ClevGuard Review in 2022

While it’s important to trust your children, the broad online world still necessitates parental caution. This is due to the fact that cyber predators can be found almost anywhere. Fortunately, parental control options are now widely available. Because of its popularity, ClevGuard (KidsGuard Pro) is one you’ve probably heard about. If you’re a parent, you’ll want to read our in-depth ClevGuard review.

ClevGuard is a great company. Their flagship solution protects your smartphone from spyware and alerts you if your microphone or camera is being utilized by someone else. But it’s their KidsGuard product that parents are most interested in. This is because KidsGuard Pro is an anti-ClevGuard Software. It allows you to spy on someone’s device without their knowledge.

What is ClevGuard?

ClevGuard is the most comprehensive Android and iOS monitoring app available, allowing you to keep tabs on your loved ones.

Because of its undetectability and extensive remote tracking features, it is now one of the best tracking software. It also stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. In fact, you may be up and operating in just 5 minutes if you have a valid membership.

What is KidsGuard Pro?

You’re in luck if you have an Android or iOS device. KidsGuard Pro is a ClevGuard product that is widely used as a monitoring solution on those two operating systems. ClevGuard does, however, provide a version for tracking PCs. And, for a PC parental control application, it’s actually quite feature-rich.

How Does KidsGuard Pro Work?

The ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro App operates invisibly, regularly retrieving data from your child’s phone. This will include items like:

  • Images and video
  • App-related activities
  • GPS coordinates
  • Messages via text
  • Call records and logs

When ClevGuard is installed on a target device, it will run in the background, monitoring and tracking all of its operations. Keeping a separate journal of all actions on your child’s device is ideal.

However, it will periodically submit newly gathered data to the ClevGuard servers. And this is how you’ll be able to keep track of everything on your screen’s dashboard. Despite the fact that the app runs differently depending on the operating system, it has essentially the same capabilities on both Android and iOS.

Is this ClevGuard Review is Best in 2022

This is a detailed ClevGuard review of the KidsGuard Pro for Android phone monitoring app. As a parent, you frequently worry about what your children are up to when they are out of your sight and control; you are not alone in this; as a result, various parental control/monitoring apps have been developed to assist parents in keeping track of their children’s whereabouts and activities.

ClevGuard’s KidsGuard Pro for Android is one such monitoring tool that has increased in popularity due to its stealth mode; thus, this ClevGuard review will focus on all you need to know about KidGuard Pro, including how to install and get KidGuard Pro running in stealth mode on your kids’ devices.

Features of ClevGuard (KidsGuard Pro)                                                

KidsGuard pro, as previously stated, is incredibly feature-rich. And it really does provide you a full 360-degree view of the target device’s users’ online activities.

Tracking your Location

ClevGuard location tracking provides you with a detailed image of your child’s device’s position at all times. It also includes location timestamps, which is a great feature.

As a result, you can always keep track of when your child visited a specific spot and where they traveled next. The locations interface is also quite straightforward to navigate. Though KidsGuard Pro uses OpenStreetMap, it also includes a connection to Google Maps to help you track a location. In this manner, you can keep track of your youngster on any platform you like.

Make a Recording of their Phone Calls

While some monitoring applications allow you to see who they called and who they called, KidsGuard Pro takes things a step further by allowing you to record their phone calls. This comprises both the caller’s and receiver’s speaking voices. And you can do it right from your ClevGuard account.

Take Screenshots of your Work

Do you want to know what they’re saying in any app? With KidsGuard Pro, you can do just that. While we’ve heard some ClevGuard app reviews praise this function, and we admit it’s a useful one, several of the other top monitoring apps also allow you to do so.

Take pictures Remotely. This functionality is impressive, albeit a little frightening at the same time. You may use KidsGuard Pro to turn on your phone’s rear camera and shoot images without their knowing.

Keep an Eye on Social Media Activity

You’re curious about what they’re up to on social media. We were pleased to note that the software business did a good job of including many of the main social networks and chat apps in our study of Kids Guard Pro. Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Line, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, Viber, Wechat, and QQ are all examples of this.

Pros and Cons of KidsGuard Pro


  • User-friendly interface
  • Support for iOS and Android
  • Undetectable Solution


  • Subscriptions can be perplexing.
  • If you require many plans, it can be costly.
  • There is no free trial available.

KidsGuard Pro VS Ultimate Phone Spy

You’ve probably heard that Ultimate Phone Spy is one of the most popular phone spying apps. That is why we are pitting KidsGuard against Ultimate Phone Spy. So, who will assume the throne? Read on to see how they fare in our monitoring app battle.

Keyword Alerts

Ultimate Phone Spy’s keyword alerts are well-known. You’ll get a notification if your youngster uses a pre-determined word in chat or searches for it on their browser. This is particularly useful if you want to ensure that they aren’t discussing sex, drugs, or violence. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in KidsGuard Pro.

Hidden Mode

We’re delighted to inform you that the App works in hidden mode in this KidsGuard Pro review. As a result, they won’t be aware that you’re utilizing it. Ultimate Phone Spy also has a stealth mode, so no matter whatever monitoring app you use, you’ll be safe.


KidsGuard Pro is one of the few apps that allows you to take screenshots of their behavior. It’s also in line with what Ultimate Phone Spy has to offer, making it an excellent surveillance app regardless of which apps your children have on their phones.


KidsGuard Pro is an interesting phone monitoring app. It has a lot of features. It has a few features that other apps don’t, such as call recording. It also works in stealth mode. However, it lacks several advanced features, such as keyword alerts. Furthermore, the subscription model can be both confusing and costly. While we offer KidsGuard Pro excellent scores and recommend it, there are alternative Apps that are equally worthy of your time and effort, so do your homework. In this case, Ultimate Phone Spy is the best Option.


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