strategies to stay on top of everything.

Chats on IM and SMS

You can remotely watch texts, IM chats, and other media from services like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Signal, Telegram, and Tinder. Click More

Without Rooting WhatsApp

Watch WhatsApp conversations on Android tablets and phones without having to root them.

Instant Alerts 24/7

Get prompt notifications when certain words are used in SMS, emails, phonebooks, and places. With Our phone monitoring app, you can gain instant access alerts

Distant Control a Cell Phone

Send remote commands to lock or reset a monitored device, prevent access to certain apps, record surround sound, or take screenshots.

Ultimate Phone Spy Analytics

View their daily favorite callers or web browsing habits, together with a call time activity punch card for simple interpretation.

Network logs for WiFi

View the names and locations of the Wi-Fi networks they connect to during the course of the day.


Track keystrokes from Skype, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Appointments & Multimedia Files

Verify all of the pictures and videos that are on their phones. Additionally, keep an eye on all of their appointments.

Monitoring Emails

Track every email they send, along with the identities and email addresses of the senders. Click more

Ultimate Phone Spy: Monitor Phones and Tablets in Complete Secrecy

To Safeguard their interests, Over a Million parents, employers, and relationships choose Ultimate Phone Spy. Track calls, messages, Locations, and Applications. It is web-based, stealthy, and completely secure.

Allows for remote access to a large amount of data stored on a device.

Works on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Keep call logs of incoming and outgoing calls

Locations, people, and words to watch list

Monitor multimedia, emails, and phone conversations.

Making work and home's digital spaces secure through effective and thoughtful monitoring

Improved surveillance is only necessary in light of exaggerated statistics on cyberbullying and workplace theft. Through smartphone tracking, Ultimate Phone Spy’s cell phone spy app effectively provides a handy way to stop these cyberthreats.

Reports on Cellphone Usage

To access the top 5 phone calls, top 5 call durations, and even the top 10 most often visited websites, sign in to your Ultimate Phone Spy account at any time.

Lower Prevalence of Cyberbullying

87 % of young kids in the US have seen cyberbullying. You may reduce the various online threats that your child is susceptible to on a daily basis, such as online dating, cyberbullying, and harassment, by using the smartphone monitoring app Ultimate Phone Spy.

Remote Control of Devices

While keeping an eye on phone activity is cool, controlling gadget activity remotely is much cooler. And Ultimate Phone Spy is the greatest cell phone surveillance app for android phone and iOS device . The options are endless: you can lock a phone, erase data, snap a screenshot, or even record audio calls!

Alerts for Specific Actions

The time required to review every single call record, text, email, or location check-in is not available to everyone. Because of this, Ultimate Phone Spy gives you the opportunity to create a watch list of the locations, words, and individuals who most worry you so that you may receive prompt alerts for any associated behavior.

Three Easy Steps for Remotely Monitoring a Phone or Tablet

Get Ultimate Phone Spy

Select the payment method and mobile monitoring subscription plan that best meet your needs for monitoring.

Activate Ultimate Phone Spy

Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting the target platform (iOS or Android). It simply takes five minutes to set up.

Start Tracking

Starting with Ultimate Phone Spy only requires a short amount of time. With the specified account credentials, log into your Ultimate Phone Spy dashboard to complete the setup.

Why choose Ultimate Phone Spy?

Customer Satisfaction

A huge % of Ultimate Phone Spy's customers re-enroll with us.

Completely Risk-Free

Ultimate Phone Spy is incredibly trustworthy, dependable, and safe.

Most Popular

One million users in 190+ nations use Ultimate Phone Spy Apps

24/7 Client Support

We provide assistance and troubleshooting 24/7.

Customer reviews

This app is amazing! My husband and I were looking for a way to keep track of our son’s phone usage, so we decided to buy this. We installed it and were both amazed by how well it does its job. It’s totally worth the money 

Arvind Gupta

Ultimate Phone Spy is the best spy app I’ve ever used. It lets me know what my kids are up to on social media and in their private life. It gives me peace of mind, knowing that my kids have the protection they need

Rachel C. Johnson

Why settle for a regular phone spy app when you can have Ultimate Phone Spy? It is a must-have for parents. With this software, you get to see your children’s private chats, online social networking profiles, and more