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Ultimate Phone Spy is a new, innovative and affordable tool that gives users the chance to monitor their children’s social media activities in real-time. We believe in empowering parents by giving them the tools necessary to protect their kids regardless of what device they are using.

Ultimate Phone Spy offers an easy-to-use and highly effective parental control solution for everyone, from parents with a couple of children to those with more than 5 kids. This spy app is also available as a cloud-based service that can monitor all your devices at once.

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Our Online Control Panel allows you to easily manage your family members’ phone and social media usage, block apps, and websites, create profiles for different members of your family, apply restrictions on specific apps, and provide peace of mind that your kids are safe online.

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As a parent, it can be overwhelming to know what your kids are up to online. There’s always the fear that your children might be in danger of breaking the law with their online activities.
To help parents keep track of their children’s internet use and social media activity, we offer a comprehensive parental control and monitoring tool for them. It’s easy-to-use and completely free!

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