15 Best Apps To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Are you worried about how to catch a spouse cheating on you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

There are various platforms available on the internet to help you catch your cheating spouse. Most of these applications function effectively without leaving behind any loopholes. In this article, we have provided a long list of 15 such applications. Read on to learn more about the same!

But first, we need to explain how ultimate phone spy is one the best app to use to monitor a cell phone. We will briefly explain how it works.


Features of Ultimate Phone spy

This is the first question that may come to your mind after reading the word spy, and that too, a person’s phone without making his/her aware of the same. So, if you are wondering how to spy on a mobile phone without accessing it, then here is the answer. It is possible to spy on an iPhone, and you can do it in simple steps, but it is not applicable to Android devices. 

Ultimate phone spy is an app to catch cheaters and has benefits for the user who wants to spy on their spouse. You can use it on the target device to monitor incoming and outgoing calls and social media accounts. You can remotely hack into iCloud backup when you use the Ultimate phone spy app.

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For iPhone users:

You can spy on a targeted iPhone even without having access to it. You can view almost all the data of the target iPhone using an app called Ultimate phone app. It doesn’t even need to perform jailbreaking on the target mobile device. All you need to have are the Cloud credentials of the target phone that you have to type in the Ultimate phone app.

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For Android users:

Now, the concern arises for Android users, what should they do to perform the spying task? The answer is that there is no way to spy on an Android phone without getting access to it. It is not possible to track someone’s cell phone without installing the app on it. In simple words, it is impossible to keep a check on the activities without installing a spy app on the respective target phone.

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Spy equipment to catch a cheating spouse

Ultimate phone spy is the best hacking tool to spy on a cell phone and can monitor your spouse without getting caught. It’s the best app to hack any phone. You can also use it to catch a cheating spouse on Instagram with its advanced keylogger software.

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Ultimate phone spy is the best spy equipment for cheating spouses to read messages. 

15 best apps for catching a cheating spouse


  1. XSPY

XSpy is an application that is suitable for both android and iPhone users. It is one effective way of spying on your spouse’s cell phone without them having to know. One of the best features of XSpy is that it works in the background and leaves behind no evidence. 

In this manner, your spouse will never get to know that their phone is being spied upon WhatsApp spy. This application has an intelligent interface and allows you to scan through someone’s WhatsApp, Facebook, and other conversations as well very smoothly.

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  1. NetSpy

The functioning features of NetSpy are very similar to that of the previously mentioned app. NetSpy is a spy app that functions effectively on Android, iPhones, and even Blackberry. This again tries to leave behind no faults or errors that would reveal to your spouse that they are being spied upon.

This software is free. Thus, you can easily access it on your device. It guarantees accurate results and allows you to hack one’s phone and read their conversations. In this way, you will know whether or not your spouse is cheating on you.

  1. Access through Apple ID

If your spouse has an iPhone, getting access to their data and conversations through their Apple ID is another method that you can use. For this, you will need physical access to their phone. After this, you can log in to their iCloud account. 

If you wish to see through their texts, click on iMessages and enable it. The best part about this process is that it requires no jailbreaks, and the process is extremely smooth. Your spouse is likely to never find out that they’re being spied upon, and you can easily catch them cheating on you.

  1. AppSpy application

The AppSpy application is compatible solely with android mobile phones. Through this application, you can easily get into your spouse’s phone without them knowing. This application gives easy access to one’s location, call logs, texts, media, and much more.

It functions effectively from the background and will help you know if your spouse is cheating on you.

  1. The TruthSpy App

The TruthSpy app is a free platform that provides access to one’s call logs, search engine history, media, texts, and much more. It is supported on both Android and iPhones. All you require is an account to download the software on your spouse’s device, set up the features, and switch the stealth mode on.

By doing so, the entire process will become smooth enough for you to operate.

  1. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a paid avenue for hacking and spying that works with a great amount of accuracy. It comes with a free 3-day trial too. This platform can be easily found on the Google and Apple play stores for you to use.

With the help of FlexiSpy, you can easily hack your spouse’s phone, know their location based on GPS, read through their messages, and also know whom they’re calling.

  1. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor enables one to hear through ongoing phone calls. One can even record these phone calls for the future if they’re unavailable at that time. You can even interrupt the ongoing calls if you wish to.

This platform is, however, only available on iPhones.

  1. Phone Tracker Application 

With the Phone Tracker Application downloaded from your spouse’s phone, you can be aware of their whereabouts at all times of the day. In this way, you’ll know where they are and whom they’re meeting. 

Even though this platform has limited features, it can prove to be sufficient enough to serve your purpose of spying on your spouse and catching them cheating on you.

  1. Mobile Spy Agent

The Mobile Spy Agent is suitable for iPhone users. iPhones can be very difficult to hack into sometimes. But, with the Mobile Spy Agent application, you can spy on your spouse’s iPhone very easily.

It enabled you to get complete access to data on social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and more. You can even check their call logs if necessary.

    10. GuestSpy App

GuestSpy app constitutes several features. It can operate in stealth mode and allows you to track someone’s whereabouts, whom they’re talking to, and whom they’re calling. This avenue for hacking is suitable for all devices.

Android or iPhones, GuestSpy fits both.

    11. Spyic ios Solution

As the name suggests, the Spyic ios Solution is a platform made for hacking into someone’s iPhone only. This avenue has a smart interface and no viruses. Besides, the act of jailbreaking isn’t required with this tool.

All you need for Spyic ios Solution is to purchase the premium package, a properly functioning web browser, and your spouse’s iCloud account passcode. You will then be able to access his/her personal data and find out if they’re loyal or not.

12. Spyier

Spyier is a platform known to have effectively helped out several couples with cases of disloyalty or cheating. This application has a smart web-based interface, and more than 30 in-built features, and leaves behind no evidence of its working.

It is easy to use and requires no technological know-how. This avenue is suitable for both android and iPhone users.

 13. Fami360

Fami360 is a platform designed especially for spying on one’s family members, including their spouse. If you’re worried about your spouse cheating on you, but you lack technological experience or knowledge, Fami360 is the right option for you.

It has an intelligent interface, and easy features, and involves an easy spying procedure.

  1.  Spyine

Spyine is another application that you can use. It allows easy tracking of one’s cell phone. However, it is not very effective in working from the background. This means that there’s a great chance your spouse will find out about you spying on them through this app.

The primary advantage of this avenue is the easy interface, free of any complications. However, this is a paid application to catch a cheating spouse.

15. Appmia

For people with average use expectations, Appmia is a good platform for spying on your spouse and catching them if they’re cheating. This is easy to use, has a simple interface, and limited features. 

For users with low expectations and lesser use, this platform may be suitable to catch a cheating spouse. All these apps can catch a cheater app for iPhone or android users.

Summing up

Spying on your cheating spouse and catching them has now become simple! The internet offers a great number of platforms for the same.

In this article, we have listed down 15 such platforms for you to try to catch a cheating spouse. Most of these are free, but some may be paid. Additionally, some may even have certain specific device requirements.

We thus recommend that you read through the descriptions carefully before making a decision.


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