Keep an Eye on your Bookmarks and History While Browsing

Over 88 % of teenagers watch pornographic content online at least twice a week, and the situation in offices is as worrying with 70 % of traffic to pornographic websites occurring between 9am and 5pm. Therefore, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on the browsing history on your kids’ and employees’ smartphones and tablets. With Ultimate Phone Spy, you may use any computer or smartphone to remotely monitor their Internet usage, even after it has been deleted.

What is Ultimate Phone Spy Internet History Tracking Software?

With Ultimate Phone Spy, you can see what websites your children and employees have visited and check to see if the cell phones you’ve provided them with are being utilized appropriately. A browser history tracker is essential if you are keeping tabs on mobile devices. Additionally, you can:

What is Ultimate Phone Spy Internet History Tracking Software?

If you can’t see what your child or employees are surfing in private mode, what’s the use of keeping an eye on their browser history? Someone who is hiding something from you is unlikely to keep any loose digital traces, such as browsing history. Then, your only option is to use a surveillance app that keeps track of personal browsing. Few spying apps offer private-mode web browsing from the monitored device, but Ultimate Phone Spy is one of them.

Works on both iPhone and Android

In addition to working with all Android smartphones and tablets, Ultimate Phone Spy is a tool for monitoring internet activity. What sets us apart from others is our wide-ranging compatibility. Ultimate Phone Spyseamlessly monitors surfing history on all compatible devices, whether they are the most recent iOS device or an ancient Android handset running Gingerbread.

Works on both iPhone and Android

The entire browser history spying tool is Ultimate Phone Spy. Why? You can monitor every aspect of your children's or employees' internet usage, even the websites they bookmark on their phones, because it is possible to spy on their browsing habits. There is no better app to use than Ultimate Phone Spy if you want to track your online history.

Analysis of Browsing History

Because of the numerous daily trips that your child or employee makes to the internet, Ultimate Phone Spy is your call to rescue if you are concerned about their browsing activities but are powerless to intervene. The top 10 most frequently visited websites are listed by Ultimate Phone Spy, allowing you the freedom to avoid having to look through their daily search history.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is simple to track internet history on a mobile device using Ultimate Phone Spy. To access the “Internet History” tab, simply open your Ultimate Phone Spy web account and select it from the “Phone logs” drop-down menu. You can use the Ultimate Phone Spy Demo to get a walkthrough of how it functions. To learn more, please go here.

Some mobile browsers let you check your surfing history on the internet. It’s Safari on iOS and Chrome and the “Internet” app on Android.

Because the monitored user must have a functioning internet connection on their device in order to browse the web, you can monitor browsing history in real time. This is only accurate for Android, though. You would have to wait until the following iCloud backup if you were using Ultimate Phone Spy on iOS. You won’t be able to access the browsing history if it’s erased before the backup.

On the monitored devices, it is impossible to track a user’s private internet surfing activities.