Are you looking for a way to hack into someone’s phone with just their phone number? Welcome to the Ultimate phone spy guide to give you insight into how it’s done. There are too many articles but little guides to hack into someone’s phone.

Hacking a phone is no easy task. Websites that claim to have easy ways to hack the phone of anyone often fail to deliver what they claim. Hacking isn’t always done due to resentment towards someone. Sometimes, you want to hack the phone to save your loved ones and a relationship. In this article, we would reveal the way to hack the target phone with their phone number.

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How to Hack Someone’s Phone With Just Their Number 

If you want to hack into someone’s phone, it is difficult to hack it with the location. You must need an IMEI number along with physical access to hack the cell phone. It is easier to hack the iPhone than the android phone because the user needs to get access to iTunes to log in to iCloud. The iCloud will allow you to get access even without the phone number if you get the credentials. 

Android phones, on the other side, do not have iCloud storage. Therefore, they will require a third-party app that could hack the phone with the phone numbers. To get access to an android phone, the user has to have physical access to the target phone.

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After getting a hand on the phone, he has to install and launch the Ultimate Spy app with the secret code and the number in the app. The app will immediately disappear from the phone but keeps on running in the background without even letting the owner know about hacking. Through this procedure, you can view the online activities of your target. You cannot hack the android phone unless you get physical access to the phone. 

The Best App That Would Help You To Hack Target Phone 

The Ultimate Phone Spy is the easiest way of hacking someone’s phone by their number. This application is the leading app amongst all other mobile number programmer apps. The following are the numerous reasons why you should go for the Ultimate Spy Phone for the hacking phone through the number. 

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1. Ultimate Phone Spy – An indisputable hacking App

Ultimate phone Spy helps hack any phone directly through their phone number. The app has an in-built keylogger. When you hack their phone through numbers, you will be able to discover their usernames and password to get through their phones even physically.  With Ultimate Phone Spy, the user can observe all movements of the target phone. The offers include neighborhood data, addresses, and the recent location of the phone. 

2. Ultimate Phone Spy- A Trustworthy App with Friendly Interface 

Ultimate phone spy is surprisingly simple to use. Its user interface is so easy to understand and friendly that with the slightest effort, one can get comprehensive information about hacking and would make him or her a pro of hacking the target phone.

3. No Jailbreak & Rooting Imperative

The most agreeable part about Ultimate Phone Spy is that it endorses complete remote access. The user of the mobile phone can be in any other part of the whole world. He could remotely spy on the target phone once he got access to the target phone. He or she does not require breakout or root through the target phone every time. 

4. 24/7 Contact with Ultimate Phone Spy Via Website 

Ultimate Phone Spy is a hacking application that has to connect with people through a website for the first time. The website carries all knowledge regarding the packages and offers. All you require to do is to go through all characteristics, publications and offers and select the most suitable for you. This process to download the app increases the secrecy and reliability of the account that you are about to purchase.

Stepwise Guideline To Hack The Target Phone With The Phone Number Via Ultimate Phone Spy

If you want to hack the phone with the phone number, you need to follow the following steps to get full access to the phone. 

  1. Go to the Ultimate Phone spy website and create an account there. 
  2. Choose a suitable subscription package. The website has three different kinds of offers. You can select anyone according to your budget and your hacking work. 
  3. After the payment procedure, you will receive the verification email with additional app directions. 
  4. Add the user ID of the target phone to get access to the desired phone.
  5. Install the app, sign in to the control panel.
  6. Follow all the steps specified in the setup wizard. 
  7. If you want to hack an iPhone, you need to have iCloud credentials. There is no need to access the phone physically. 
  8. If you want to hack the android phone, you need to have physical access to install and enter the number. However, it is 100% hidden from the target phone. 
  9. Click on the options start, and you can now monitor the target phone. 
  10. Since you have remote access to the target phone, you can see every move of the target phone without letting other people know about it. 


Ultimate Phone Spy Packages 

Hacking is undoubtedly a tiresome task. However, Ultimate phone spy brought you the most manageable way to hack someone’s phone with their number. They grant different deals with a variety of offers. These packages are available according to the requirement of a person who wants to hack the target phone. 

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They offer three distinguished types of packages with different time duration. The first one is the Ultimate phone spy app. The second one is the Ultimate Phone Spy app premium, the third and the most popular one is the Ultimate Phone Spy app Supreme. The following is the detail of each offered packages.

1 Month – Ultimate Phone Spy- One Month 

The extent of this package consists of three months. The price of this package is $15.00 only. For $15.00, it gives you full access to the target phone. You get access to Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, SMS messages, Viber, Call history, IMO, LINE, Block calls, Block Messages, Pictures, Videos, Calendar, Facebook, GPS location, Tinder, File Explorer, Contact details, Kik, and Zolo. So, what else you want? If you need to hack the target phone for a few months. This package is for you.

6 Month – Ultimate Phone Spy Premium- Six Months 

The ultimate phone spy app package is a little bit changed from the six months package. The best package perishes in six months if you want to view it for a long, and the cost of this offered package is $60.00. The ultimate package provides access to all apps installed on the target mobile phone. The apps include WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, zoom meeting, business dealing, Theft protection, Text spoofing, Notifications, Web history, Snapchat, live location, Gallery, notifications, lost data, and many more. If you want an extensive package in less amount and for extended months, you should consider Premium Ultimate phone spy that lasts six months.

1 Year – Ultimate Phone Spy Supreme- One year 

This package is the extended package of the Ultimate spy phone. This package lasts for the whole year at the price of $80.00 only. The amount of offers they give quite makes it inexpensive for the person who wants to check every social movement of the target mobile phone. The package allows you to capture screen, record calls, Live screen viewing, live video viewing, listening surrounding, key loggers, hangouts, live remote control, Facebook, Imo, Facebook, Viber, Netflix, Geofencing, App Usage Report, SMS commands, Recover Lost Data, device shell, unlimited device change, LINE, and also 24/7 support.


How Can I Hack Someone's Phone With Just their Number, how to hack someone's phone without touching it?, how to unlock someones phone, how do i hack someone’s phone without touching it?, iphone hack, how to unlock any iphone without the passcode, how to unlock Phone, hack Phone, how to hack Phone,

There can be many reasons why someone wants to hack the phone, below are a few reasons to hack the phone with positive intentions. 

  • Hacking the Phone Being a Parent 

In the 21st century, where the digital world has turned our lives in many ways, young children and teenagers spend half of the time in front of the mobile/computer screen. They have access to everything, and they tend to search/watch everything in curiosity. They do not mind visiting inappropriate websites, chatting to any stranger, using unlimited social media platforms. All these activities make them use the internet the whole day. Sensible parents are worried about this situation of their children. Therefore, they urge to hack the phone of their children to keep an eye on their activities and can save them if they find them in danger. 

  • Hacking the Phone Being an Employer 

During office hours, there are many employees out there who waste their time using phones on office Wi-Fi. A boss has a right to stand over an employee who does not use office time effectively and productively. 

  • Hacking the Phone Being a Spouse 

Relationships are fragile these days. The digital world has made us cheat people easily by having friendships online and by maintaining online relationships. If your partner behaves oddly, you can find out the reason by hacking her phone with the number to save your relationship. 

Since you have got different reasons for hacking the phone, we would now unveil a way to hack a particular phone with its numbers. 


Ultimate phone Spy is considered the most secure hacking app. It is notable for its congeniality with Android devices, iOS as well as Windows. With this app, you can see all the tiny details of the target phone. Furthermore, there is an inbuilt GPS tracker implanted in this app. Therefore, you can even trace the location of the targeted device if you want. This peculiar feature is not there in any other comparable app or program. If you want safe and sound access to the phone, you can give a try to Ultimate Spy Phone to get the best hacking experience

In the present era, one of the social media platforms that has gained massive popularity is Facebook. With a 2.7 billion user base, Facebook has advanced their algorithms to prevent security-related issues. Yet, numerous tactics and traps are still used to compromise the privacy of an individual.

how to hack facebook accounts easily

It’s very important for even a regular user to remain aware of any possible threats to their social identity. Loss of identity may result in a huge financial loss because a lot of businesses use Facebook Marketplace. We try to cover some of the common ways an account could be hacked. We will also be discussing ways in which we can prevent potentials hacking of our account. There are many tools available that attempt to do this, however, most of them fall short. The Ultimate Phone Spy App is one such app that can do this for you smoothly enough


How to use the Ultimate Phone Spy app to hack Facebook

Ultimate phone spy is a popular application that comes for both android and iOs devices and provides users with stealthy and easy hacking. It is very technologically advanced and is known for doing its operations in a trace free fashion.

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It has a ninety-six percent customer satisfaction rating, which goes on to prove that the software has been useful for its users. It also comes with a trial version so that the user can be acquainted with how the software works.

Ultimate phone spy has multiple modes of operation according to the needs of the consumer, and they can be chosen as per suitability. The basic model includes creating a simple account that can be used for the basic spying functions. It also comes with root free access, which makes it a wholesome offering.

hacking facebook

How to hack someone’s Facebook account

To hack a Facebook account with a spy app, all you need to do is goto Ultimate phone spy

  1. Download the files
  2. Install the files on the targets phone
  3. Goto your private area to view Facebook messages
  4. Hide App on targets phone

It is super easy to hack Facebook with the Ultimate phone spy app. It’s a guarantee that you can have access to any phone without the user knowing.

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Alternative Approaches to get into any Facebook Account


It is prohibited to trespass on the security of the account of another user. But sometimes it becomes a necessity, for multiple reasons. You might want to check on your spouse every now and then, or you might want to make sure your kid isn’t involved in any illicit activity online. For those reasons, hacking is a handy skill you’d want to acquire. 


  • Phishing 

Even though it is the most successful method for acquiring control of any Facebook account, phishing requires some technical knowledge and expertise. In phishing, hackers masquerade as a trusted entity and send their victim a link to open and insert their sensitive information.

Commonly, there are two moves:

  1. Creating a Replica Login Page of Original Facebook Site


In this step, one needs to create a fake replica login page, the same as Facebook, in look and feel. It can be done by either scripting for page by own self or cloning the code of login page code any open source repository. Next, use a name similar to the domain name of Facebook, such as, to host this fake page.

The doppelganger domain name will trick the victim into trusting it as an authentic Facebook login page. 


  1. Selecting the Right Delivery Channel to Trap the Victim


Based on the preferred method used by the victim, one needs to select the right medium for sending this malicious link to them. Email or SMS can be a suitable medium to deceive the person.

As soon as the targeted person inserts their credentials, you get successful as their credentials are in the database where you hosted this fake login page.


Sites like are also engaged to execute this kind of phishing. Many people fell into the trap of this nefarious technique. Only a person who is wise enough to not click on any suspicious links without verifying the authenticity never gets trapped in this pit.


  • Social Engineering


It is an Umbrella term for Smishing, phishing, and many more tactics used by hackers. One can use the forgotten password feature of Facebook to reset the password of the targeted person. The mediums Facebook uses to confirm identity are these credential types associated with your account:


  1. Mobile number
  2. Email Id
  3. Security Question


The most frequently used and successful tactic is to go to Facebook and select the forgotten password option. Provide the email address of the target there and opt for send the code to the phone. Here, the skills of an attacker come into play. What you need to do is either call that person (Vishing) or send a text SMS (Smishing) and create a false sense of urgency. You are required to masquerade as a needy person. Now, ask the victim to forward to you the code that they recently received, as soon as possible.

facebook hacking easily

Applying social engineering on target becomes a lot easier if the person is your close acquaintance. You could win their trust and ask them to add you to their list of three close friends. It is a feature offered by Facebook for the secure recovery of user credentials. And after becoming a trusted contact, you can easily reset their password.


  • Key Logger


Another very successful tactic is installing a key logger on the device of your prey. A good thing about using key loggers is that it does not require much technical knowledge as compared to the methods discussed above.

A key logger stores each keystroke of the user, without letting them know. You can do it remotely that is installing any keylogging software on their computer via any link or by plugging a USB on their device.

Subsequently, you will get access to their stored keystrokes.


  • Browser Hijacking


Here, the vulnerability of the browser comes in handy to a cyber-crook. But this method requires an expert level of technical knowledge.

  • It includes placing a JavaScript file on the browser or target.
  • Will make their browser a zombie that takes commands from you.
  • Another example of phishing as you can easily do it by embedding this file in any URL and asking the target to open it by stating a false reason.

Another nefarious tactic is to copy passwords stored in the browser whenever you get access to their browser.


  • DNS Spoofing 


Highly professional hackers, expert geeks, or cyber crooks exercise this tactic to acquire sensitive credentials. The level of technicality required is much higher than all the previous methods. 

All such hackers require to have the victim on the same network as them. And by using the Linux environment, they configure the attack using Social Engineering Toolkit (SET). 

After successfully configuring this attack, the hacker deviates all the network requests and traffic to their systems. And from this stream of data, sensitive information is extracted and stolen. 


To Sum Up

Other than these practical approaches, negligence or mishaps may also result in the privacy of any user account compromised. For instance, hacking opportunists find it as a jackpot if victims use social media on public, insecure Wi-Fi. It also happens when a person logs into their Facebook account on computers available in public places. To sum up, the whole Facebook hacking endeavor looks very educative from the regular user’s perspective as they can avoid all the possible ways a hacker can use on their accounts.