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Do you wish you had a magic stick that could make it so your children would go to bed early and study diligently during the day? When it comes to regulating cell phone use, the current technology known as Ultimate Phone Spy is nothing short of miraculous. Until your kids do their homework, housework, and other vital duties, you can temporarily use an app-blocking tool like Ultimate Phone Spy.

What is Ultimate Phone Spy App Blocker?

The remote application filtering feature of Ultimate Phone Spy allows you to remotely restrict your kids’ access to their gadgets. The magic of Ultimate Phone Spy Android App Blocker is in its ability to ban all or specific apps and unblock them whenever you like.

Need to use Ultimate Phone
Spy App Blocker

Children between the ages of nine and twelve spend about six hours every day on their cell phones. For teenagers, this number rises to nine hours every day. Kids think they are addicted to their phones, according to 50% of them.

The American Academy of Pediatrics found that 75% of American children aged 4 have access to a smartphone.

You run the danger of exposing your tween or adolescent child to different internet risks, such as cyberbullying and online harassment, if they use their phone or tablet unsupervised.

A combination of little sleep and continuous cellphone use will inevitably worsen one's health and academic performance.

The ideal way to control screen time on your kids' personal devices is with Ultimate Phone Spy's app blocking. Children can be encouraged to sleep or study when they should be having parents remotely disable specific apps or even the entire phone.

Parents can use Ultimate Phone Spy to keep tabs on their children's social media, emails, contacts, and multimedia in addition to using it as an app blocker.

Children who use their cell phones before bed have trouble sleeping because the illumination from the screens of these portable electronics prevents the generation of serotonin.

Frequently Answered Questions

All Android smartphones operating Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or higher are compatible with Ultimate Phone Spy Android App Blocker, but we still advise visiting our Compatibility Page to make sure.

With Ultimate Phone Spy, blocking undesirable apps is simple. Visit your web account, scroll down to the “installed apps” option on the Ultimate Phone Spy Dashboard page, and click it to block an app. You may see every app that is downloaded on the tracked device there. To block an app, click the “Block” button next to its name.

Once an app is blocked, you can use the same button to unblock it, but only after you’ve seen the unblocking option for it.

All standard and third-party apps can be blocked with the help of Ultimate Phone Spy. However, we advise getting in touch with our customer service team if you want further information.

Yes, Ultimate Phone Spy sends the monitored user a popup command telling them that a specific app has been restricted by their parent. To prevent any dissonance, be sure to have a prior conversation with your child about app blocking.