5 Ways How Someone Can Hack into Your Facebook Messenger in a Minute

Hacking into someone’s Facebook messenger account may seem like a difficult job. Back in the days when Facebook was new and hacking methods were minimum, it was pretty difficult. 

Now, as there are plenty of new ways of hacking, infiltrating a Facebook account has been made relatively easier. You can hack into a Facebook account following any method which feels doable to you.

 Some methods require a little effort, whereas some are completely effortless. We’ll let you know 5 methods of hacking into a Facebook account that is so easy that you can do it in a minute. 

How to hack facebook messenger

Is hacking into someone’s Facebook account in a minute possible?

Facebook is one of the most used and oldest social media platforms, which means that it has been through several updates, and each update makes the app’s security even stronger than the last update. Because of this, you may think that hacking such a secure app may require a bunch of computers, several phones, and a big brain.

This is not true due to the technological advances we’ve made; hacking has improved a lot. Hacking has come such a long way that we now have many effortless methods at our disposal to hack Facebook easily. These methods don’t even require a lot of time. You can simply hack a Facebook account by following any of the methods below. 



  • A Spyware app

The easiest way to hack into someone’s Facebook account is by using a spyware app. A spyware app is a surveillance or monitoring app. The objective of a spy app is to remotely spy on a phone, giving you valuable information about the person’s phone you’re hacking. 

Spy apps vary in price, functionality, and features. A good spy app would be affordable, have many features, and wouldn’t compromise your phone’s security. Such an app is the Ultimate phone spy. The Nova spy app can easily give you access to anyone’s Facebook account with no effort at all. 

The app is reliable and trustworthy, does not require jailbreaking or rooting, can remotely hack into a phone no matter how far you are, and is compatible with both iPhone and Android. 

You can not only hack someone’s Facebook account with Ultimate phone spy, but you can easily gain access to various other things, and Ultimate phone has several qualities that make hacking super easy for you to track a kid’s Facebook Chat.

  • Location monitoring

Nova spy allows you to see your target’s location. With Nova spy, you can easily see where they’re going and where they have been previously. 

  • Access to other private information

Facebook isn’t the only social app you can gain access to with Nova spy. You can access all other social media apps on the target phone and their text message conversations, and any file or media shared in the conversations will also be visible to you. 

Besides social media apps, you can access notes, documents, and any media that is saved on your target’s phone. Even if it’s deleted it will also be easily viewable to you.  

  • Contact list access

With Nova spy, you can get access to your target’s entire contact details as well; their full contact list, call logs, both incoming and outgoing, with timestamps, numbers, and names, are all recorded by Nova spy for you to view whenever you want. 

  • 100% stealth and user-friendly interface

Nova spy guarantees you 100% stealth, ensuring that you will never get caught while you’re hacking someone’s Facebook account or any other app. The app’s user-friendly interface keeps you well acquainted with all of its features and functionality, even if it’s your first time using the app. 

  • Keylogger

A keylogger is a tool that records keystrokes in a phone, giving you access to usernames, passwords, and text messages. Nova spy has a keylogger tool included with it as well, so you don’t have to search separately for a keylogger. With a keylogger, you can easily record the username and password your target writes on their phone and gain access to their Facebook account. 


How to use Ultimate phone spy to hack Facebook messenger

Want to monitor your kid’s Facebook messenger accounts? Ultimate phone spy provides a way you can monitor without compromising anyone’s security.

This is how to set up an Ultimate phone spy on any iPhone device. You will need the user iCloud credential to hack your Facebook account.

Setup of Ultimate phone spy

You will need to verify the user’s iCloud credentials to have access to our private dashboard.

verify iCloud


  • Manual hacking

Manual hacking is doable if the person’s Facebook account you want to hack lives with you, for example, your spouse or child. However, this is a risky task as children, especially teens, always keep their phones with them 24/7, so it could be very difficult to get their phone even for a minute, and even if you do, they’ll stay beside you until you give it back. 

In the case of your spouse, it’ll be slightly easier. Manually hacking is simple and is an alright option if you don’t want to spend money. To manually hack a phone:

  • Acquire the target’s email address, open the login page, and go to “forgot password.”
  • Facebook sends a link to the email then, but as you can’t check the email, you’ll have to go for the other option for no longer access. 
  • Facebook will ask you for an alternative email then, you can simply give your email. 
  • Answer the questions prompted to successfully reset the target’s password and gain access to the Facebook account of your target.


Alternative Approaches to hack into any Facebook Account


It is prohibited to trespass on the security of the account of another user. But sometimes it becomes a necessity, for multiple reasons. You might want to check on your spouse now and then, or you might want to make sure your kid isn’t involved in any illicit activity online. For those reasons, hacking is a handy skill you’d want to acquire.  This can track Snapchat accounts without touching it also.


  • Phishing 

Even though it is the most successful method for acquiring control of any Facebook account, phishing requires some technical knowledge and expertise. In phishing, hackers masquerade as trusted entities and send their victims a link to open and insert their sensitive information.

Phishing is a method where you send a message with a link to anyone you want to hack. When that person opens the link, their phone gets hacked. The link is infected with malware, and the message is written in a way that lures the target to open the link. 

To hack someone’s Facebook account with this method, simply send a phishing message to the target’s Facebook Messenger, and when they open the sent link, their phone will get hacked, and you will gain access to their Facebook account. 

Commonly, there are two moves to hack Facebook Messenger

  1. Creating a Replica Login Page of the Original Facebook Site


In this step, one needs to create a fake replica login page, the same as Facebook, in look and feel. It can be done by either scripting for the page by own self or cloning the code of the login page code from any open-source repository. Next, use a name similar to the domain name of Facebook, such as http://www.faceboOk.com, to host this fake page.

The doppelganger domain name will trick the victim into trusting it as an authentic Facebook login page. 


  1. Selecting the Right Delivery Channel to Trap the Victim


Based on the preferred method used by the victim, one needs to select the right medium for sending this malicious link to them. Email or SMS can be a suitable medium to deceive a person.

As soon as the targeted person inserts their credentials, you get successful as their credentials are in the database where you hosted this fake login page.


Sites like shadowave.com are also engaged to execute this kind of phishing. Many people fell into the trap of this nefarious technique. Only a person who is wise enough to not click on any suspicious links without verifying the authenticity ever gets trapped in this pit.


  • Social Engineering


It is an Umbrella term for Smishing, phishing, and many more tactics used by hackers. One can use the forgotten password feature of Facebook to reset the password of the targeted person. The mediums Facebook uses to confirm identity are these credential types associated with your account:


  1. Mobile number
  2. Email Id
  3. Security Question


The most frequently used and successful tactic is to go to Facebook and select the forgotten password option. Provide the email address of the target there and opt to send the code to the phone. Here, the skills of an attacker come into play. What you need to do is either call that person (Vishing) or send a text SMS (Smishing) and create a false sense of urgency. You are required to masquerade as a needy person. Now, ask the victim to forward to you the code that they recently received, as soon as possible.

facebook hacking easily

Applying social engineering on target becomes a lot easier if the person is your close acquaintance. You could win their trust and ask them to add you to their list of three close friends. It is a feature offered by Facebook for the secure recovery of user credentials. And after becoming a trusted contact, you can easily reset their password.


  • Key Logger

Another very successful tactic is installing a key logger on the device of your prey. A good thing about using key loggers is that it does not require much technical knowledge as compared to the methods discussed above.

A key logger stores each keystroke of the user, without letting them know. You can do it remotely that is installing any keylogging software on their computer via any link or by plugging a USB into their device.

Subsequently, you will get access to their stored keystrokes. Keylogger is a good addition to hack iCloud account.


  • Browser Hijacking


Here, the vulnerability of the browser comes in handy to a cyber-crook. But this method requires an expert level of technical knowledge.

  • It includes placing a JavaScript file on the browser or target.
  • Will make their browser a zombie that takes commands from you.
  • Another example of phishing you can easily do is by embedding this file in any URL and asking the target to open it by stating a false reason.

Another nefarious tactic is to copy passwords stored in the browser whenever you get access to their browser.

  • Guess the password

If your target is someone close to you that lives with you, such as your spouse or child, then there is a chance that you can simply guess their password if you know them well enough. This method is a trial and error method because you won’t be able to get it right on the first try. Most people use dates like anniversary dates or birthdays, so you can start with that. 

  • DNS Spoofing 


Highly trusted professional hackers, expert geeks, or cybercrooks exercise this tactic to acquire sensitive credentials. The level of technicality required is much higher than all the previous methods. 

All such hackers require to have the victim on the same network as them. And by using the Linux environment, they configure the attack using Social Engineering Toolkit (SET). 

After successfully configuring this attack, the hacker deviates all the network requests and traffic to their systems. And from this stream of data, sensitive information is extracted and stolen. 


To Sum Up

Other than these practical approaches, negligence or mishaps may also result in the privacy of any user account being compromised. For instance, hacking opportunists find it a jackpot if victims use social media on public, insecure Wi-Fi. It also happens when a person logs into their Facebook account on computers available in public places. To sum up, the whole Facebook hacking endeavor looks very educative from the regular user’s perspective as they can avoid all the possible ways a hacker can use their accounts.


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