Securely Lock Phones

With Ultimate Phone Spy, You can Securely Lock Smart Phones and Tablets

A survey found that almost 20% of mobile phones are stolen or lost each year. Your personal information, such as contacts, photographs, and debit card numbers, could very well be up in the wrong hands even if they are recovered. You can securely lock your smartphone or tablet using Ultimate Phone Spy to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your sensitive information.

What is Ultimate Phone Spy Secure Smart Phone Locking?

With your web based account and Ultimate Phone Spy, you may securely lock any tablet or smartphone with only a single command. Without touching the device, immediately lock the targeted smartphone in any situation of loss or theft.

Frequently Answered Questions

All rooted Android phones and tablets android Based 2.2 or higher support the Ultimate Phone Spy Lock Phone functionality.

Go to “Homepage” on your Ultimate Phone Spy website account and search for the “Remote Control” tab to securely lock a tracked phone or tablet. Find the “Lock  SmartPhone” tab by opening the tab. Enter any password you might use to unlock the phone after Ultimate Phone Spy has locked it in the following popup window. To transmit the command, click the “Lock Phone” button.

You would need to manually input the password you provided when locking a tracked device that was secured using Ultimate Phone Spy.

By selecting the “Show Log” tab in the bottom of the “Remote Control” screen, you can view the unlock password you entered when locking a device with Ultimate Phone Spy if you can’t recall it.

Make sure Ultimate Phone Spy is downloaded and operational on the targeted device before using it. Additionally, for Ultimate Phone Spy to transmit remote commands to the monitored mobile phone or tablet, that device must have a functional internet connection.

It may be a poor internet connectivity on the targeted device if you are unable to securely lock a tracked cell phone using Ultimate Phone Spy.