12 Best Mobile Spy Apps in 2022

Whether we like it or not, we are well into the Digital Age, which means keeping track of children, spouses, and employees is becoming increasingly difficult. Or is it? If you start utilizing a good spy phone app to keep track of someone, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier than it was previously. You are not required to physically check in on someone or phone their associates to inquire about their whereabouts. Instead, everything can be seen and monitored through a single app. This list of the 12 Best Mobile Spy Apps in 2022 will assist you in making the best choice when it comes to monitoring the activities of your partner, adolescent child, or employee.

The word Spy alone conjures up images of controversy. It’s understandable to be suspicious of digital espionage in a time when illicit hacking and camera access have made many IT specialists and big business owners nervous. However, as with anything, the usage of Mobile Spy Apps can be both ethical and unethical, depending on the individual.

12 Best Mobile Spy Apps in 2022

Why we Should use Mobile Spy Apps?

Phone spying apps are essentially smartphone surveillance apps that allow you to monitor the behavior of a smartphone device you want to monitor. Incoming and outgoing calls, SMSs, and the phone’s location may all be tracked in real-time. The end-user is unaware of these apps because they are undetectable.

There are numerous valid reasons why someone would wish to utilize a spy phone app. These apps can be used to locate a stolen or misplaced phone, monitor your child’s cell phone usage, and track incoming and outgoing SMS and phone calls.

12 Best Mobile Spy Apps in 2022

When it comes to selecting such apps, there are many possibilities available today. As a result, deciding on the finest phone spy applications might be difficult. We’re here to make your decision-making process easier.

12 Best Mobile Spy Apps in 2022

Ultimate Phone Spy

Ultimate Phone Spy is one of the fantastic phone spying app on the market. The fact that it is primarily used as a parental monitoring toolsets it apart from the others on the list.

It’s a robust platform with features like mobile phone monitoring, location tracking, multimedia file monitoring, and online activity tracking, among others. It allows you to control apps and programs on a hidden device from afar.

Nova Spy

Nova Spy is a simple to install and use cross-platform phone spying tool. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and install, and it operates in perfect stealth mode, so the phone user is unaware of its presence. Using a sophisticated dashboard, the app can monitor practically everything that happens on the target device in real-time.

You can easily examine phone logs, trace sent and received SMSs, and keep track of your online browsing history. You can also use the software to track a person’s real-time location using a SIM card or GPS technologies.


OneSpy is a spy App with a lot of features. It’s the only Smartphone Tracking App that gives you real-time access to GPS, Camera, Photos, Call-Recordings, Call Notifications, Social-Media Messages (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Vkm, SMS, and more), and everything else.

Even beginners will have no issue utilizing our Spy App because the platform is quite current and simple to use. There are over 42 unique features, all of which you can try out for free on Live-Demo to see whether they meet your demands.


The only app that gives you complete access to your Instagram and Facebook accounts is uMobix. Users can log into anyone’s Facebook or Instagram account and click on any button there to manage accounts, alter settings, add friends, or delete followers.

The only app that works flawlessly on both iOS and Android is uMobix. It implies you can install it without any problems and monitor it without finding any bugs.

Unlike many of its competitors, uMobix does not require you to jailbreak your iOS smartphone. You simply enter your iCloud iD and password, and the monitoring begins as soon as the backup is completed.


eyeZy is a simple Mobile Spying App that allows you to maintain parental control on any phone, regardless of the device you’re using. eyeZy allows you to keep an eye on your target phone without them knowing. You can monitor anything from text to browsing history and other actions on your target device with this app.

The Artificial Intelligence that eyeZy comes with is what really sets it unique. You don’t have to be glued to the app all the time thanks to its superior AI. Actually, the app will notify you when the targeted phone is in use. You may also rest easy knowing that eyeZy uses bank-grade encryption to protect data that is important to you and your family.


Hoverwatch is a mobile phone tracker and concealed tracking tool that can record location, SMS, call audio, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other information. It allows you to track your online activities. Android, Windows, and Mac OS X are all supported. It operates in stealth mode, making the target Android device’s user invisible.


Another most popular phone spying applications on this list is XNSPY. In fact, when it comes to spyware apps, it might be considered an industry leader. It may be an effective surveillance tool for both your children and your employees.

It has over 30 advanced functions, including the ability to track incoming/outgoing phone calls and monitor SMS in real time. Additionally, you can follow the phone’s GPS location, which is useful when trying to locate your children or locating a misplaced phone.

In recent years, the software has added more advanced capabilities such as WIFI logging and WhatsApp Monitoring. With each passing day, the app improves and evolves.


Spyera is a multi-award-winning espionage app for both PCs and cellphones. It has outstanding espionage capabilities that work flawlessly. Its most well-known functions include monitoring employee or child mobile phone and computer activity, location tracking, and much more.

It comes with a number of capabilities that can let you monitor and control your target’s activity. The app is undetectable and may be used on any platform, regardless of operating system.


FlexiSPY is another famous phone spy app that is usually ranked among the best in its category. Its extensive and user-friendly feature set further cements its reputation as one of the best apps for remotely monitoring a device.

The app may be used for anything from simple phone and message monitoring to more complex activities like camera hacking and keylogging. The app excels at all of the capabilities it provides and requires minimal work from the user to keep it running smoothly.


MSpy is a parental and employee monitoring application featuring features for both parents and employers.

This App provides management capabilities for remote teams. It uses AES encryption and SSL techniques and technology to save recorded data on a secure, internet cloud. This can save data for up to a year. There is no need to maintain any server or infrastructure if MSpy is installed on the workstation.


Cocospy is a Phone App that makes software that allows parents to monitor their children’s phone activities by allowing them to examine their texts and browsing history. Overall, it’s a terrific tool for parents to keep track of their children’s activities, and it’s simple to use, which is a huge plus!

Cocospy’s ability to detect a SIM card change is a unique function. This is useful if you want to protect your children’s data and contact information if someone tries to take their SIM card from their phone.


SpyBubble is a very useful cell phone spy tool that is designed to catch a cheating partner in the act. Real-time tracking and screenshot reporting make it simple to keep an eye on the target’s phone, and its lightning-fast setup will have you up and running in no time!


You now have all of the information you require to begin using the finest phone spy applications. You have a responsibility as a parent, spouse, and employer to guarantee that nothing goes wrong. Starting with one of the cell phone spy apps on this list is the best method to do it. Finally, you’ve learnt that a surveillance app can be effective and even save lives.

You’ve also learnt which apps to utilize, which will improve your phone spy app experience. We propose Ultimate Phone Spy since it has been proved to be incredibly effective and offers a wealth of capabilities. Nova Spy, on the other hand, boasts good customer support and is ideal for tracking SMS and phone calls on a target device.

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