How to know who checked your telegram profile

Have you ever wondered who’s been peeking at your Telegram profile? Curiosity can get the better of us, leaving us eager to uncover the anonymous viewers. Fortunately, there are methods to shed light on this mystery. In this article, we’ll explore how to discern the identity of those who have been snooping around your Telegram profile.

The answer lies in the “Who Viewed My Profile” feature, available in certain third-party apps and websites. While Telegram itself does not offer an official built-in function for this, these external tools claim to provide sought-after insights. However, it’s crucial to approach these options with caution and ensure you’re using reputable and secure platforms to protect your privacy.

How to know who checked your telegram profile

So how do I know who views my Telegram profile?

In order to determine who is viewing your profile, you have to have a little bit of knowledge about the person viewing it. This means that if somebody from the United States or Russia checks out your telegram account, there is a good chance that you might not find out because those countries have a server called ‘MTProto Proxy US’ that hides the person’s location in order to bring in more viewers. If you know who is checking out your profile, one of these methods will work for you.

Steps for knowing who views your Telegram account:

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Method 1: Get a friend to check it out

Inside Telegram, click on ‘Me’ at the bottom right of the screen and then go to ‘People’. Now simply ask a friend to open up their eyes and look at your profile! You can also try asking them if they want to add you by sending them a message on another chat application such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This method has been tested multiple times and is usually very effective. So far this is the only way we know of that works 100% of the time.

Method 2: Use some bots to find out

There are some Telegram Bots that can find out who viewed your profile for you. The reason they can do this is that any user will be able to open up their eyes and look at your profile, even if they are not following you. This means that the bot owner knows who viewed your account because he/she is one of them! If you know which countries people are coming from, try using a bot that only has viewers from those areas in order for it to be more accurate.

Telegram bots are software applications that run inside Telegram’s platform. They normally have certain commands where users enter ‘commands’ in order to carry out actions. The bots mentioned in this blog post are simply examples of what you can do with Telegram Bots.

Method 3: Use a third-party application to track your profile views on the web

If you don’t want to use any software that was created inside of Telegram, then there is another way for you to check out who viewed your profile. There are some websites online that allow you to log in and view all of the users who have checked out your account online. Depending on which method the website uses, it might be able to find out even if they were hiding their location with MTProto Proxy US or something like that.

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