Video Monitoring

Track Every Video Saved on Android Mobile Devices & Tablets

Your child might have several pornographic films saved on their phone, or your employee might be recording meetings about forthcoming projects and sending the tapes to your competitors. Ultimate Phone Spy Recorded Videos Monitoring is the pro-active answer to all your business and personal monitoring needs if you want to make sure anything similar occurs.

What is Ultimate Phone Spy Video Monitoring App?

You can remotely access all the videos stored on your children’s or workers’ tablets or smartphones with Ultimate Phone Spy. Videos recorded on a tracked device are instantly accessible to you via Ultimate Phone Spy, and even that remotely.

Need to use Ultimate Phone
Spy Video Monitoring App

We are the top Viber spy app for a reason, and it’s a BIG one. Every aspect of the Viber app, including call history, message content, and photo content, is fully monitored by our Viber Spy iPhone.

Every minute, more than 500+ hours of videos are added to YouTube, some of which may not be appropriate for your children to download or see. You may watch any video that is on your children's or employees' tablets and phones with Ultimate Phone Spy.

It is against the law to share or download material that is pornographically explicit for minors, thus as a parent, it is your duty to monitor the videos your children watch on their own mobile devices.

You can track WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many more well-known instant messaging and file-sharing apps using Ultimate Phone Spy in addition to videos.

Ultimate Phone Spy is a comprehensive mobile monitoring app that allows you to follow your children's whereabouts online and off using their smartphones and tablets.

Frequently Answered Questions

All Android devices that run Gingerbread 2.3 or higher can utilize Ultimate Phone Spy. Additionally, Ultimate Phone Spy’s Saved Video Monitoring function operates even without an Android device being rooted. We advise you to consult Ultimate Phone Spy’s Compatibility Page to prevent any hardware- or technology issues.

Go to “Platform” on your Ultimate Phone Spy web login and search for the “Videos” page to view videos that have been saved on a monitored device. To download a video, click on it on the “Videos” page.

Make sure you are using VLC player in order to smoothly play all the videos received from the monitoring device.

Video monitoring on Ultimate Phone Spy only a single activation of the program on the target device and is compatible with the Basic and Android Premium editions of Ultimate Phone Spy. Verify that Ultimate Phone Spy is correctly set up and functioning on the device whose videos you want to watch.

In order to retrieve data from the monitored device, Ultimate Phone Spy needs a functional internet connection. The uploading of the videos to your web account could take a bit longer if the internet connection is slow.