How to Hack a Phone

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Are you finding the right article on how to hack a phone with ease? This article will direct you on how you can hack someones iPhone without the user knowing. There are easy techniques you can use to hack a phone and you can find it quite simple to use.

The best techniques to hack a phone is using spy app to monitor your employee, spouse, children and other activities you want to monitor. We will discuss on how you can use phone monitor app to spy on anybody without touching the targets phone.


How to Hack a Cell Phone in 2020

Ultimate phone spy app comes with major update in 2020 to access android and iPhone device with ease. With Ultimate phone spy, you are guarantee to gain entry into a device and monitor it’s activities with hindrance from glitch on our app. You can constantly monitor user with our friendly dashboard which suit mobile and desktop view.


How to Hack a Phone


Ultimate phone spy represent a new dimension of phone monitoring and have taken new steps on to hack someones iPhone with iCloud credentials. Hacking of android and iPhone has difference techniques. If you need to hack someones android device to spy on WhatsApp without QR code, it will be best to touch the device to gain access.

There are many spy app on the internet and we are generally evolving to meet the need of a customer who needs a spy app to monitor a phone. On how to hack a phone, you will need ultimate phone spy to monitor any smartphone. Ultimate phone spy works great on android and iOS device and you can use it to spy and monitor your husband phone without him knowing.

The idea of Ultimate phone spy is to give you flexibility when spying on any android device remotely.

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How to hack a phone with Ultimate phone spy features

Ultimate phone spy has the capability to view text messages, call logs, contacts, images, videos, browser history and many more. With our spy app, its a guarantee to have constant access to the phone with our internet cloud base software. You can use any browser to monitor any activities on a smartphone. It works with chrome, firefox when you install ultimate phone spy to hack a phone.

Call history

With ultimate phone spy, you can see call history the user of the phone has made. You are guarantee to get constant updates when the user makes any calls. Incoming, outgoing calls, duration, time are saved in a tabular form to easy viewing.

SMS History

On  history dashboard, you can easily see exchange me messages between outgoing and incoming SMS with ease. The contact info of phone you are monitoring will be shown, content of the message and what what interval. 


GPS Location

Are you thinking about viewing or to monitor the activities of your kids where about. With ultimate phone spy, you can easily track the location of your kids with a click of a button. The GPS tracker is able to pin point location of any user without interference.

It’s has the capability of using google map to view and pinpoint the user you are monitoring. Also, there is also tabular form which you can use longitude, altitude and latitude. 

It can generate accuracy of the user without slowing the user phone. It keeps minutes of update of the user. When you have seen all the data you want to monitor, you can easily export data for references.

 how to hack a phone for free


Images, Videos and Audio files

With a click of the button, you can synchronize images of the targets phone to your dashboard to see current images. Have in mind that when you install Ultimate phone spy, it gives you constant files exchange between the targets phone and ultimate phone spy app.

This files are available for you to monitor the activities. Ultimate phone spy can also extract large video files from the targets phone to your private panel to view activities. This includes audio files, recording that have been stored on the targets device. When you click on video button, it will only take 30 minutes to synchronize video, audio and images data to your private panel.

Social media Apps 

To summarize ultimate powerful features, we will categories social media app such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat and many more. When you need to hack a cell phone to spy on social media apps, you have to consider the apps the targets is using. What you will only get is access to the apps that are installed on the phone you can be able to monitor.

Facebook messages can be view on tabular form which consist of sender, content and time. With this, you can easily know what time the sender sent the messages and from who the targets is chatting with. You can monitor social media apps all in your finger tips.

When you install ultimate phone spy, consider checking what might be of interest to you. So you can easily monitor each activities on the targets phone. 

how to hack a phone number

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Key logger

Do you know the power of key logger software? With key logger, you can easily unlock any mobile phone pass-code with few monitor of the targets activities.

Ultimate phone spy comes with a powerful key logger features which works with Android and iOS. Any key pressed on the targets phone will be present on your private dashboard for you to view.

When you view key logger dashboard, you can know where the key pressed did come from. From messages on WhatsApp, Email, Pass-code, Facebook and anything of the device, ultimate phone spy has the capability to record every event on the phone and this provides top solution on how to hack a phone password with key logger.


how to hack a phone password

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Why Choose Ultimate Phone spy to hack a cell phone

With the features of ultimate phone spy, it will be best for you to know why you used stick to this phone spy app. Technology has evolved, with apps like ultimate phone spy, you can keep tabs on your kids, spouse, employee for better understanding.

Unique feature to monitor activities continue to provide reasons to choose ultimate spy app. With Ultimate phone spy, you can monitor any activities either on iOS or Android device. This will continue to give you access once you install it on the target’s device. 

Rest assure that it won’t disconnect when you install ultimate spy app on any smartphone. It has inbuilt stealth system to hide on the phone. It has light weight and can be easy to use to install discreetly. When installing ultimate phone spy, it only take few minute to seconds to download because of it’s small size. You can install it on the target’s device within seconds. Once the apps is installed, you can monitor any phone continuously.


How to hack a phone password with key logger

Wondering how to hack a phone password with key logger features on ultimate phone spy? Yes, it’s on the advance features that you can possibly get once you install this app.

What is a key logger?

A keylogger is a function which records keystrokes on a computer, smartphone device. Key logger is a powerful tool if you do understand what it can do. When you install ultimate phone spy, it records every stroke press on the target’s device. With this information, you can gain access into emails, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more.

In a scenario when the targets input it’s password on his device, key logger automatically records what was type and shows where the text was inputted. This will give you better understand what it does.

Basically, are of different types of keylogger, Some keylogger need physical software to be installed to monitor a computer or a device. Since this article is about how to hack a phone, we will stick to phone discussion.

keylogger for iphone

How to hack a cell phone remotely with keylogger

This categories won’t involved ultimate phone spy but with advance phishing techniques to hack a phone without touching it.

There are more advance techniques on how to hack a phone but it will be very difficult to this techniques in theory. Ultimate phone spy is a good Keylogger for android to see every keystroke on a smartphone device.

Have ultimate phone spy, keylogger for iPhone is one basic recipe that makes ultimate phone spy one of the best monitoring app. On ultimate phone dashboard, the session of cell phone keylogger show you all data you need as the target’s press any keystroke on it’s smartphone.


How to hack a phone by sending link

There are other ways on how to hack a phone could be of knowledge to you. A skilled techniques can be used on android device to exploit it’s flaws by sending a link to the target. This links contains malicious codes to extract all data and install a malware remotely. This malware are capable of installing itself on a device the link was sent to. When the user click the link, immediately, the malicious app which is capable of stealing data and sent back to the sender who can now monitor every activities of the target’s phone.

This method is done with over-the-air provisioning (OTA). What is require from the target is just a tap and you phone will be bugged. This attack can exploit big phone manufacturer such as samsung, LG, Hauwei and they make up 50% of android phone market.

How it does this is through classical phishing. When the suggested settings message appears, one is naturally inclined to believe that is must be from a legitimate authority. However, there is no actual way of verifying where it originated from due to the industry-standard contained within the Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning (OMA CP) protocol, and this very ambiguity is what attackers exploit.


How to hack a phone without installing software

Using WiFi carelessly has high possibility of getting your device hacked. If you are using same WiFi, you can catch a cheating spouse with using same Wifi. On your android device, you can remotely monitor a user while sniffing it’s data package. Wifi do exchange package data with it’s router and once you are connected to the same you, your data can be sniffed. 

To sniff a data so you can see what the user is doing, you need technical skill of metasploit to do this. When data is monitored, you can easily track user browser history, phone call logs and it’s useful as keylogger for android to see what the user is typing.

Why sniffer software is on this article is that it provide insight on how you don’t need to touch the device phone to get it hack. A proper alternative techniques on how to hack a phone without installing ultimate phone spy on the targets phone.


Top 5 spy apps for smartphone to hack a mobile phone

To hack a phone, we have to list other competitor worth you time. Spy app is becoming a very large market and the continuous need to catch a cheating spouse is making spy app developer become more creative. To catch a cheating spouse, you will need to install a spy app to monitor it’s phone activities. 

Below are the list of spy app that you can consider if you are seeking spy app


how to hack a lg phone


It’s a great app to use when it comes to spy on a phone. If you are wondering about how to hack phone then you used consider spyic app.

It has in-built stealth mode to view text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Kik and many other phone app. You can relie on spyic to give you smooth messages 



Cocospy and Spyic of the same owner and still carryout same job. Though the developer stating that cocospy is to mionitor your kids but it’s still play same techniques when you need to hack a phone password or hack phone to read text messages.

All spy app has different functionality and cost. Cocospy can be pocket friendly when it comes to price same way Ultimate phone spy app is the cheapest way to hack a cell phone.



XNSPY is a updated phone monitoring app which was formerly known as GuestSpy. The Truth Spy app and Guest spy was same developer but have evolved to meet the demands of customer with it’s current updates. If you need a keylogger for android or iPhone then you can take a look at XNSPY to help you meet the demand you quest for.


Cell tracking app used to be the biggest spy app out there but have be overthrown by other creative minds. To hack a cell phone remotely, you have to take a que from cell tracking app to track your kids, employee, catch cheating husband and hack girlfriend phone.



Best cell phone spy app was a powerful tool to hack phone remotely and since it’s inception, it has taken it’s share on phone hacking app. Though cell tracking app is now a major player on tracking phone with GPS location, many other spy app has embedded this to monitor activities to catch a cheating spouse with this tool. 

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When you want to hack a phone, you should also consider the law so you cannot breach any law. It’s paramount to understand emotion might make you want to cause harm to your cheating spouse but always be aware that there other measures you can take when you want to catch a cheating spouse.

Ultimate phone software can provide solution when it comes to hacking a phone. It has the keys to monitor any device on iOS and Android. It’s keylogger for android and iPhone can help you hack and track activities of any party,

From Other spy app, Ultimate phone app has come to stay and will be very useful when you want to spy on any smartphone. security updates on newer phone has cause vulnerability of phone and security updates are not provided and this leave phones vulnerability for hacking.

Consider using Ultimate Phone spy to monitor your husband/wife activities or to catch a cheating spouse.