Bark Review: Is There Anything better than Bark?

You’d go to any extent to protect your family. In the real world, an alarm system and a dog are excellent solutions for securing your home and alerting you to any potential threats. The same solutions are available on your smartphone in the digital world. Bark is the name of the creature. In 2015, the parental control app was created with the goal of giving parents the tools they need to raise their children in today’s digital world. You can use Bark to keep an eye on what your kids are watching, limit their screen time, and filter the websites they visit. This article will let you know about Bark Review: Is there anything better than Bark?

The ins and outs of the Bark software are covered in a lot of Bark app reviews. They don’t inform you, however, that the parental control software offers a different type of monitoring. For starters, the app is visible on their phone, so you won’t be able to hide the fact that you’re utilizing Bark parental controls. Furthermore, Bark does not allow you to open the curtains and observe what’s going on whenever you want. Instead, Bark keeps an eye out for unusual behavior and notifies you if something requires your attention.

What is Bark App?

Bark is a social media monitoring software for parents. It comes with parental control options that allow parents to keep their children safe online. Content monitoring, website banning, screen time management, and location sharing are some of the control options available.

Children’s internet safety has been highlighted as a result of social media apps. As a result, parents turn to monitor apps like Bark to guarantee that their children are safe. To work, this software must be installed on both the parent’s and the child’s devices.

Bark Review: Is there anything better than Bark?

Bark gives a new method of keeping track of your children’s activities. Rather than allowing you to view whatever you want, whenever you want, Bark works in the background to monitor what your children say and do and then alerts you if it detects anything suspicious, such as cyberbullying.

Here are some of the most useful Bark parenting app features:

Monitoring of the Content: Bark allows you to link your account to a variety of services that your child may utilize. You can monitor all of their accounts, including Gmail and iCloud, as well as social media accounts like Snapchat and Instagram.

While Bark monitors these accounts for contentious content and warns you if it finds anything, you can’t just walk in and spy on their texts and videos on the spur of the moment.


Screen Time Management: Kids spend their entire lives glued to their smartphones and iPads. You may set limits on when your children can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection using Bark.

Filtering of the Internet: Blocking single websites or entire categories of websites, such as pornography, gambling, or online gaming, is simple with Bark.

Check-In: You can send a request to your child using Bark, asking them to check-in. They’ll get an alert on their phone immediately away, and you’ll know where they are once they tap it. It’s similar to location tracking, but it necessitates both parties’ participation.

Contextual Alerts: If Bark’s algorithms detect a problem, you’ll be contacted with specifics about what’s going on and directions on what to do next.

Bark Pros and Cons

Bark is one of our favorite apps for a variety of reasons. While other parental control applications offer similar (or even more) functions, Bark succeeds in combining outstanding design, simplicity, and features to produce a really unique experience. Here are some reasons why you’ll love the Bark parenting app:

  • Installing it on numerous devices is simple.
  • Comprehensive capabilities in the top-tier subscription.
  • Great user interface so you always know what’s going on.

Bark is a great solution for parents who want a clean, uncomplicated, and easy-to-use parental control system. Bark, on the other hand, might not be the best choice for parents who want to keep an eye on their children without their knowledge. While Bark’s parental controls are useful, there is no option for stealth mode. That means your children will be fully aware that you are monitoring their online activities with Bark. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Bark’s ability to monitor social media is restricted.
  • Bark parental controls will be visible to your children.
  • The cheaper subscription option is simply not worth it.

What Do Users Say About Bark?

The Bark reviews are in, and they’re all over the place. It appears to be appreciated by the parents. It appears that the children despise it. Given that Bark App must be placed on the target’s device and there is no way to keep it concealed, this is to be expected.

It has a 2.2 rating on the Mac App Store (this rating may change depending on your location and whatever App Store you’re reading). We believe the low rating for Bark parental control software is due to a torrent of negative comments from teenagers who are angry that their parents have chosen to utilize monitoring software. Even so, you’ll find a mix of evaluations, so read them all and make your own decision.

Bark VS Ultimate Phone Spy

Bark is quickly becoming one of the most popular parental control apps available. But how does it compare to Ultimate Phone Spy, one of the other major market leaders? Let’s have a look:

Installing and Configuring

It’s relatively simple to set up Bark. The installation instructions are simple and straightforward. To get started, your child’s device doesn’t need to be rooted or jailbroken. Ultimate Phone Spy requires a little more tweaking, but that’s to be anticipated given the advanced feature set.

Text Message Reading

It’s not even a flip coin this time. You may view the text messages they exchange with Ultimate Phone Spy. Unfortunately, Bark will only notify you if a text message contains something contentious that requires your attention.

Photo and Video Viewing

While Bark does not allow you to view all of its photographs and videos, it does employ advanced technology and algorithms to notify you of any improper photos that require your attention, as well as any accompanying language. We enjoy this function a lot, however, Ultimate Phone Spy has the upper hand because it allows you to see the media that has been stored on the device and shared with others.

Spy Apps are all the Rage. But is there Anything Better than Bark?

If you’ve read this far into our Bark control app review, you already know how much we love It’s simple to use and effective for the task at hand. However, there are certain restrictions. Bark is a bit limiting for parents who truly want to know what their kids are up to. Bark forces you to rely on the app’s algorithms to notify you. If your instinct tells you that something isn’t quite right, you can’t just walk in and observe their activities.

There are better apps out there for parents who want greater control, such as Ultimate Phone Spy. Bark, on the other hand, could be the appropriate choice for you if you’re seeking a well-rounded service and you trust your children to make good judgments.


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