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Ultimate Phone Spy Email Spying Software: A Trustworthy App for Email Monitoring

Do you know that 80% of the largest U.S. corporations routinely utilize email tracking software? Corporate data theft is on the rise, and if you aren’t keeping an eye on your employees’ emails, your business’s trade secrets, potential business transactions, plans, and even marketing campaigns could be at risk. So stop waiting and begin monitoring your employees’ emails right away using the best employee monitoring software available, Ultimate Phone Spy!

What does email monitoring software Ultimate Phone Spy do?

Ultimate Phone Spy offers business owners an easy way to remotely monitor all emails that their staff send and receive via their phones and tablets. Parents can use Ultimate Phone Spy to keep an eye on their children’s emails as well as their online activities and subscriptions. You are able to:

Use of Ultimate Phone Spy Email
Monitoring App

Employees keep private company information for about 40% of the time in order to change jobs. Your organization can also be among those whose employees divulge confidential information to competitors, such as plans for future items, business concepts, or even business strategies. The email monitoring software from Ultimate Phone Spy protects your employees' devices from corporate theft and unauthorized email use.

Kids may make poor internet choices during their tween and teen years, such as viewing pornographic material or subscribing to adult online periodicals. Parents can ensure that their children aren't overdoing their teen habits by keeping an eye on their children's emails.

You can read all of your child's email notifications about any new friend requests they may have issued or received using their social media accounts, even if you are unaware that your child is establishing new friends on social networks.

Parents and company owners can use Ultimate Phone Spy to keep an eye on other crucial phone logs, such as calls, SMS, social media, instant messages, and even stored multimedia. It is not simply an email monitoring app.

Ultimate Phone Spy is an economical method to address your concern if you worry about someone abusing their cell phone nearby.

Frequently Answered Questions

All iOS jailbroken (iOS 6.0 to iOS 9.0.3) and Android (Gingerbread 2.3 or higher) devices can be used with Ultimate Phone Spy’s email spying. The target Android device must also be rooted in order to use the email surveillance software from Ultimate Phone Spy. Furthermore, we advise you to visit the Ultimate Phone Spy Compatibility Page in order to avoid any hardware- or software-related inconsistencies.

The configured email address on the default mailbox app can be used by Ultimate Phone Spy to track every email sent and received from that address. It’s the “Mail” app on iOS and the “Gmail” app for Android.

The only email spying app that gives you access to emails that are already on the target device before it has been installed is Ultimate Phone Spy.

You must have a functioning internet connection on the target device in order to use the Ultimate Phone Spy email monitoring feature. Additionally, Ultimate Phone Spy’s Android and Jailbroken versions need to be installed once on the target smartphone or tablet.

Check to see if the email logging feature is turned on if the monitored mobile phone or tablet isn’t sending or receiving any emails. On your Ultimate Phone Spy web account, click the “Settings” option and then the “Toggle Features” tab to verify that. Look for the “Log Email” (or “Log Gmail” on Android) tab’s toggle switch at the bottom (email monitoring is compatible with Ultimate Phone Spy Jailbreak and Android versions only). Additionally, verify that the monitoring device has a functional internet connection.