3 best Spy App Without Target Phone

Want to know the best spy app without the target phone? What do we mean when we sat without the target phone? is it not to touch it?

Let’s break down how it works when you want to monitor an android phone without touching it. Ultimate phone spy app provides a solution to know the best spy app for android and iPhone.

Spy App Without Target Phone

Spy App without target phone for android

Do your spouse use an android phone and you need a spy app to monitor without the target phone? Ultimate phone spyware is the best to monitor any android device. You will have to follow this step to know how to use it.

  • Steps 1:

Head to Ultimate phone spy app, click shop, Add to cart, register, and purchase the app for a cheap price of 15 USD.

  • Steps 2

Pick up the target’s device, install the app on his or her device to monitor it.

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  • Step 3 

Open the spy app, tick the first three, and input your mail. Also, head over to play protect to deactivate it.

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  • Step 4 

Head to a private area, click demo to see examples of how it works.

You can watch below to see the best spyware for the phone on the internet.


You can hack an Android device by sending link to the target’s device.

Whats it takes for spying on cell phones

In the 21st century, everything in this modern world works on the internet and people use a lot of social media to share what is going in their life. And people use different apps to connect to their friends and family.

If one is suspicious about their children’s friends and dear ones, they need to spy on them with the best android spy app.

It’s a bit complicated to spy on iPhone but the techniques are possible if you have the iCloud credentials which we can assist you with how to spy app without target phone.

Best spying app for android  

This is the most popular app that is used worldwide it can be used on the iPhone as well as on android it is known as the king of all apps. 

  • Used in many countries.
  • Very safe to use and has multiple features.
  • Will not require any jailbreaking. It is the main benefit of using the app that does not require any kind of jailbreaking and you can have complete access to the applications.

It is a very simple app cell phone app to spy to use as it does not require to install any kind of software on the phone it just works on the cloud. To use this, you need iCloud credentials to make this work. All you have to do is subscribe and login with credentials.

You just need a browser and then the things will automatically be done by synchronizing the data and you will have complete access to monitor the apps through a control panel. It remains undetectable on the target phone and works in hidden mode. You just need to log in to the spy account where on the dashboard you can monitor all the activities of the target phone.


Other App for Monitoring Phone


There are just a few steps to follow and it will take a short period.

Just go to the spyic official website and you have to sign up free and then you have to fill in the iCloud credentials.

It will take a few minutes to synchronize all the data depending upon the volume and storage of the target phone.

Now open the dashboard where there will be a control panel where you can spy on the apps and even check the location of the target phone. You can even check the IMessage’s even the activities like sharing a post on Facebook and can even check direct messages on Instagram.

So, this is an amazing app with Multiple features and work in stealth mode and remain hidden on the target phone. As you don’t need to install the app on the target phone it does not slow the phone.

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Minspy app used to spy on phone

This is also an amazing application used to spy the phones. It does not matter where the phone is located and works both on android as well as on the iPhone. When you want to hack your husband WhatsApp, you can also use Ultimate phone spy.

It can give you all information about the call logs like received missed and dialed numbers allows you complete access to social media apps and spy on SMS. It also does not require any installation on the target phone or your phone as you need just a browser it provides you an online dashboard where you can monitor all the activities of the target phone.

On this app, the data is also very safe and secured. It also provides online customer service through live chat and you can have even caved in ticket in case you need any further guidance. If you have its premium package it will provide you more than 30 services. Some will be discussed below 

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Key features to Spy App Without Target Phone

  • Keylogger feature

keylogger is an amazing feature in this app. You can even read the conversation among the people on social media app using this app.

  • Call logs

Call logs can also monitor by this app. You can even record the dialed and received calls by using this app.

  • Location tracker

You can also track the location of the target phone using this app. It gives information about the live location of the target device.


How to hack a phone with just the number

Ultimate Phone spy app feature to spy on iPhone

It is very simple to use. You just have to go to their official website and sign up for the subscription according to your need.

In the case of the iPhone, you have just to fill in the iCloud credentials and in the case of android, you have to get in touch with the phone to install it.

Once this step is done all the data is synchronized and you can monitor it through the online dashboard. This app is a paid application but buying it is worth and it will return each penny spend upon it and it is not a very costly application to use.

Once you have this app you can block any app which is installed on the target phone. You can have all the information regarding the call logs and even record the call. Moreover, the location can also be tracked using this app and you can know the exact location of the device

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