With Ultimate Phone Spy, Receive Immediate Alerts from tracked iOS or Android devices

If the software isn’t quick or doesn’t keep you informed of the monitored behavior from target devices in a timely manner, it isn’t a spy app. What makes a good spy app is the ability to receive immediate notifications for the activities you are worried about. Ultimate Phone Spy is strong and has been carefully designed to give you the best smartphone monitoring experience to date, despite its weirdness. Decide on your priorities and create alerts for words, contacts, or even SIM card changes.

Receive Notification for Particular Contacts & Emails

With Ultimate Phone Spy, you can choose specific phone numbers or email addresses to which you want to receive notifications. You will get a prompt notification each time one of those contacts calls or emails your kids or staff members. Ultimate Phone Spy offers the most comprehensive specific notify function since it recognizes the importance of alert notifications for its espionage services.

Get Notification for Particular Words

Concerned that your employees might use company-issued cell phones for inappropriate purposes like bullying or harassing customers? You may create notifications for specific words that you don’t want your children or staff using on the tracked tablets and cell phones using Ultimate Phone Spy.

Get Alerts for Particular Areas

With Ultimate Phone Spy’s Particular Places Warning, you’ll receive instant notifications whenever your child visits a place you’ve specified to your Watchlist, giving you peace of mind that they aren’t going anywhere dangerous or inappropriate for their age. Ultimate Phone Spy is designed to be user-friendly, with options like setting up location-based or time-based notifications.

Get Reminder of SIM Card Changes

Every time one of your staff members or your kids switches the SIM card in their phones or tablets, Ultimate Phone Spy notifies you.

Frequently Answered Questions

All Android smartphones running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher and all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or higher are compatible with Ultimate Phone Spy. However, we advise you to consult Ultimate Phone Spy’s Compatibility Page before to subscribing to avoid any software- or hardware-related issues.

Select “Add Watchlist Words” from the “Settings” menu of your Ultimate Phone Spy web account to set up word-specific early warnings. On the “Add Watchlist Words” page, you can enter all of the terms you don’t want the monitored person to use on their mobile devices. Ultimate Phone Spy will scan every incoming and outgoing electronic communications for the Watchlisted keywords.

Make sure the “Watchlist Terms Alert” function is turned on if you want to receive alerts from the target device when certain words are used. Go to “Settings” on your Ultimate Phone Spy web account and search for the “Toggle Alerts” option to see if that is the case. Look for the “Watchlist Words Alerts” tab on the “Toggle Alerts” Page and check to see whether it is selected.

Open “Add Watchlist Contacts” in the “Settings” section of your Ultimate Phone Spy web account to establish alerts for particular contacts, phone numbers, or emails. You can watchlist any contacts, phone numbers, or emails that are of concern on the “Add Watchlist Contacts” Page. To search for Watchlisted contacts and emails, Ultimate Phone Spy will go through all the emails and contacts.

Asegúrese de que la función "Alerta de contactos de la lista de observación" esté activada si desea recibir alertas para contactos particulares del dispositivo de destino. Vaya a "Configuración" en su cuenta de Ultimate Phone Spyweb y busque la opción "Alternar alertas" para ver si ese es el caso. Busque la pestaña "Alertas de contactos de la lista de observación" en la página "Alternar alertas" y verifique si está seleccionada.

Go to “Settings” on your Ultimate Phone Spy web account and select “Add Watchlist Locations” to configure alerts for particular regions.You can add any places you don’t want the monitored person to be in or near on the “Add Watchlist Locations” Page.

Make sure the “Location Alerts” function is enabled on the target device if you want to get alerts for particular places. Go to “Settings” on your Ultimate Phone Spy web account and search for the “Toggle Alerts” option to see if that is the case. Locate the “Location Alerts” tab on the “Toggle Alerts” page and check to see if it is toggled on.