When iPhones were introduced, they became famous for the invincible, enclosed, and guarded design that could not be hacked. That secure and integrated design was the key selling point for the iPhone for many years. This article reveals how to hack someone’s iPhone with a spy App.

With time, many ways of hacking and spying have emerged.  Millions of spying apps are available for iPhones that can easily track the data of the target iPhone.  

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone

In today’s world, spying and hacking are not all bad due to many reasons such as for parenting because the online security of children is really important. iPhone spying apps, that is why are now a part of vigilant and good parenting. Another reason for using iPhone spying apps is relationships; many spouses want to know about the loyalty of their partners. It is a bitter truth that suspicion has ruined several successful relationships. So, spying on an iPhone can let anyone know about the truth behind their suspicions.  

This article is the guide for hacking and spying on an iPhone. We will try to make you a pro hacker with less complex processes.

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How to Hack an iPhone Remotely?

Numerous people consider that hacking an iPhone is a tough task, and they are not erroneous on this thought. When we look for an iPhone hacking software or spying app, we will get myriad results with one claim that these apps will do wonders for us in spying.

However, when it comes to using these apps many of them just end up with time waste. Such apps and software consume our lots of time via clickbait series on the name of human reviews and verifications.

Fortunately, we have some perfect spying apps for hacking purposes such as Ultimate Phone Spy, Spyic, etc.


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Ultimate Phone Spy-Best Online iPhone Hacker App

After extensive research for an iPhone spying app that works great as it claims, we hit a golden pit and that is the Ultimate Phone Spy.

Ultimate Phone Spy is the best iPhone spying app in the online world, it is used by millions of people. The app is really good in that it has various positive reviews on myriad media outlets like TechRadar.

Initially, we were as skeptical as any newbie can. However, after using this amazing and simple app every doubt vanished about this app. Let’s explore some features of Ultimate Phone Spy that you will love:

What Makes Ultimate Phone Spy the Best iPhone Spying App?

This spying app has some exclusive features that you would not find anywhere else.

Web Interface

Ultimate Phone Spy app does not need to be downloaded on the user’s phone or PC.  This app can work via a web dashboard that can open on any web browser. So, anyone can feasibly run directly the ultimate phone spy app on any device that is without installation.

No Need for Jailbreak

Unlike most iPhone spying apps, Ultimate Phone spy would not ask for the target’s iPhone jailbreak. This feature adds an extra value to the app users. 

Data Security

When it comes to data security, Ultimate phone Spy employs advanced encryption expertise. As the user’s private data will never store on the ultimate phone spy app’s servers that make your data more secure and safe.

No Technical Knowledge Required

For using ultimate phone spy, there is no need for advanced computing or programming knowledge. The app provides smooth and easy use, just use it like you surf your web browser. 

This is just a foretaste of Ultimate phone spy. While using the app, you will explore several other cool features. 

It is a good idea first to use the app’s demo, this will help you to acquire knowledge about how the app works? While using the demo, there is no need to install or register on the app to get the ultimate phone spy dashboard access. The demo works via the web browser just like the original spying app itself.

Spy any iPhone Without Being Caught!

With ultimate phone spy, we assure you that you will never get caught because of the unique design of the app. It allows the user to hack any iPhone without touching it. The genius architecture of Ultimate phone spy makes it possible. 

How to Spy or Hack into Someone’s iPhone with Ultimate Phone Spy

If you want to hack your spouse or partner iPhone or you want to monitor your children’s iPhone, all you need is to follow these three easy steps. These steps will take 5 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Get Registered for Ultimate Phone Spy and become a subscriber for iOS devices. 

register Ultimate spy app

Step 2

Select your package of data that you want and that all you require at the shop. Authenticate the credentials of iCloud of the phone you want to spy. Ultimate phone spy will sync with the data in one or two minutes.

cheap Ultimate Phone spy

Step 3

Now, you can view the data of the targeted iPhone. After that finish the setup via clicking on the ‘Start’ button. After finishing the setup, the ultimate phone spy will render the user to the personal dashboard page. It is the place where you can use all features of the ultimate phone spy. View demo to understand how it works.

We have sorted some cool features of the app you will love while hacking any iPhone.


Ultimate Phone Spy Features

Ultimate Phone Spy account has various unique features. Some most liked and used ones are:

Message Monitor

This feature allows you to monitor iMessages of other ultimate phone spy users along with that you can monitor text messages of the targeted person. One more awesome thing is that you can also read the deleted messages. 

Location Monitor

With the Ultimate Phone Spy location monitor, one can keep track of the targeted person’s location. Along with the timestamps, recent locations can be tracked.


This feature takes the monitoring of the location to the next level. While using Geo-fencing, we can set borders on the location of the targeted person’s iPhone.  If the targeted iPhone user crosses those borders, you will receive an alert immediately.

Call Monitor

With the Ultimate phone spy call monitor feature, the subscriber can get all the details of incoming and outgoing calls. Record of tracked phone calls is also available.

There are various other features which you can explore via demo ultimate phone spy app. 

Let’s move on towards how one can spy on any iPhone via computer?

How to Spy an iPhone via Computer?

After getting good insights on how to hack an iPhone by smartphones, now let’s explore how to do the same by using a desktop pc.

how do i hack into someones iphone

Hacker The iPhone by Spyier

Spyier is the most extensively used iPhone spying tool. The best thing about the app is that it can spy on both android devices and iPhones. Spyier does not need to install any software or app on the targeted device. Any iPhone can be spied directly from the computer with the help of Spyier.

How to Hack Any iPhone Without Touching It?

Spying on any iPhone has become so easy because of the Spyier, a stress-free desktop web app that everyone can use easily. But to get successful access to the targeted iPhone device, the user should ensure that he/she has followed all the steps provided below. With this assurance, the hacker will be able to access the data of the desired iPhone within some minutes.

Following are the steps to achieve success in hacking an iPhone:

Step 1

On the personal desktop, open your favorite web browser.  Sign up on Spyier, keep in mind that you do not require to open any app. 

Step 2

For step 2, you should have iPhone credentials. After entering all the respective details, verify them. After verification, Spyier will show multiple devices if there are more than one device is linked with the targeted iPhone. Choose your desired one among them. 

Step 3

After choosing the desired device, you will have gained 100 percent access to the targeted iPhone. You can monitor messages, iMessages, call logs, etc. you have the complete access at this step and you can also sneak into iPhone’s gallery and videos.

How to Hack iPhone Passcode?

It often happens that when we try to open our friend’s iPhone or our partner’s iPhone, we failed because the phone is protected with the passcode. Don’t worry! Spyier offers you the passcode if you want to unlock your targeted iPhone.

iPhone Key logger

If you subscribe to any package on Spyier, you will get a free module of iPhone key logger. The iPhone key logger helps you to get the info of every pressed key that targeted user pressed on their phones.


After completing this article, you have gained excess knowledge about how to spy any iPhone. You can say that you have become a hacker and can spy on any iPhone you want to. Now, the rest is up to you. We believe that you will constructively use this knowledge. And use these spying and hacking tips and tricks ethically and morally.  

Best of luck with iPhone hacking and spying! 

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