I need a hacker to change my university school grade 2020


This is a working method to change university grades and when changing grades, you need hackers to change your grades. Hackers are getting paid to change grades and student who need grades changed when they fail a course and they hire hackers to change university grades. From colleges, high-school and Universities, the high reliance of school grades can’t be over emphasized.

This articles is here to reveal how school grade change is done.

Thinking to change school grades? Hire hackers who are breaking boundaries to change school grades.

Yes, its possible to change grades and hackers have changed grades multiple times from different schools and this was confirm from an article with a verify source. The hackers has changed grades for two years and nobody noticed it. Another Data breach recently occur in Orchard View Schools, Jim Nielsen, the superintendent of Orchard View Schools, stated that they became aware of a data breach in their PowerSchool student information system. Same data breach happen in March 2019. This was posted by Jim Nielsen and according to a statement he made in Facebook and the district’s web site.

How hackers have change grades did not start today or the modern era, grade change has being on for a very longtime. From paperwork, to result sheet and servers and database, it’s quite possible to change grades.

When seeking hacker who can change your University grades, there are hackers who are willing to change grades within few days. During my research, I have met hackers who have done school grades with different method and according to a user in Reddit. A popular forum which discuss about general topics, I found a thrilling topic which I will share below. The User who goes by the username Nostorm3 discuss about  how its possible to change your grades. The user shared how he Hired A Hacker to changes to his University grades which he really successfully did.

How he Hired a Hacker to Change his Grades

Basically, I wanted to change my grades on my second year because I didn’t perform very well since there I was highly distracted. Well, fast forward to the very day I made my mind to seek for school grade change. I did lost of research online and weigh my options. Most importantly, I wanted a discreet way to change University grades permanent unknowing to my professor that the grades has change.

Where to Hire a Hacker to Change University/College Transcript Grades


I seek hackers from Google,Reddit and many other place. I needed to know the method that applies to school grade hack. If its true and what method to apply and if I can do it myself. Though I have never done this before, if I could, it will open new doors of adventure. Also, research on method to do this. Attempts to change grade is illegal and if caught, you could face federal charges, expulsion and deportation since I’m international student. This scared the living day out of me. many question turn up in my mind. What if I get caught? What if the hacker is an undercover cop?

This should is what you consider when searching for a hacker: Likewise, you should understand the situation you have before embarking on changing your grades. If you are in probation, expulsion, drop from college and going back, over hauling all grades, Need a transcript editing, new a transcript., its necessary to understand what you need your grade change for. 

This will give a clear suggestion on grade change. The user continues

Before I did contact any of this hacker, What i discover for myself is that there are different method to change school grades.

  1. Permanent school grades

  2. Temporary school grades

Now, Permanent school grades involves directly or indirectly changing grades. What is the direct method

  • Direct Method:

 This involves using sophisticated software to hack your grades. I had read lot of research about using this sophisticated software to directly change your grades is risky. Since you have direct access to the professor computer, you can get his/her password using the login the sophisticated software generated. When you have this login, you can login into his mail, portal or anything you would say you want and locate your grades, make the changes.

  • Indirect Method:

This involves brute-force, phishing, and high cyber penetration (maybe I don’t know the terms). Most college student understand this term unless you living in a hole. This is where I contact a hacker for school grades change. We discuss in length and he had to throw more light on school grade change and other factor affecting a perfect grade change.

First, He explain in term the differences of phishing with my school login, professor login and many other terms. Sound cool but still unbelievable. The fact remind that, I could be caught and how will the prof don’t know the differences between all grade change.

Likewise, we have discussed about permanent grade change in school system, this are just tip to make necessary changes which comes with a price.

Note: its illegal to know your grades and that’s why you should consider sitting up for a new semester and have a curriculum fully prepared to face new challenges.

Other Option to change university school grade in school system involves 

Temporary grades change:

How do this work, first, when I came across such video and topic, I say no way. Likewise, this changes do not affect changes on school security system. It just a brand to print your grade on screen. When you need that transcript to be altered, this is the perfect solution when you don’t want to pass through the tedious stress to make necessary changes on transcript. its a simple javascript method.

According to Youtube videos, you login into your school account and locate your grades, take your mouse over the score you have and click Inspect. You will see the score there and all you have to do it clearly edit it and you click outside the box to make it close it. Its very easy to do. I will make a separate topic concerning this issue.

Is school grade change illegal?

Yes, school grade change is illegal and you should consider why you want to change the grades and if its worth the risk. You might be watched


You should have a reason you are paying a hacker to change your grades.