Smartphones have grown ingrained in the lives of people all around the world. The total number of users has surpassed 3 billion. Only the United States, China, and India have more than one billion smartphone users. Many of them have Android-based phones. This Post will let you know All About the Pros and Cons of […]

All parents are concerned about their children spending too much time on their smartphones. Keeping the children secure online is also a problem. Although the internet provides numerous opportunities, you may never be sure of the dangers that come with it. Some harmful apps contain explicit content, while others have predators waiting to prey on […]

You might come across software like SPYERA if you’re seeking for a monitoring app to track your kids’ online behavior. It’s a monitoring app for smartphones, tablets, and PCs.  Despite the fact that SPYERA claims to be “the top selling undetectable monitoring software,” we noticed a lot of bad feedback on about their services. […]