All Calendar Entries from an Android or iOS device are monitored by Ultimate Phone Spy

Would you like to know what your children have planned for the weekend? Are your children anticipating more than just a sleepover? Do you want to know what appointments your employees are making on their cell phones or are you concerned that they may be meeting with competitors? To keep an eye on the calendar entries of your children or employees, only Ultimate Phone Spy will do.

What is Calendar Entries Monitoring?

All of the appointments and calendar entries on the target phone or tablet can be checked remotely with Ultimate Phone Spy. Instantly review all relevant information without touching their gadgets.

Need of Ultimate Phone Spy Calendar
Entries Monitoring

It's crucial that you check their calendar entries while you're keeping an eye on your kids' or employees' cell phones because doing so could assist you get ready for what's to come.

You could be aware of the theme and location of your child's party in advance if it is scheduled for the weekend.

By keeping an eye on your employees' calendar entries, you can find out if they're meeting with competitors or considering leaving their current position.

If you don't know what your staff are doing, they might post odd things online using your company's accounts or send emails to the wrong individuals, getting your business into trouble. The options are limitless.

Ultimate Phone Spy is a full-featured mobile spy tool that can track social media (such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, iMessage, Tinder, and others), call logs, SMS, and even multimedia. It is not just an app for monitoring a cell phone's calendar entries.

Frequently Answered Questions

Go to “Dashboard” and select the “Phone Logs” tab from your Ultimate Phone Spy web account. To view every entry made on a monitored device’s calendar, scroll down to the “Calendar” tab from the drop-down menu that follows.

Con Ultimate Phone Spy, bloquear aplicaciones no deseadas es simple. Visite su cuenta web, desplácese hacia abajo hasta la opción "aplicaciones instaladas" en la página del panel Ultimate Phone Spy y haga clic en ella para bloquear una aplicación. Puede ver todas las aplicaciones que se descargan en el dispositivo rastreado allí. Para bloquear una aplicación, haga clic en el botón "Bloquear" junto a su nombre.

Only Ultimate Phone Spy’s mobile tracking app offers access to phone logs that were already on the target’s device before it was installed. Therefore, you will be given access to all of the older calendar entries that are stored on the monitored device, even ones that are one or two years old.

Ensure that Ultimate Phone Spy is successfully installed and operating on the target device before attempting to view calendar entries remotely from that device. Additionally, for the app to upload data to your web account, the monitored device must have a functional internet connection.

If the monitored device isn’t sending you any calendar updates like appointments, notes, etc., your app’s settings may be to blame or there may be a problem with your internet connection. If the issue isn’t with your internet connection, check your Ultimate Phone Spy web account’s “Settings” section to see if the “Log Appointments” feature is turned on.