How to Hack your Grades on Student Portal

How to Hack your Grades on Student Portal

How to Hack your Grades on Student Portal

Student used phishing method to hack into school database and change grades online without the teachers knowledge.

A Riverside high school student could face felony charges after authorities say he tricked his teachers into revealing their computer login information to hack and change his grades on student portal to polish his own grades and worsen others.

Riverside police have asked the county probation department to charge the 15-year-old boy with computer intrusion, saying he posed as a high-ranking administrative official requesting teachers’ usernames and passwords for the school computer system, the Press-Enterprise reported.

When the teachers shared their login information, the student altered his grades with higher marks and also made other students’ grades worse, adding comments such as “sleeps in class,” the news organization reported. The affected students noticed the changes and notified school administrators, who contacted police. According article shared by Latimes.

Student are changing grades on school portal

The student, who has not been identified because he is a minor, is believed to attend Encore Junior and Senior High School for the Arts, the Press-Enterprise reported.

Using phishing method as a criteria to hack is becoming more sophisticated and it cannot be detected since posing as administrative office, victim won’t be able to crosscheck if who is instructing for this login is authentic or genuine since it cannot e verified.

Over the years, the demand for school grade change as push student seeking for school grade change online and it’s quite possible for grades to be change when you hire hackers to change grades and GPA. Low GPA means you are not graduating or you are either graduating with a poor results.

Most notably, a private tutor who was paid by Corona del Mar High School students to hack into their teacher’s computer to change grades and steal tests pleaded guilty in 2015 to 20 felony counts of computer access and fraud and one felony count of commercial burglary.

When changing, a professional hackers used most of the skill and best software to get it fixed.


Ways of changing grades on student portal

Piratically, how the student did the change sounds easy but for a professional, there are consideration on how to change grades.
What to considered when changing grades online

  1. Type of Email: Many school uses professional email host, government host such as gov, Edu, US and many more, this email are hosted by private service who provide LMS such as Blackboard, Canvas. They host private email on Microsoft Mail, Google mail and many more. You need to understand that you don’t need use for example ken123@ when you school admin uses ken123@riverschool. com. One look suspicious and the other is not. When you contact the victim with one mail. This is a typical example on what to use.
  2. Trail: How do you close your trail and footprint. When changing grades, consider using tools that will make you invincible on the school servers and database online. This will prove that you need came there when forensic expert needs to verify your system for proof that you had  to change your grades. Consider hiding your IP and VPN won’t be of a better service.
  3. Change your own: Don’t the entire school database online when changing grades. Consider the fact that you are a student and your grades automatically change from B- C, such student will lay complains and this will kick off investigation. Just change your grades only

This are the key to change grades online
consider using

Use a professional hacker for hire to change your grades and fix any problem with probation, transcripts, grades and GPA. We can fix all problem for you.


Previously, I have discussed about how you need a hacker to fix your grades and hackers close to you can help you fix your transcripts. Why do student need school grade change? well, this makes hackers for hire now popular when changing grades.

An ethical hacker (also known as a white hat hacker) is a security professional. Ethical hackers know how to find and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems. Just like a malicious hacker (or a black hat hacker). In fact, they both use the same skills. However, an ethical hacker uses those skills in a legitimate, lawful manner to try to find vulnerabilities. This vulnerabilities are fixed by this hackers and then before an illegal hacker can access a system.

A ethical hacker can hack through student portal to change grades and also report to the proper authority for bounty price. When this is reported, the proper authority fixes this error immediately.

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