How To Hire A Hacker To Change Your School Transcript


There have being number of question which arise with school grade change. Number one question is if you change school grade, will they know it was change? Yes, it’s possible they can be detected since you didn’t use a professional when changing your transcript. Now, the question is who offer a school grade change? I have done lot of research on this topic.


What came to my mind when tackling the topic. There was lots of question arising from my research. Who is a hacker? What do hackers do? can they be trusted? Is your info protected? This are many questions and changing your grade, is it safe? What if a friend change your grades for you without your permission with your login details? ‘You’re guilty unless you can prove it’  This was a case of a student who grades was changed. 

You don’t need to be a hacker to change transcript. Few step and you can be a hacker for yourself. Always have in mind that hacking is illegal and once you are caught you could be expelled. Be aware that this has repercussion if not done properly.


What are the Step to Hire a Hacker?

Rare hackers are hard to find and when you see someone who can show its skill then I opt you are ready to pay heavy or do so task for them which they the hacker find you reliable and trustworthy. Countries do Hire hackers also and you might think you are doing someone big but you are not. This is not new. Hackers have being around and are doing great to improve cyber security.

  1. Do your Research: 

    First question to ask, many hackers has linkledin. They days of seeking hackers from the darkweb is over and the new age has come for new hackers.

  2. Pass Project: 

    What project have they done. Mind you, they won’t show all you need unless its development of software. My best guess is that they don’t offer such service since client protection is require to be anonymous.

  3. Certificate: 

    What certificate do they own? What are there skill, qualification and you can check verify. Nowadays, Teen can merrily stroll into a secure server then what can a hacker do?

  4. Type of Change: 

    Most noteworthy, Be specific when changing your grades, is it permanent or Temporary grade change? You just need it just to get that new XBOX console or you need it to transfer to another school school, get a better transcript then know the option between Temporary and permanent change.

  5. Understanding Grade Change: 

    Furthermore, Having to understand what they do will give you heads up. Read this article to brush your mind