The web is evolving, technology has reached its peak and among all the social media apps, WhatsApp has gained incredible popularity owing to its immense features enabling the users to communicate freely over text messages, voice calls, video calls, GPS tracking, and its user-friendly interface.

Launched in 2009, it has more than 2 billion users in over 180 countries. The app is completely free with no subscription charges and allows you to chat with your friends and family living in different countries with just an active Wi-Fi connection.  Another appealing feature is that the app works on iPhone, Android, Windows phones, and tablets.

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Reasons You May Want to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Account

Where Social Media Apps benefitted its users, problems have also been arising such as cyberbullying and other theft. You may have a justifiable reason to read someone else’s messages without having access to their phone. If you are a parent, you must be worried about your children as they are more open to social media these days.

Monitoring their WhatsApp activity can alert you on time and you can check if they are talking to some suspicious stranger, and sharing their information. Similarly, if you are an employer and suspect that your employees might be sharing inside information with other companies, you can track their WhatsApp data and find the truth. If you fear your partner is cheating on you, you can always know their intentions by going through their WhatsApp messages history.

how to hack whatsapp account without barcode

Ways to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Account

Below we will list some of the effective ways to sneak into someone’s WhatsApp account without them knowing.  

  • Hacking with WhatsApp Web 

This method is very easy and useful if you want to monitor your partner or child’s activities on the app. All you have to do is:

    • First of all, open the WhatsApp web on Chrome Browser on your computer. 
    • Tap on the settings options and then select the “request desktop site”.
    • On the target device, go to WhatsApp, select Settings, and then select WhatsApp Web from there.
    • A code will appear on the screen. Scan the code on the device with the code on the target’s device.
    • WhatsApp will now be activated on your device. You can save the information and read the messages and check calls history any time you want.


  • Ultimate Phone Spy App

This app lets you keep a record of audio calls, text messages, GPS tracking, and social media apps information. It cannot be detected and is hidden. Very easy to install, you can keep track of all the information. Further, it comes with a free 5-day trial so you can check the features. It is one of the most used and reliable hacking app.

This spying app has some exclusive features that you would not find anywhere else.

Web Interface

Ultimate Phone Spy app needs to be downloaded on the user’s phone or PC.  This app can work via a web dashboard that can open on any web browser. So, anyone can feasibly run directly the ultimate phone spy app on any device that is with a one-time installation. With this, you can easily read your cheating spouse phone and you can read messages on how to hack someone’s WhatsApp account on iPhone.

No Need for Jailbreak

Unlike most iPhone spying apps, Ultimate Phone spy would not ask for the target’s iPhone jailbreak. This feature adds an extra value to the app users. All you require is the user details to read girl WhatsApp and text messages and view phone with ease.

Data Security

When it comes to data security, Ultimate phone Spy employs advanced encryption expertise. As the user’s private data will never store on the ultimate phone spy app’s servers that make your data more secure and safe. You can view any data on the phone once installed from Snapchat spy to Facebook App, Ultimate phone spy allows all.

No Technical Knowledge Required

For using ultimate phone spy, there is no need for advanced computing or programming knowledge. The app provides smooth and easy use, just use it like you surf your web browser. Ultimate phone spy provides an easy taste to clone a phone without touching it.

This is just a foretaste of Ultimate phone spy. While using the app, you will explore several other cool features.

It is a good idea first to use the app’s demo, this will help you to acquire knowledge about how the app works? While using the demo, there is no need to install or register on the app to get the ultimate phone spy dashboard access. The demo works via the web browser just like the original spying app itself.

Spy any iPhone Without Being Caught!

With ultimate phone spy, we assure you that you will never get caught because of the unique design of the app. It allows the user to hack any iPhone without touching it. The genius architecture of Ultimate phone spy makes it possible.  Also, you can learn how to hack WhatsApp account and follow steps and guide here.


  • Hacking using Spoofing Method of Ultimate Phone Spy App

This method is truly not an easy method to use and is a bit complicated. To be able to hack using Spoofing Method, you need to have good knowledge of technology. Follow these steps:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your device.
  • Get the Wi-Fi Mac address of the phone you wish to hack. If you are using an android phone, select the option of Wi-Fi MAC Address from Settings. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings, then General, then About, and select the option of Wi-Fi Address.
  • Install “Busy Box and Terminal Emulator” from Google play.
  • You will have to find the MAC address of the target device and use it as the address of your device with the emulator.
  • Start the installation of WhatsApp and insert the number of the device who’s WhatsApp you want to hack.
  • As soon as you receive a code on the device you are hacking, you should save it before you erase it.
  • Sign in to WhatsApp with the newly acquired verification code.
  • The Ultimate Phone Spy App has all information about spoofing and could help you with the process


  • Hack WhatsApp with iKeyMonitor

This is another tool designed to hack WhatsApp for mobile devices. This allows you to view the chat history remotely in an email to see the discussions of the person whose WhatsApp you are hacking. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Cloud Store and download iKeyMonitor and install it on the target’s device.
  • Register a free account on iKeyMonitor.
  • You can now remotely see whatever is going on with their WhatsApp


  • Sending an Image to Hack WhatsApp


This method is suitable for people who want to hack WhatsApp account but without using the target’s phone. All you have to do is insert some malicious code into an image and send the infected photo to your victim.

When the image is opened on the target device, the system starts infecting the device and you will gain complete access to all the WhatsApp files. It is however not a secure method and requires strong coding skills. This method too is easily handled by the Ultimate Phone Spy app to hack a Whatsapp account using an Image

  • Spyier WhatsApp Hacker


Spyier is one of those hacking apps available online which has made hacking very easy. It works on both IOS and Android but does not store any of the hacked data or details to prevent unauthorized access. The step by step procedure is:

  • Sign up for an account on Spyier’s website.
  • Select the OS of the targeted device, pay, and then wait for the confirmation email.
  • In the case of Android, install it on the phone you wish to hack for one time only and activate stealth mode. For IOS, simply login to your account and verify the phone’s iCloud ID. Select the device you want to hack and synchronize.
  • Go to social apps, select the WhatsApp link and check the captured information.


  • Spyine WhatsApp Hacker


This method uses stealth mode to hide after the setup and does not require rooting. You need to install the app on the android and for the iPhone, you can simply use iCloud credentials on the website after registration of the account. All the targeted information will be accessible when you login to your account later on.



Hacking Whatsapp isn’t very easy, as it is made and maintained by Facebook, and let’s accept it, Facebook is way smarter than us. Many tools and apps claim to be able to hack Whatsapp, but not all of them actually live up to that claim. The Ultimate Phone Spy App is a trusted app that is guaranteed to show results in this regard. Do try it out!

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