Strangers should not be approached. That’s one of the first lessons we learn as soon as we’re old enough to speak if not sooner. Isn’t that sound counsel for the real world? So why do kids in the virtual world utterly disregard it? This post will give you the answer to the questions: Is Kik […]

As staff management tools and parental control software, spy apps and monitoring software have grown in popularity. Nowadays, children have unrestricted access to the internet. Their smartphones are used for both instructional and entertaining purposes. Occasionally, a little too much for their amusement. And, as everyone is aware of the dangers of the internet, excessive […]

SelectWith the rise in popularity of social media apps, children are increasingly communicating online. They exchange text and voice messages, “like” or “snap” photographs and videos, and listen to music. On the surface, these digital activities appear to be relatively risk-free. Can social media, on the other hand, actually shield children from adversity? This Post […]