When we are suspicious about the online activities of our children or spouses, to get ourselves clear from these doubts we try to track the online activities of our partners and children. But the question arises on how to read someone’s text messages without their phone? can I recover deleted text messages iPhone? This is the question we will try to answer in this article.

Let me answer this question in detail.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone

How to Monitor Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing?

There are several online spying and hacking tools are available, one can choose any of them. But beware! There are many fake apps also out there, one needs to be careful and select authentic spying and hacking apps from the swarm of these snooping apps. 

When we filter the best detective apps, we can access the targeted info that too with complete anonymity. Some best hacking solutions available online are Ultimate Phone Spy to retrieve text messages from old and new phone numbers.

Feature of Ultimate Phone spy

Using Ultimate phone spy, you can easily spy on any phone with one-time usage of the target device. Ultimate phone spy has a feature that surpasses some other to recover deleted text messages on iPhone or android.

  • Stealth:
    Using Ultimate phone spy, you can install on the target’s device without him or her knowing that you have access.
  • Online Dashboard:
    With online access, it’s convenient for you to use anywhere in the world. All you need is your phone to access the data. Your login info can give you instant access and read someone’s text messages without their phone.
  • Cheap prices:
    Ultimate phone spy is one of the cheapest software app anywhere in the world. As low as 15 USD, you can instantly download and use it. Check out the shop to understand how cheap the prices can be.
  • Lite App:Ultimate Phone spy is a lite in size. As low as 1 MB, you can install on any device without having any problem that the user device space will eat up.

With these features, you will understand you can use Ultimate phone spy to read text messages on someone’s iPhone without any issue. All you need to make it work on iPhone is iCloud credentials.

The picture attach below will shop you an example of how you can read text messages and give you an idea of how it works. To read Gmail messages, WhatsApp messages, Snapchat, all are on the ultimate phone dashboard.


Step by Step Guide to Read Someone’s Texts Without Having Their iPhone

If the targeted person is an iPhone user, that is good news for you, because spying is easier in that case. Numerous people consider that hacking an iPhone is a tough task, and they are not erroneous in this thought. When we look for an iPhone hacking software or spying app, we will get myriad results with one claim that these apps will do wonders for us in spying.

However, when it comes to using these apps many of them just end up with time waste. Such apps and software consume our lots of time via clickbait series on the name of human reviews and verifications.

Fortunately, we have some perfect spying apps for hacking purposes such as Ultimate Phone Spy to see my wife’s text messages easily.

how to spy on your girlfriends texts

How to Read Target’s iPhone Texts with Ultimate Phone Spy?

If you have the Apple ID and password of the targeted iPhone, here are three easy steps to access your desired information from any iPhone user without them knowing. The steps will take 5 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Get Registered for Ultimate Phone Spy and become a subscriber for iOS devices. 

Step 2

Authenticate the credentials of iCloud of the phone you want to spy. Ultimate phone spy will sync with the data in one or two minutes.

Step 3

Now, you can view the data of the targeted iPhone. After that finish the setup via clicking on the ‘Start’ button. After finishing the setup, the ultimate phone spy will render the user to the personal dashboard page. It is the place where you can use all features of the ultimate phone spy.

After completing all three steps, you will be capable to access all the text messages and other stuff that you want to track or monitor. Previously deleted texts are also recoverable. 

Step by Step Guide to Read Someone’s Texts Without Having Their Android Phone

One can also spy the android phone users but, with one exception, that is one need to install spyware either via emails or text or by physically installing spyware on the target cell phone. Despite sending emails and text, for the other method, we have to get the physical control of the target’s Android device.

how to spy on your girlfriends texts

Once you get the android phone, download and install the spy app from Ultimate Phone Spy. Afterward, the spy app stealthily enters the phone without being notices by the target user. Now, hackers or spies will have the access to cell phone call logs, messages, location, browser history, camera, and emails. With this simple step, you can easily spy your boyfriend’s or girlfriends text messages.

Stop Text Messages Online Without Target Android Phone for Free

An ideal way to read someone else’s text messages without having the target android phone is to intercept them. By adopting this method, the targeted user will receive the texts in a normal way. And you will also receive them. The process is done through spying software and apps that are available online.  


If you are searching for online free spyware, Stop! Don’t do that. Because free tracking apps and spyware are often suspicious and non-reliable ones. It is highly recommended to use paid spy software. Such spy apps and software also offer free trial versions if you do not want to spend money you can try them for free also.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone?

In this case, the palpable hurdle is how to get the targeted person’s phone? Do not worry. Ultimate Phone Spy is a perfect, authentic, and life savior online app. In the above section of this blog, we have provided a detailed “how-to guide” to track and spy both the most used devices that are Android and iPhone. Do use this guide and app to keep a secure eye on anyone you care about.

Besides this guide here are some add-on tips and tricks for your ultimate spying voyage.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone?
Free SMS Tracker Without Installing On Android Phone

If you want to spy SMS of the android user, and do not have any clue how to do that? You just need to follow our simple instructions. These directives will lead to you the ultimate tracking and spying of every SMS, that the targeted will person receives. These instructions will help you to diffuse into online chats and messages of all social accounts of the targeted individual and make them visible to you.

Free and Undetectable Spy App for Android Devices

If you are searching for a free spy app for Android phones. That also remains invisible to the user. Your search is over! Because Ultimate Phone Spy provides you the free trial solution for your spying and tracking needs.

Whatever the reason behind your tracking and spying tactic you have arrived at the right place. Ultimate phone spy can monitor and track any Android device with totally remain untraceable. 

Some More Awesome Spying Features of Ultimate Phone Spy 

Call Logs Feature

This feature ensures that you can track all the call logs of your girlfriend’s phone. This feature helps you to track who she talks to more and who is calling her?

Text Messages Feature

This feature will help you to keep track of all her chats and text messages. Ultimate phone spy will enable you to read her messages that were deleted before. Isn’t it an awesome feature to know how to read someone’s text messages without their phone?

Location Tracking Feature

This feature will help you to monitor her location with the aid of her phone. You will get her instantaneous location along with that you will be able to track all her locations that she previously checked in. 

WhatsApp Spy Feature

In today’s era, WhatsApp is the most used medium for chats, voice notes, and video calls. With the help of the ultimate phone spy, you can track all WhatsApp activities and chats.  

Why Choose Ultimate Phone Spy

Ultimate Phone Spy app is simply the best among various phone spying solutions. You can experience it by yourself via a free trial version!

Some of the special reasons to choose Ultimate phone spy are:

Web-Based Service

Ultimate Phone Spy provides a web-based service that means you do not need to download the app on your device be it phone or PC. It offers a web dashboard, from where you can access anything on the targeted person’s phone. 

No Jailbreak or Root 

Ultimate phone spy caters the complete privacy, as your viewed data will remain secure between you and the targeted phone. We do not jailbreak or root the targeted device at all. Thus the approach makes the whole process of tracking proceed in a safe and secure environment. 

Stealth Mode

When you use the services of an ultimate phone spy, the target person will never come to know about that spying activity. One reason behind this is that there is no need to install an app on the iPhone of the targeted user. You can spy the targeted person’s online activities by just registering on the ultimate phone spy website.

For Android devices, you need a one-time installation of the app. Later on, the app will always execute in secrecy mode. 

Customer Service

Do remember that we value our subscribers! We won’t forget you after you buy our subscription. We provide complete after-sale services to subscribers with instant customer support. 

Final Thoughts 

We all live in a tech world where no one can think to live without their cell phones. Cell phones have become our digital identity. We store our credentials, personal info, pictures, videos, etc. on our phones. These devices can be a substantial threat to our security and safety if there is a loophole in our handling of them. If any scrupulous person anyhow acquires that sensitive data, can easily blackmail us. 

There may be various reasons for spying on someone. Most of the time, it is for unlawful activities, but sometimes spyware is used for positive reasons as well. Many employers use a spy app to monitor their employees. Also, parents can keep a closer eye on their children, can remain aware of their activities, etc. Furthermore, in a period of such heinous crimes going on, monitoring and spying is the best way to keep a watch on your beloved one’s mobility.

Cellphones or in today’s time smartphones are more common than ever and people have been using these to connect to each other. If we say that Cellphones have now become a necessity that would not be completely wrong. In the past, communicating through cellphones was a bit expensive somehow but it is much more economical nowadays. Smartphones either an android or iPhone have many applications specifically messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and many others. These applications have brought people close to relatives and friends and even make new friends. how to recover deleted messages from any phone

A smartphone is a complete and large social community especially for almost every age group and one can never keep the count of how many friends your partner has. This might become a matter of concern for some people out there whose partner has starts spending a plenty amount of time on their smartphones socializing with their friends and you don’t see that many messages in any of their messaging applications.


Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone?

In these circumstances, the first questions that come to one’s mind are they have been deleting all the conversations they had and you try to find ways of how to hack the phones, calls, and recover messages that were deleted on the internet. Let us tell you the right place to get all of your answers, which is how to hack someone’s iPhone, with Ultimate phone spy apps. so you don’t have to waste your time in searching over the internet.

Ultimate Phone Features

With Ultimate phone spy, you can easily monitor your spouse phone without touching it. Like every spy app, you need one-time access to install Ultimate Phone spy before usage. You can check the cheap prices of the Ultimate phone spy app to understand what we are discussing.

You can easily add to cart and shop for the Ultimate phone spy app to recover deleted text messages on iphone without backup or computer.

How to Recover Deleted Messages

This article will share with you some hacks to recover messages that were from your partner’s phone but the first one needs to know where they need to recover from. Are you trying to recover deleted text messages iphone without backup or computer? on Android, there are plenty of messaging services but the following are some of the most popular

  • SMSs
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat

Recover SMSs 

Although, there are many messaging applications. Some people still prefer to use the traditional SMS Messages to communicate. In Mobile Phones, either an android or an iPhone deleted SMS’s may be kept in the phone for some time before being completely overwritten. So, here are we share some hacks to recover SMSs before they will be wiped out of the phone but for this, you will for sure need to get your hands on your partner’s phone to recover and read text messages.

  1. First of all, put on the mobile in Airplane mode
  2. Launch android data recovery on your computer and connect the phone with the computer through a USB cable
  3. In the case of iPhone launch iPhone data recovery on your computer and connect your iPhone with the computer to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone or android
  4. Install any reliable and trustworthy data recovery app on the phone (there are many available over the internet or you may get help to select one from Ultimate phone spy.
  5. Grant permission to the app to android data recovery to access deleted data.
  6. Once the app gets permission to access deleted messages click on Scan Authorized data
  7. You will be able to see the recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup or computer. 

Recover WhatsApp Messages

A common perception is made about WhatsApp that deleted or hack WhatsApp messages are permanently gone but it is wrong. One method to recover deleted messages is from the Backup and reinstalling app. One can get detailed information about this method and many other Phone hacks from the blog.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from My Partner’s Phone

There is one more rather not so common method to recover WhatsApp messages. Let us share the details with you all. WhatsApp stores backup files every day and keeps it intact for 7 days. You can use these backup files later on if you wish to restore all the deleted including messages.

All backup files are stored in memory using the naming convention: msgstore-YY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt on different locations in Android and iPhone.

On Android the files are at “/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt”

In iOS, the files are at “net.whatsapp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite”


  1. Select you required backup files
  2. Use any web services to recover the messages
  3. Press the button that says “Select SQLite File”, and then pick your backup file
  4. After reading the terms click “I Accept” and then Scan
  5. All the content would be listed
  6. You can now save the deleted messages from your partner’s smartphone to any device such as a computer or tablet.

Recover Facebook Messenger messages


Facebook messenger has an option to archive the chat and some people prefer to archive their chat instead of deleting it as it won’t be visible on the first instant in messenger. So, you can try finding the archived chats and then unarchive those chats to read all the archived messages.

If the chat has been deleted even then there are some ways to recover those messages which you can find on how to find old text messages on iPhone or Android smartphones. Let us share a way to recover deleted Facebook messages.

recover deleted text messages iphone without backup or computer

Luckily Facebook retains your deleted conversation for 90 days and you can simply restore these by following these steps

For Android & iPhone


  1. Go to Facebook menu and setting & privacy
  2. Tap settings and download your information
  3. Tap deselect all and select messages by scrolling down as we want to recover only messages
  4. Select the date range and then tap create a file
  5. A file will be created for your desired results and you can download the file
  6. Once the download is complete then you can open the file and recover the deleted messages on the phone.


Recover via File Explorer on Android


  1. Install a File Explorer application 
  2. Open the application and go to Internal Storage>Android>Data
  3. Search the folder “com.facebook.orca. This folder has all the data of your Facebook to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung
  4. Go to Cache>fb_temp and pull through the deleted conversations by restoring the backup file

Additionally, there are many Chat recovery tools or third party applications which can be used to recover deleted text messages on an iPhone without backup or computer. You can find some reliable information on this on how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone from your spouse.

There are cheating spouse text messages codes to reveal hidden or archived text messages on your patterns phone. With these simple codes, you can easily reveal apps on any android phones.

Recover Snapchat messages


Snapchat is most popular for videos and photo sharing but obviously, one can communicate via messages as well. When a chat is deleted in Snapchat it actually does not gets deleted rather it is saved as a backup file with the “.nomedia” extension. You can recover deleted chats through this file. There are a lot of methods to recover Snapchat messages over the internet you can get information about these on find old text messages on iPhone and Android. Let us share a few methods with you in this article

how to hack snapchat

Recover via File Manager


  1. Download and install File Manager Application on the phone
  2. Go to the messages folder in File Manager by going to data/data/. 
  3. Explore the files with the ‘.nomedia’ extension. All applications will simply ignore the files with this extension that makes the data in these files undetectable.
  4. Rename the files to remove the extension so that other applications can start reading these files.
  5. These files will be now showing in thumbnails and now delete data can be found by digging through these files and recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup or computer.


Recover via Connect to PC


  1. Download and Install the Snapchat Recovery app (FoneLab or any other reliable you can find information to recover deleted text messages iphone without backup or computer
  2. Connect the phone to PC via USB cable
  3. Start USB debugging and select messages from contacts and messages
  4. You can see all the deleted messages once the scan is complete.
  5. Select the messages and tap on recovery to pull through the messages.



There are plenty of ways to recover deleted messages as we have described above which one can use on any of the messaging service applications to restore the messages your partner may have deleted. The key is to use the right tool which is reliable and unfailing.


Launched in April 2004, Gmail is a free web service provided by Google, used widely to send and receive emails, create a contact list, and to perform other email tasks. The user-friendly interface makes it very convenient for its users to communicate with their friends, family, or colleagues.

There could be several reasons why you might feel the need to hack into someone’s Gmail account. Either you are worried about the safety of your child, or you need to check the online activity of your partner. Or maybe your friend forgot their password and now needs your help to regain access to their account. Whatever the reason is, it is now very possible to hack into a Gmail account, especially if you have the right software available. You can also check the security of your account in this way.

how to hack gmail account

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Few Effective Ways to Hack into Someone’s Gmail Account 

Hacking someone’s Gmail account and gaining access to their private information is not an easy task. However, you only need the right method and the right technique that will work for you. Here we will list some of the few effective ways to gain access to someone’s Gmail account without them knowing. 

How to hack into someone’s Gmail using the Spy app is an easy task. All you need to do is have one time access to install Ultimate phone spy and get unlimited access to the user Gmail. With the Ultimate spy app, you can easily spy and hack an iPhone since it gives you all access to any phone.

  • Using Ultimate Spy App


Owing to its features, the Ultimate Spy app is one of the most reliable and secure apps used for monitoring purposes and tracking accounts. The Ultimate Spy app gives you access to the target device account’s information including email addresses and passwords, photos, GPS information, browsing history, and social media accounts information. To use the app, follow these simple steps listed below:

  • You will have to first allow the unknown sources option on an Android phone. Select the “Lock screen and Security” option from the Settings. Enable unknown sources.
  • The next step is to disable the google scan device so it doesn’t detect the Ultimate Spy app as a virus. Select “Google” from the settings menu, then security and click at “Google play protect”. Now disable “Scan device for security threats”.
  • Download the Ultimate Spy and start the installation process.
  • Once the installation is complete, register your account on the app.
  • After installation and registration, go to the backup setting menu and allow notification so you receive all the notifications of the targeted account.
  • The process is now complete. You can choose and select your desired settings from the app according to your requirements. 

To buy Ultimate phone spy, head to the shop or see how the demo works on how to hack into someone’s Gmail and view messages without touching the device.

When you add to cart, you can easily check out and make payment with PayPal. Ultimate phone spy is one of the cheapest spy apps on the market.

  • Using mSpy app


If you are new to hacking, the mSpy app could be the perfect spying app for you. It was primarily designed to monitor and track social media accounts. It cannot be detected as the app remains hidden in the background. Once you are successful in getting into someone’s Gmail account using the mSpy app, you will have complete access to all the emails sent and received along with attachments, their contact lists, and other saved information.

You will have to first create an account on the official website of mSpy. Select the target device (either iPhone or IOS), enter the details, and proceed with the payment by selecting the most suitable payment plan. Your account is now ready to hack the targeted device.

You can check how you can find hackers who sell phishing files in this article.

I need a hacker urgently to hack gmail

  • Using Phishing Technique


Phishing is one of the most reliable techniques when it comes to hacking Gmail account passwords. This method works by creating a copy of the Gmail website page with the intention to steal passwords and other account credentials. When a user who is not aware of phishing attacks, opens such a webpage, he will enter his email address and password without any suspicion. The login credentials and other account information will then be sent to the hacker, providing him/her access to the Gmail Account. 

how to hack into someones gmail

  • Using Spyic App


Spyic is another monitoring app designed to access the account information of the targeted device. It is compatible with both Android and IOS. No one can detect the app running as it works completely hidden in the background. Spyic is also very simple to use as it does not require rooting of the targeted device.

To start using this app, proceed with creating an account on the website and opting for the payment plan for the target phone as per your budget. After payment is made, you will receive the confirmation email. You will only need iCloud credentials if you are using an iPhone. The system will take a few minutes to sync and you will have access to the Gmail account. 

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  • Using Cocospy App


Cocospy is also similar to Spyic app and works in almost the same way. It works in the background and remains hidden. Start by creating an account on the website. For Android users, download the app on the target device. You will however only need iCloud credentials in case of IOS. After registration, select the target device. You will have complete access to the Gmail account password upon the creation of the setup.


The web is evolving, technology has reached its peak and among all the social media apps, WhatsApp has gained incredible popularity owing to its immense features enabling the users to communicate freely over text messages, voice calls, video calls, GPS tracking, and its user-friendly interface.

Launched in 2009, it has more than 2 billion users in over 180 countries. The app is completely free with no subscription charges and allows you to chat with your friends and family living in different countries with just an active Wi-Fi connection.  Another appealing feature is that the app works on iPhone, Android, Windows phones, and tablets.

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Reasons You May Want to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Account

Where Social Media Apps benefitted its users, problems have also been arising such as cyberbullying and other theft. You may have a justifiable reason to read someone else’s messages without having access to their phone. If you are a parent, you must be worried about your children as they are more open to social media these days.

Monitoring their WhatsApp activity can alert you on time and you can check if they are talking to some suspicious stranger, and sharing their information. Similarly, if you are an employer and suspect that your employees might be sharing inside information with other companies, you can track their WhatsApp data and find the truth. If you fear your partner is cheating on you, you can always know their intentions by going through their WhatsApp messages history.

how to hack whatsapp account without barcode

Ways to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Account

Below we will list some of the effective ways to sneak into someone’s WhatsApp account without them knowing.  

  • Hacking with WhatsApp Web 

This method is very easy and useful if you want to monitor your partner or child’s activities on the app. All you have to do is:

    • First of all, open the WhatsApp web on Chrome Browser on your computer. 
    • Tap on the settings options and then select the “request desktop site”.
    • On the target device, go to WhatsApp, select Settings, and then select WhatsApp Web from there.
    • A code will appear on the screen. Scan the code on the device with the code on the target’s device.
    • WhatsApp will now be activated on your device. You can save the information and read the messages and check calls history any time you want.


  • Ultimate Phone Spy App

This app lets you keep a record of audio calls, text messages, GPS tracking, and social media apps information. It cannot be detected and is hidden. Very easy to install, you can keep track of all the information. Further, it comes with a free 5-day trial so you can check the features. It is one of the most used and reliable hacking app.

This spying app has some exclusive features that you would not find anywhere else.

Web Interface

Ultimate Phone Spy app needs to be downloaded on the user’s phone or PC.  This app can work via a web dashboard that can open on any web browser. So, anyone can feasibly run directly the ultimate phone spy app on any device that is with a one-time installation. With this, you can easily read your cheating spouse phone and you can read messages on how to hack someone’s WhatsApp account on iPhone.

No Need for Jailbreak

Unlike most iPhone spying apps, Ultimate Phone spy would not ask for the target’s iPhone jailbreak. This feature adds an extra value to the app users. All you require is the user details to read girl WhatsApp and text messages and view phone with ease.

Data Security

When it comes to data security, Ultimate phone Spy employs advanced encryption expertise. As the user’s private data will never store on the ultimate phone spy app’s servers that make your data more secure and safe. You can view any data on the phone once installed from Snapchat spy to Facebook App, Ultimate phone spy allows all.

No Technical Knowledge Required

For using ultimate phone spy, there is no need for advanced computing or programming knowledge. The app provides smooth and easy use, just use it like you surf your web browser. Ultimate phone spy provides an easy taste to clone a phone without touching it.

This is just a foretaste of Ultimate phone spy. While using the app, you will explore several other cool features.

It is a good idea first to use the app’s demo, this will help you to acquire knowledge about how the app works? While using the demo, there is no need to install or register on the app to get the ultimate phone spy dashboard access. The demo works via the web browser just like the original spying app itself.

Spy any iPhone Without Being Caught!

With ultimate phone spy, we assure you that you will never get caught because of the unique design of the app. It allows the user to hack any iPhone without touching it. The genius architecture of Ultimate phone spy makes it possible.  Also, you can learn how to hack WhatsApp account and follow steps and guide here.


  • Hacking using Spoofing Method of Ultimate Phone Spy App

This method is truly not an easy method to use and is a bit complicated. To be able to hack using Spoofing Method, you need to have good knowledge of technology. Follow these steps:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your device.
  • Get the Wi-Fi Mac address of the phone you wish to hack. If you are using an android phone, select the option of Wi-Fi MAC Address from Settings. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings, then General, then About, and select the option of Wi-Fi Address.
  • Install “Busy Box and Terminal Emulator” from Google play.
  • You will have to find the MAC address of the target device and use it as the address of your device with the emulator.
  • Start the installation of WhatsApp and insert the number of the device who’s WhatsApp you want to hack.
  • As soon as you receive a code on the device you are hacking, you should save it before you erase it.
  • Sign in to WhatsApp with the newly acquired verification code.
  • The Ultimate Phone Spy App has all information about spoofing and could help you with the process


  • Hack WhatsApp with iKeyMonitor

This is another tool designed to hack WhatsApp for mobile devices. This allows you to view the chat history remotely in an email to see the discussions of the person whose WhatsApp you are hacking. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Cloud Store and download iKeyMonitor and install it on the target’s device.
  • Register a free account on iKeyMonitor.
  • You can now remotely see whatever is going on with their WhatsApp


  • Sending an Image to Hack WhatsApp


This method is suitable for people who want to hack WhatsApp account but without using the target’s phone. All you have to do is insert some malicious code into an image and send the infected photo to your victim.

When the image is opened on the target device, the system starts infecting the device and you will gain complete access to all the WhatsApp files. It is however not a secure method and requires strong coding skills. This method too is easily handled by the Ultimate Phone Spy app to hack a Whatsapp account using an Image

  • Spyier WhatsApp Hacker


Spyier is one of those hacking apps available online which has made hacking very easy. It works on both IOS and Android but does not store any of the hacked data or details to prevent unauthorized access. The step by step procedure is:

  • Sign up for an account on Spyier’s website.
  • Select the OS of the targeted device, pay, and then wait for the confirmation email.
  • In the case of Android, install it on the phone you wish to hack for one time only and activate stealth mode. For IOS, simply login to your account and verify the phone’s iCloud ID. Select the device you want to hack and synchronize.
  • Go to social apps, select the WhatsApp link and check the captured information.


  • Spyine WhatsApp Hacker


This method uses stealth mode to hide after the setup and does not require rooting. You need to install the app on the android and for the iPhone, you can simply use iCloud credentials on the website after registration of the account. All the targeted information will be accessible when you login to your account later on.



Hacking Whatsapp isn’t very easy, as it is made and maintained by Facebook, and let’s accept it, Facebook is way smarter than us. Many tools and apps claim to be able to hack Whatsapp, but not all of them actually live up to that claim. The Ultimate Phone Spy App is a trusted app that is guaranteed to show results in this regard. Do try it out!

Do you want to hack into someone’s phone? Here is Ultimate phone spy which is the best spy app on the market. Do you need guaranteed access to your partner’s phone? In this article, we will reveal how to hack someone’s iPhone with a spy App.

To catch your spouse cheating is quite easy if you follow a step to monitor their phone. Without actually touching your spouse’s phone, you can easily monitor it.

When iPhones were introduced, they became famous for the invincible, enclosed, and guarded design that could not be hacked. That secure and integrated design was the key selling point for the iPhone for many years. 

With time, many ways of hacking and spying have emerged.  Millions of spying apps are available for iPhones that can easily track the data of the target iPhone.  

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone, Hack the phone, Hack someone iPhone, Hack the iPhone, Spy, Ultimate Phone Spy,

How to Hack Someone’s Phone Without Touching it

In today’s world, spying and hacking are not all bad due to many reasons such as parenting because the online security of children is really important. iPhone spying apps, that is why are now a part of vigilant and good parenting.

Another reason for using iPhone spying apps is relationships; many spouses want to know about the loyalty of their partners. It is a bitter truth that suspicion has ruined several successful relationships. So, spying on an iPhone can let anyone know about the truth behind their suspicions.  

This article is the guide for hacking and spying on an iPhone. We will try to make you a pro hacker with less complex processes.

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How to Hack someone’s iPhone Remotely?

Numerous people consider that hacking an iPhone is a tough task, and they are not erroneous in this thought. When we look for an iPhone hacking software or spying app, we will get myriad results with one claim that these apps will do wonders for us in spying.

However, when it comes to using these apps many of them just end up with time waste. Such apps and software consume lots of time via clickbait series in the name of human reviews and verifications.

Fortunately, we have some perfect spying apps for hacking purposes such as Ultimate Phone Spy etc.

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Ultimate Phone Spy-Best Online iPhone Hacker App

After extensive research for an iPhone spying app that works great as it claims, we hit a golden pit and that is the Ultimate Phone Spy.

Ultimate Phone Spy is the best iPhone spying app in the online world, it is used by millions of people. The app is really good in that it has various positive reviews on myriad media outlets like TechRadar.

Initially, we were as skeptical as any newbie can. However, after using this amazing and simple app every doubt vanished about this app. Let’s explore some features of Ultimate Phone Spy that you will love:

What Makes Ultimate Phone Spy the Best iPhone Spying App?

This spying app has some exclusive features that you would not find anywhere else.

  • Web Interface

Ultimate Phone Spy app does not need to be downloaded on the user’s phone or PC.  This app can work via a web dashboard that can open on any web browser. So, anyone can feasibly run directly the ultimate phone spy app on any device that is without installation.

  • No Need for Jailbreak

Unlike most iPhone spying apps, Ultimate Phone spy would not ask for the target’s iPhone jailbreak. This feature adds extra value to the app users. 

  • Data Security

When it comes to data security, Ultimate phone Spy employs advanced encryption expertise. As the user’s private data will never store on the ultimate phone spy app’s servers that make your data more secure and safe.

  • No Technical Knowledge Required

For using ultimate phone spy, there is no need for advanced computing or programming knowledge. The app provides smooth and easy use, just use it like you surf your web browser. 

This is just a foretaste of Ultimate phone spy. While using the app, you will explore several other cool features. 

It is a good idea first to use the app’s demo, this will help you to acquire knowledge about how the app works? While using the demo, there is no need to install or register on the app to get the ultimate phone spy dashboard access. The demo works via the web browser just like the original spying app itself.

  • Spy any iPhone Without Being Caught!

With ultimate phone spy, we assure you that you will never get caught because of the unique design of the app. It allows the user to hack any iPhone without touching it. The genius architecture of Ultimate phone spy makes it possible. 

How To Spy Or Hack Into Someone’s iPhone With Ultimate Phone Spy

If you want to hack your spouse or partner’s iPhone or you want to monitor your children’s iPhone, all you need is to follow these three easy steps. These steps will take 5 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Get Registered for Ultimate Phone Spy and become a subscriber for iOS devices. 

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Step 2

Select your package of data that you want and that all you require at the shop. Authenticate the credentials of iCloud of the phone you want to spy. Ultimate phone spy will sync with the data in one or two minutes.

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Step 3

Now, you can view the data of the targeted iPhone. After that finish the setup by clicking on the ‘Start’ button. After finishing the setup, the ultimate phone spy will render the user to the personal dashboard page. It is the place where you can use all features of the ultimate phone spy. View demo to understand how it works.

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We have sorted some cool features of the app you will love while hacking any iPhone.

Ultimate Phone Spy Features

Ultimate Phone Spy account has various unique features. Some most liked and used ones are:

1. Message Monitor

This feature allows you to monitor the iMessages of other ultimate phone spy users along with that you can monitor the text messages of the targeted person. One more awesome thing is that you can also read the deleted messages. 

2. Location Monitor

With the Ultimate Phone Spy location monitor, one can keep track of the targeted person’s location. Along with the timestamps, recent locations can be tracked.

3. Geo-fencing

This feature takes the monitoring of the location to the next level. While using Geo-fencing, we can set borders on the location of the targeted person’s iPhone.  If the targeted iPhone user crosses those borders, you will receive an alert immediately.

4. Call Monitor

With the Ultimate phone spy call monitor feature, the subscriber can get all the details of incoming and outgoing calls. A record of tracked phone calls is also available.

There are various other features that you can explore via the demo ultimate phone spy app. 

Let’s move on towards how one can spy on any iPhone via computer?

How To Hack Someone’s iPhone Messages

As covered before, the best option to hack iPhone messages is to use a surveillance app. The software that can help you with your mission is Ultimate Phone spy. Just like another spy app, you do not need to jailbreak your target device.

Ultimate phone spy is a globally acknowledged app that has been deemed secure by thousands of users. It gives you 35 different features, which let you go beyond just hacking iPhone messages.

You do not need to download this app on your target device. You can access it on your usual browser either through your mobile or your computer. 

It allows you to hack iPhone messages with ease, for which you do not need to be technologically big-brained. In addition to that, it also records the timestamps for you, so you know which text was sent at what time. 

You can also easily access the messages that were deleted from the target device. While this is possible to accomplish on both Android and iOS devices, our focus for this article will simply be on the latter.

How to Spy an iPhone via Computer?

After getting good insights on how to hack an iPhone by smartphones, now let’s explore how to do the same by using a desktop pc.

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Hacker The iPhone by Spyier

Spyier is the most extensively used iPhone spying tool. The best thing about the app is that it can spy on both android devices and iPhones. Spyier does not need to install any software or app on the targeted device. Any iPhone can be spied directly from the computer with the help of Spyier.

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Without Touching It?

Spying on any iPhone has become so easy because of Spyier, a stress-free desktop web app that everyone can use easily. But to get successful access to the targeted iPhone device, the user should ensure that he/she has followed all the steps provided below. With this assurance, the hacker will be able to access the data of the desired iPhone within some minutes.

Following are the steps to achieve success in hacking an iPhone:

Step 1

On the personal desktop, open your favorite web browser.  Sign up on Spyier, keep in mind that you do not require to open any app. 

Step 2

For step 2, you should have iPhone credentials. After entering all the respective details, verify them. After verification, Spyier will show multiple devices if there is more than one device is linked with the targeted iPhone. Choose your desired one among them. 

Step 3

After choosing the desired device, you will have gained 100 percent access to the targeted iPhone. You can monitor messages, iMessages, call logs, etc. you have complete access at this step and you can also sneak into iPhone’s gallery and videos.

How to Hack iPhone Passcode?

It often happens that when we try to open our friend’s iPhone or our partner’s iPhone, we failed because the phone is protected with the passcode. Don’t worry! Spyier offers you the passcode if you want to unlock your targeted iPhone.

  • iPhone Key logger

If you subscribe to any package on Spyier, you will get a free module of iPhone key logger. The iPhone key logger helps you to get the info of every pressed key that targeted user pressed on their phones.


After completing this article, you have gained excess knowledge about how to spy on any iPhone. You can say that you have become a hacker and can spy on any iPhone you want to. Now, the rest is up to you. We believe that you will constructively use this knowledge. And use these spying and hacking tips and tricks ethically and morally.  

Best of luck with iPhone hacking and spying! 

Hacking into someone’s Snapchat is going around a lot recently, and you may be wondering about the same thing. The internet has a boatload of information about doing so, but all of it at once is enough to inevitably boggle one’s mind. This handy guide aims to set things straight once and for all and provide you with the ultimate tips and tricks to hack someone’s Snapchat.

This guide explains how to hack someone’s Snapchat effectively and without compromising on security.

Option 1 – Using a Snapchat Spying App

Spy apps are undoubtedly the most subtle and reliable way to hack someone’s Snapchat without them knowing. It’s easy to set up, and most importantly, it works! The highlight of this method is you never need to see the password of the target Snapchat account. 

But regardless, you can have near unrestricted access to the user’s activities through remote monitoring.

Benefits of using a spying app for hacking into Snapchat accounts

  1. It can be availed through a couple of clicks just by visiting their official website, and following that, installation merely takes 5 minutes to complete. You can refer to the helpful in-app guides to get the ropes of using the app.
  2. You can have complete peace of mind as both the app and its website is highly reliable. Major tech review companies and influencers have already vouched for the app. 
  3. Easily monitor all activities of the remote user, including their messages, check-ins, and much more – without knowing the password of their account. 
  4. The dashboard updates itself with the remote data in real-time. This means you can always know what’s going on without getting discovered.
  5. The app remains hidden inside the target device to ensure the remote user doesn’t suspect you spying on them at any time.

How to set up a Snapchat spying app?

Goto Ultimate Phone spy home

Click Shop

Click Checkout

input your info make Payment with PayPal.

You can check out the Demo to see how it works.


It’s easy to set up on how to hack someone’s Snapchat without the target phone and monitor all conversations.

Installation is straight-forward and does not require much time. So even if you don’t have much technical knowledge, you’re going to have no problems getting it up and running.



  • Step 1: Create your account and select an appropriate plan with the features you need.
  • Step 2: Download the app on the target smartphone and install it. The app requires various permissions to work, which you need to enable. Once you press ‘Start Monitoring,” the app icon will disappear from the home screen.
  • Step 3: From your computer, go to the selected app’s website and log in using your account. From the dashboard, you can connect your device and keep monitoring Snapchat of the target person.

That’s how easy it is to use a spy app and hack into a Snapchat account and read messages without the user knowing.


Option 2 – Using Online Services for Hacking Snapchat Accounts

The method described above is simple to use and provide the maximum results. But shifting focus elsewhere, some online services claim to hack Snapchat accounts with just the username. In reality, though, most of these websites are just a facade for an elaborate scam. These websites operate by showing you advertisements. Entire webpages shall be filled with ads, and new ones will very likely pop up wherever you click. 

How to Hack Someone's Snapchat

As for whether or not the services help you hack accounts—we have tested multiple of them and got no results whatsoever. With that said, you may keep searching for these websites on the internet with hopes of finding a legit one. But you’ll still save a lot of time and effort opting for spy apps instead.

Read more: How to clone a device

Option 3 – Hiring a Professional Hacker for The Job

Another option is to spend some decent money and hire a professional who knows how to hack someone’s Snapchat. The internet has no shortage of notorious hackers and you can hire Snapchat hackers, as you might have noticed through various incidents. And finding one for yourself shouldn’t be too tricky, right? Wrong! While you may find it easy coming across a hacker, the chances are the person you are talking with is probably running a scam. Not only are you going to lose money, but also the precious time you could have spent looking for a legit and reliable hacker instead.

You may want to wander off to the dark web if you are committed to finding a legit hacker or pay someone to hack a Snapchat. And there are a few things you can do to make sure you are looking in the right place to hire a Snapchat hacker.

Snapchat hacker

  • Try to visit a website/forum that is already well-known and has a large user base. It’s a good idea to hang out in the forum for some time first and observing it. Once you are confident about the legibility of the website, you can move forward with your main objective.
  • Use your judgment and carefully profile the person you are about to hire. If the hacker talks in a shady manner or out of character, back out immediately and look for someone else. Some forums also allow to post a request and accept bids like in an auction. You can choose to your likings through all the applications.
  • No legible hacker asks for full payment before even getting started. In most cases, you should be able to hire a mediator who can hold your money safely until the job is complete.
  • Never disclose your personal information to anyone on the dark web. This is an obvious precaution, as the hacker himself won’t reveal his identity to you for security reasons. There is absolutely no reason for you to risk your security either. You can check for hire a professional hackers here

Option 4 – Creating Phishing Sites to Capture Login Information

This trick is perhaps the oldest in the book. Ever since the advent of internet consumerism, phishing has been a common deceit applied by hackers to steal sensitive information. And you can use the same trick for hacking into someone’s Snapchat as well.

How phishing works

Phishing works by presenting a duplicitous front for the original website you are trying to visit. For example, you want to login to the employee portal of your company. And for that, you visit abcxyz.com. Now the human mind is susceptible to mistakes more often than you think, and there can be instances where instead of abcxyz.com, you mistakenly type sbcxyz.com. This is what a phishing attack exploits– by already having a fake website running at the false address, with everything looking ditto to the original.

After you visit the duplicate website, you are very less likely to notice something’s wrong as nothing looks out of the ordinary. So you go ahead and enter your private login details. And before you know it, the webpage starts acting up. It’s because the hacker only bothered enough to get the login info and be done with it. But keep in mind that advanced phishing attacks never let you realize what went wrong until long after the theft. The malicious website does an excellent job of redirecting you to the original site after getting the login info – making you think something must have glitched and try again.


How to hack someone’s Snapchat through phishing

The bright side of this technique is it’s free. However, it does require you to have some technical knowledge. In the end, your success shall solely depend on how well you can create a malicious website. And not just that, you’ll also need to figure out how to trick the target user into visiting your faux site.


  • Step 1: Create a duplicate Snapchat website that looks exactly like the original one. For this, you need to have some web development skills. Or you may hire some developers to do it for you for some extra bucks.


  • Step 2: Get the website up and running. Unfortunately, hosting is not something you can get for free anymore. But they are quite cheap, and you probably won’t mind paying it – given what you are achieving in the end. Once you find a suitable hosting to run your website, you need a similar sounding domain. Play around with the letters to find one good enough to trick the target user.

This is one of the best articles on how to hack someone’s Snapchat account tutorial on the web. It gives full details on what you expect and what to do with the ultimate guide and options to choose from.


Alternatively, if you are unable to find a suitable domain, you can tell the target user it’s some project you are working on, something that needs you to login with Snapchat to take full advantage of.

Work your social engineering skills, and you can probably trick the user into believing you and unknowingly give you their login info.


If you want to clone a phone for some reason or other then you can always do it in an effective manner. It is really possible for you to make an immaculate copy of someone’s phone without even getting your hands on it. If you are really looking forward to know as to how to clone a phone then keep reading.

how to clone a phone easily

What exactly is phone cloning?

Phone cloning is considered to be nothing but a systematic copying of identity and data of one mobile phone to another. Using this method, you can either take partial backup or entire backup of a phone. There are many people that get an exact replica of someone else’s cell phone using this cloning method. It is nothing but some advanced form of hacking. There are many ways and means using which you can clone a phone and read messages without touching the phone.

Clone your phone

If you are really interested to explore how to clone a phone then you need to do research on this topic first. These days there are plenty of clone applications available in the market using which you can clone SIM cards, phone, or text messages without even touching the cell phone. In this article, you will get to know everything about cloning a phone in the best way possible.

How to clone a phone remotely?

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to clone a phone then Ultimate Phone Spy is the answer you should go for. It is surely known to be the best-known application out there that is used for this purpose. This popular and reliable app is generally used by hundreds and millions of users around the globe. You might come across other applications that promise you the same thing but none of them tends to be as good as Ultimate Phone Spy.

If you happen to have an Android device then going for this specific app will always be the best option for you to say the least. You just need to install the same app on the target phone and then install it on your own phone and you are done. You will then be able to clone the phone successfully.

The price list is very affordable and if you are eager to know how to clone a phone with android then this is the best app for you.

Cloning features of how to clone a Phone

There are some of the cloning features that you are supposed to get upon using Ultimate Phone Spy. Some of these features are described below.

  • Text Messages: You are allowed to check all the received and sent messaged into a cell phone. You can get those messages even if the user deletes it. There will be the date and time of the sent and received messages. This is best on how to clone a cell phone text messages

  • Call Logging: On the other hand, you have the option to download the complete log of all outgoing and incoming calls with the proper time and date stamps. Moreover, you can even avail of the contact details. Ultimate Phone Spy App is the perfect cell phone cloning software in the market now.

  • Social Media Access: You can even get full and complete access to the social media account upon using this useful application. Cocospy is the best solution to the question as to how to clone a phone.

  • Browser History: On top of that, if you are eager then you can even know the browser history of the target cell phone without even touching the device. Ultimate Phone Spy is not like a sim cloning device you buy online but this is an easy app to install without any frustration.

How Ultimate Phone Spy Works To Clone A Phone

You easily understand how Ultimate Phone spy works, you easily the effective nature of how it works with Ultimate Phone spy demo. Ultimate Phone spy runs the cheap spy app on the market and for as low as $15, you can clone sim card iPhone and Android.

If you have doubt on how to clone a phone, you can check our shop to very it and very how the Ultimate Phone spy app work.

First, you need to register before you buy this app.

register Ultimate spy app

After registration, you get to add to the cart to buy the app. As the Ultimate phone spy app is a cell phone cloning software, it is easy to install on any android phone. To spy on iPhone, you need an iCloud username and password to monitor any phone anonymously.

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Do you have any suspicion on someone? Are you trying to look into someone’s phone gallery without their knowledge? If yes, you should not worry much. The whole process is a lot easier than you imagine. No matter whether you are concerned about the well being of your children, or of your spouse, you just need to follow the right techniques or appropriate tool to get the job done.

So if you are wondering how to hack iPhone pictures remotely, then phone monitoring or the spy apps can be very handy. After installing the app, one can easily track the shared and uploaded photographs in iCloud as well as the present photos in the gallery.

Why You Should Choose One Ultimate Phone Spy App

Hacking into someone’s phone gallery is not very complicated at all, and you do not have to have extensive technical expertise for that. One has to install a phone monitoring app; that’s it! After that, the app will do its work quietly.

There are various techniques to hack into someone’s phone; however, if you are looking for the easiest, hassle-free yet effective way to do that, then Ultimate phone spying apps are the unbeatable option here.

The Ultimate phone spy monitoring apps are very safe, reliable, and easy to use, but the best part, it lets people monitor someone’s phone without their knowledge. These apps have an excessive global reputation, and they boast about their millions of satisfied customers. If you are trying to open a window on someone’s life and want to see a glimpse, then these apps will not let you down.

You can check the demo to know how it operates with just a one time touching of the device.

Perks of Using A Phone Monitoring App

  • Works Without Jailbreaking

The best part of using the app is that you do not have to do jailbreaking on the targeted iPhone. While some other methods make you to jailbreaking the targeted iPhone before monitoring, the spy apps can work without jailbreaking or even rooting the phone.

  • Easy to Install

As the apps do not require intricate tech work, so anyone, even with minimal technical expertise, can easily use the app. The user-friendly environment of the app makes sure that you can see all the necessary snaps of the targeted devices at your ease.

  • All in One App

The app not only helps individuals to see the photos on the target phone’s gallery, but it is also beneficial for detecting the target phone’s WhatsApp messages, Snapchat stories as well as the Instagram DMs.

  • HighlyEffective

With cutting edge technology, this app makes the phone monitoring nothing but a piece of cake. The app works on the background and never shows any notification popup, so the targeted user will never get to know about the existence of the app in their phone.

How to use Ultimate Phone spy to Hack iPhone Pictures Remotely

The installation of the spy app is straightforward and effortless. The whole process does not need more than 5 minutes to complete. Here is the easy way to install the app.

Step 1

At first, you must sign up with a company that provides mobile monitoring services. When you get your subscription, you have to create your account. Do not forget the credential that you have chosen. You will need your ID and password throughout the installation process.

How to Hack iPhone Pictures Remotely

Step 2

After that, select the type of phone in which you will install the app, whether it is an Android or iPhone. Grant all the permissions on the phone. However, if you select the iPhone option, then you will only need the Apple ID and password of the targeted phone. The cloud-based service lets the user get into the targeted phone from any browser. Also, you will need to set up an option to buy. Ultimate phone spy runs the cheapest spy app at the market with a $5 start-up fee.

Once you install it, this will need some time to synchronize all the things from the targeted phone. One must keep in mind that only on the iOS devices; it is possible to access the phone without even touching it. However, it is not applicable in the case of Android.

Step 3

After the setup process of the app is complete, you can log on to any remote device which you will use to monitor the targeted phone. You can log on from a desktop or your smartphone and find the dashboard. Here in the photos section, you will find the important images that want to hack remotely and what you have been looking for.

This is a typical step on how to Hack iPhone Pictures Remotely without coming close to the phone. Once you obtain the username and password of the iCloud account then it becomes easy to monitor any spouse. You can contact us directly if you have these details so we can set it up for you. 

how to hack iphone pictures remotely


Below is the price list of ultimate phone spy app


How the App Goes Beyond the Boundary of the Gallery App

The app not only helps you to see the photos in the gallery on how you can hack iPhone pictures but taken more efficiently to monitor other apps., but the workings of it go beyond that. Here are some other benefits of using the phone motoring app:

  • Facebook Spying

With this intuitive feature, you can see all the Facebook posts as well as the photos shared on the Messenger app at ease.

  • Snapchat Spying

With the Snapchat spy features, you can have access to all the pictures shared on Snapchat. You can have the latest updated picture on every platform in real-time.

  • WhatsApp Spying

In this digital time, people tend to share more photographs on instant messaging apps than any other platform. After installing the spying apps, you will have access to the WhatsApp photo gallery of the targeted phone.

  • The Keylogger Function

Do you know that the spying apps come with the keylogger option? This option helps the user to capture all the user IDs and passwords of the targeted phone. These apps’ intelligent mechanism captures every key pressed on the targeted phone so that you can access those sites at your ease.

hack an iphone


The app works quietly, and it does not show any app icon on the app drawer. This app can easily run on the background of the phone and takes more or less 2MB space on the phone as well; it has minimal RAM and CPU usage. So, the app can run quietly on the background without the notice of the targeted user.

If you are wondering how to hack iPhone pictures remotely, then the Ultimate phone spy monitoring apps got your back. These apps are silent, effective, fast, light and user friendly, and it will surely help in your every need.


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How to read messages of others

Read WhatsApp messages of partner


Relationships are lovely, and it has the power to make people’s life much more meaningful. The necessary foundation of any relationship is trust but how to read WhatsApp messages of your partner phone without touching it when you have to deal with a cheating couple. But what happens if you cannot have faith in your partner? You may be on the verge of losing your sanity and wanted to know the truth.

This kind of suspicion may also affect your mental peace and put your relationship at stake. So, what is the solution to this throbbing problem? Even a few days back, maybe there was no such easy answer. However, now in this technology-oriented 21stcentury, this is nothing but a piece of cake. The ultimate resolutions that can put an end on all these speculations is the installation of a WhatsApp spy app. Check out this post and get to know how to check boyfriend or girlfriend WhatsApp without letting him/her know.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages of Your Partner

The Best Way to Read Your Partner’s Message

So, if you are wondering ‘how to read my girlfriends WhatsApp messages without her knowing?’ then the Ultimate phone spy app can be beneficial. The spy application is created in such a way that it can tackle all the latest innovations. 

These apps are revolutionary; they have literarily reinvented the world of information by their superior services. We all know that the majority of our conversation happens mostly now on WhatsApp. So spying apps are the best way to know the full truth. Some fantastic benefits of the app has a demo that you can easily understand the function of how it operates:

  • It can take a look at the real and virtual action of people
  • Easy installation and setup process
  • Accurate spying results
  • Remotely access the smartphone in which it is installed
  • A very easy to use platform

The best part of the spy app is its installation process. They are quite easy to install. Moreover, they work silently without letting the person know that his or her phone is been monitored. One does not have to be a techie to install the app so it can meet all the user’s tracking desire without wasting much rescore and time. 

You need to register to buy the app at the website shop  before you can use the app to hack a phone and read text messages without touching the device.

What This App Does on how to read WhatsApp messages of your partner

If you’re always worried about ‘how to see my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without her knowing’, then don’t miss to check out the below section of this post!! Check out how this app works.

  • Monitor WhatsApp Text Messages

After the installation of spy app, you can easily see the text messages that are coming on the targeted phone. 

  • See the Location Sharing

When someone tries to cheat on the relationship, they generally meet at someplace where they cannot be recognized easily. Therefore, to understand your partner behavior, you must know about the location. Spy apps help you to discover whether your partner is sharing location with strangers. You can easily see those places and have a clear understating of how much the time they are spending together.

  • Watch the WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status is a very recent feature of this tech giant, and it becomes instantly popular just after its release. In WhatsApp status, a user can share photos, videos, and texts with all contacts. So even if you are on their WhatsApp contact list and could not see their status, that means your partner has excluded you from seeing the status. With the help of the spying app, you can see those statuses even if the person muted you.

  • See All the Shared Documents

In WhatsApp, a user can send many documents, including texts, images, videos, pdfs, and other files as well. And all the shared document only remains private with sender and receiver. Well not anymore, when you install the spy app then you can easily see the shared media with date and time.

  • Check Their Contacts

To get connected people need to save each other’s contact number on their phone. So, if you are willing to know what are the contacts saved on your partner’s phone without letting them know, then the best option is to install a spy app. With this smart app, you can easily have a sneak peek on your partner’s phone and check-out the saved contacts,

  • Checking the Calls

Apart from texting and sharing media, WhatsApp let users connect with WhatsApp audio and video calls. When you install an intelligent spy app on your partner’s phone, then you can easily record those audios and video calls and hear them in your free time.

How to Make the App Work?

  1. If you are wondering ‘how to read my girlfriends WhatsApp messages without her knowing’ then it is high time to install a spy app. The first thing you must do is to get a subscription from the cellphone monitoring company. 
  2. After you get the subscription, you will get an id and password. On the next step, you have to get physical access to your partner’s phone. This is the only time you will need to use the other person’s phone.
  3. Once you have gotten the access to your partner’s phone now its time to install the app; make sure that the phone is connected with internet.
  4. After the successful installation, activate the service and make the app logo hidden by choosing the feature at the very beginning of the setup.
  5. Once the whole installation process is complete on your partner’s phone now, you have to access the online control panel of the app by visiting the app company website from your personal mobile device.
  6. Now the website will ask you the username and password, put your unique credential on the browser and then you can easily access the targeted mobile device.

Below is a tutorial on how to install the app easily without any issue.

Unique Features of The App

  •   Stay Undetected

These apps are specially created so that the identity of the installer remains hidden. The apps work without making any notification sound or pop-ups. So the user in which phone the app is installed can never understand its existence.

  •  Web Activity Monitoring

The spy apps can work beyond WhatsApp as well. If you want, you can see the web activities of your partner. From the information on social network site to real-time activity. Everything would come clear after the installation of the app.

  •  Keylogging

With the help of this brilliant app, you can view all the security password they use on their social media and some other sites. From Facebook to their personal mail, you can have access to everything. You can use different devices to monitor the person’s activity without allow them to understand your presence.

  •  Understand the Location

Every mobile device has an inbuilt GPS in them. With the help of the spy app, you can see their precise location and get to know what they are doing and how frequently they are visiting a place. All the necessary information will come in front of you in a jiffy.

However, before you do such a thing, you need to understand one thing that a relationship can’t be built overnight. It takes a long period of time it can take weeks, months or even years to fully understand a person and make a healthy relationship with them. Therefore, it is always best that you spend quality time with your partner and get to know them very closely. 


So, now you know how to check girlfriend or boyfriend’s WhatsApp secretly. However, before taking any drastic step out of frustration or anger, try to be calm and reasonable. Things can be sorted out in the right way, with a genuine conversation. So before going to such extreme length, it is always best to think clearly and then act accordingly. However, if you already made your mind about installing the spy app, then there are plenty of good service providers out there who can help you to sort things out. Reach out the best among them today!!


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There’s nothing worse than feeling like someone you really care about is keeping secrets from you – especially if you feel like they are hiding though secrets on their phone. This brought about the question can you spy on a phone without access to it?

Now, we’re not suggesting that every time you’re suspicious about someone texting that you are on the right path. But this definitely happens more often than a lot of us would like to admit, and unfortunately, a lot of us don’t even have a chance to read someone’s text messages to see what’s happening for ourselves until it’s all too late.

Thankfully though, with the help of some pretty cool tools available on the market today, you are going to be able to read someone’s text messages without ever having to have their phone in your hands physically – and without them ever knowing that you did so, either.

Sound too good to be true?

Then you’ll want to check out the inside information we highlight below.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Quickly Learn How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Believe it or not, getting invisible “x-ray vision” and having a chance to read someone else’s text messages without needing their phone is a whole lot easier than you might have expected.

A quick Google search will show you that there are literally hundreds of thousands of sites and pages out there dedicated to helping you unlock this superpower. A lot of those sites and services aren’t able to deliver on their promises, though – but many of them can!

The trouble was sifting through all of the options to find a service that can actually help you read text messages without being detected, and that’s where the rest of this quick guide comes into play.

What do Ultimate phone spy

Ultimate phone spy offers a unique tool to check boyfriends texts, read someone text messages, get spouse text messages. You can read messages online without interrupting someone’s phone.

Can Ultimate Phone spy read and spy on someone without getting caught

Yes, Ultimate Phone Spy has a stealth technique not to get detected by the phone user. One of the beauties of Ultimate Phone spy is that it can read text messages without holding anyone phone. When a user deletes a message, the messages are stored and retrieved by our tool.

Intercept text messages iPhone and Android

Ultimate Phone spy offers a demo to understand the better nature of these Apps. To intercept messages on Android and iPhone, Ultimate Phone Spy allows you to see all incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone. You will also get the sender and receiver information along with the date stamps.

Even if the user deletes the message from their phone, it will still be visible on the Ultimate Phone dashboard. With Ultimate Phone Spy, you can easily track my girlfriend’s phone without her knowing for free.

To purchase this app, what you need to do is head to the shop to subscribe to the suitable price. We have three categories of these prices.

price list

When can either click add to cart or show details to know more about these apps? After when you add to cart, you will have to checkout.

With our demo, you can read messages without the targets phone and monitor your girlfriend’s phone without hesitation.

How to Use Ultimate Phone spy to read and intercepting text messages android

Login to your accounts on Ultimate Phone Spy to read the detailed conversation on the target’s phone.

login of ultimate phone spy

When you click on SMS history from the menu on the left of the web app to read messages between your cheating girlfriend or boyfriends.

sms history of ultimate phone spy

This is a simple technique to read anyone text messages without anyone knowing. You might be amazed by the effectiveness and usefulness of these apps to know more about your spouse, child, and anyone who you are eager.

Spying Without Software

Our solution, Ultimate Phone Spy, guarantees that you are able to monitor, read, and access text messages – and more – on another phone or mobile device without ever having to have physical access to that device in the first place.

Best of all, you’re going to be able to gain all of this access without having to root or jailbreak someone’s device, without having to worry about obvious applications alerting them to the fact that you are checking out the text, calls, emails, and social media that they are receiving (and sending), and without having to deal with all the headache and hassle that some of the overly complex applications out there inevitably bring to the table.

Instead, with Ultimate Phone Spy, you are going to be able to run through a lightning-fast install wizard that handles almost all of the heavy lifting for you.

You’ll be able to get this program up and running inside of just a couple of minutes with full access and readability just a few minutes after that. On top of this, you’re also going to be able to access text messages, email, phone logs, and social media through a web-based browser interface that is super simple and straightforward to use.

You won’t have to fumble around with a clumsy app on your device and you’ll be able to take quick screen grabs of anything you discover as well with your favorite browser tools.

intercepting text messages android

Reading Texts Online – 100% Free!

Another huge feature that separates Ultimate Phone Spy from the rest of the pack has to be the full “incognito mode” that you can run this program in.

When you run Ultimate Phone Spy in incognito mode you are going to be completely undetectable, even when you are watching what’s happening on the screen of the mobile device you are spying on in real-time.

There aren’t too terribly many other tools out there on the planet today that give you this kind of access.

The opportunity for you to see exactly what’s happening on the screen of a mobile device while you monitor it – with the people exchanging texts, emails, and social media posts or direct messages never being aware of your monitoring – is unlike anything else on the market today.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, we’d all like to live in a world where having to spy on someone else’s phone wasn’t necessary.

Unfortunately, as we all too often discover for ourselves – most of the time too late to avoid real heartbreak, anger, and frustration – that’s not the world we exist in right now.

The best way to protect yourself, your feelings, and your sanity is to get your hands on a tool like Ultimate Phone Spy that gives you the kind of online x-ray vision you simply wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

If you’re ready to take your phone monitoring capabilities to the next level, supercharging your ability to invisibly and 100% securely monitor what’s going on on another device – without having to have physical access to that device – Ultimate Phone Spy tools are the ones you’re going to want to use.

Check them out today!



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