Can someone hack my phone by texting me

Can someone hack my phone by texting me? A lot of people have come across a new term: “text hacking”. It is a popular target for hackers as well as cybercriminals. They use it to gain access to personal information and eventually steal your data.


Hacking someone’s phone by text is usually a bad idea. Most people don’t have their phones connected to the internet. This means that there is limited information available for hackers to find out about the target. However, there are ways for you to protect your phone from being hacked by texting someone.


One way of doing this is by setting up two-step authentication. When someone sends you a text message at your phone number. They will also receive a verification code via email or text message on their own device. You can also switch your default SMS app so that it doesn’t show messages from unknown numbers in case someone tries to hack into your phone through a text message.

Can someone hack my phone by texting me

Can someone hack you with just a text?

Yes, there are several methods where the hacker can simply hack you by only sending a text, this text can either be by email, SMS, or on an online messenger app like Facebook messenger, Twitter messenger, etc. These texts aren’t ordinary texts, these are infected with malware and can get a phone hacked. A link is attached with it and if you open it, your phone will get hacked. You may be frightened for your phone’s safety but don’t worry as there are several ways you can avoid your phone getting hacked with just a text.

Ways to avoid getting hacked by texting methods

  • All methods that involve getting you to hack have certain things similar, one of them is all these texts that lure you into clicking the link say that they’re from a famous brand or restaurant or even a known television show. Sometimes they’re written in such a professional way that it’s harder to figure out if it’s actually true or not. You can simply not interact with the message to avoid getting hacked, if it were an actual brand, they would most likely call you rather than text.
  • Another tip to avoid getting hacked by a text is that no brand or store would give you a discount or deal randomly out of nowhere. It would either be an alert for a sale that will be sent to everyone’s phone, you can ask someone who also buys things from the same brand that if received the same alert.

can someone hack my phone by texting me

Can someone hack my phone by texting me?

  • You can assume from the way the message is written that it’s fake or not. A fake message will likely have poor wording for a legitimate store or brand. 
  • You can check the link’s URL, for example, you can compare the URL of the link attached with the message and the actual link of the store or brand’s website. If the one attached with the message is different then surely there is something wrong with the text.
  • Sometimes hackers use a strategy of sending you a text as impersonating someone who is in need of any help, this person in the text would either be anonymous, or if they have a name, it’d be a very basic name. What they normally say in these texts is that they’re in urgent need of any help and the only way to help is by visiting the mentioned link. Many people get their Facebook accounts hacked because the message that hacked them said their account is hacked and if someone goes to the provided link and writes their credentials, they can help them get back their account. Don’t fall for these types of messages. 

can someone hack my phone from my number

Methods of hacking by sending a text 

Most people know that their phones are a lot more vulnerable than they are. They have the capability to send text messages, and even take pictures remotely from your phone. To be safe, you should never have your phone on your person when taking pictures. If someone texts you a suspicious number, it’s a good idea not to respond.


Phishing is a method where a hacker sends you a message. It can either be from email, through an online social media app, or SMS. This message will have a link attached to it. Upon opening the link, will get the user’s phone hacked. This link will either lead you to a separate infected website, or it will download an app without your permission that will get your phone hacked. 

Hackers achieve this method by impersonating a famous and known brand, store or TV show, or an anonymous person. They say that they’re from some store and that they’ve announced that you’ve received a gift from that store. It’s this approach, or it’s someone asking for help. The message seems legitimate, and that is how they hack you by sending a text.

Spamming messages

Spamming the user with never-ending messages that they eventually open and gets their phone hacked is an approach that black hat hackers normally do. It’s not the best approach as it feels obvious someone is trying to hack you.

Spy apps 

Hackers also use different types of spyware apps that, when installed into a phone, can access nearly everything from that phone. 

Nova spy is an app that is considered to be the best phone spying app, it’s remarkably cheap for its features, and it can do several things and can let you access almost everything on the hacked phone. If you want to hack like these hackers but don’t have the necessary technological expertise, there’s no need to worry as Nova spy will turn you into a hacker with no effort. You’d be able to see the GPS location of the hacked phone plus their previous locations. The social media data and information on their phone, their contacts, notes, important documents, and all types of media in their gallery will be accessible to you. 

can you get hacked by replying to a text on whatsapp

Can someone hack my iPhone through a text message?


iPhone hacking is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s a serious concern. In the same way, you might protect your passwords and computer by using two-factor authentication, some people also use their phone as a second logon.

Though your phone isn’t connected to the internet as it would be with a computer, someone could still hack into your phone if they have access to your password. It’s best not to store or send sensitive information on any device that’s connected to the internet because it’s very easy for hackers to gain access by either skipping past the password protection or using malware that can steal it.

For someone to access iPhone, you need an Apple ID username and password. When someone hijacks the account via text message through phishing. Someone can log in to your apple account to obtain private information.

can someone hack my phone and read my texts

Can someone hack my phone by texting me on WhatsApp

A hacker can text you on WhatsApp. They can send a picture, or they can send a message. They might also be able to find out information about you from your phone, like your email address, your texts, and even the numbers that you call most often. That’s why it’s important to protect your phone with a password.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. It’s easy to use and can be used on multiple different operating systems. However, it’s not secure against hackers. They have the capability of hacking your phone by sending you a message or by taking screenshots of any conversation that is happening on the app. Don’t share personal information with people you don’t know.

It is impossible for a hacker to hack your phone if you aren’t texting them on WhatsApp. Apps like Signal, Wickr, and Telegram offer secure messaging to avoid potential hacks and stolen contact lists. Messages sent through WhatsApp are encrypted, making it impossible for a third party to read what has been written. If someone texts you from a number that isn’t yours, either set up a new number or block their one. Can someone hack my phone by sending me a picture on WhatsApp?



Can someone hack my phone by texting me a photo?


You may be wondering if someone can hack your phone by texting you or sending you a picture. The answer is that they cannot. Your phone’s camera is not the same as the camera on your computer. A built-in password feature helps to keep your account and data secure.

It is important to be careful with what information you share on your phone. With the recent popularity of electronic devices, it is easy for someone to get access to your personal information. This includes text messages, pictures, and videos. To avoid giving out personal information, delete any unwanted texts or pictures on your phone. Apps may enable you to save photos and videos directly to Apple iCloud Drive.

There are many ways that someone can hack your phone, no matter how careful you are. The most common methods are sending text messages and taking pictures. If you text someone a picture on WhatsApp, they might be able to steal your phone number. If someone texts you a picture on WhatsApp they might be able to access your camera. And, take pictures of your passwords or, other private information. You might want to be careful about opening pictures from unknown people. It is possible that hackers can embed malware into these pictures, meaning they could hack your phone if you open them.



Hackers have millions of ways to hack people phone. You have to always stay vigilant and be smart about their strategies so you can counter them easily. If you want to hack someone then using spyware apps like Nova spy is your best option.

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