3 ways on how to look at someone’s Instagram DM’s without them knowing

Want to see how to look at someone’s Instagram DM’s without them knowing? check out how it works.

Since Instagram came, many people stopped using Facebook and Twitter and switched to Instagram as their most-used app. Countless Instagram users like it more than other social media platforms as Instagram has a better interface and better features. It’s overall pretty easier to use. 

Instagram is more common in our younger generation as young adults and children. Mainly teens use it more often. If you’re a very caring parent and your child is a teenager, then your duties and responsibilities are many as teens don’t always listen and are at times bossy and rebellious. 

Instagram DMs are different from Facebook messenger and WhatsApp or any other texting app as they have different features and a better interface. Hence, teens nowadays usually prefer texting over there. However, due to Instagram’s unique features, its DMs can be dangerous for youngsters. 

how to look at someones instagram without them knowing

How is Instagram DMs dangerous for kids?

Instagram DMs are different from other texting apps because, on Instagram, you can completely delete your texts. In other apps, there is either a time limit for you to delete texts or, like Facebook Messenger. It shows an “unsent message” whenever a text is deleted. 

This unique feature of Instagram sure has advantages, but the risks and dangers easily overpower these advantages. For example, it makes it very easy for cyberbullies and predators to do what they want as they’ll delete their texts, leaving no evidence of their wrongdoings. The victim wouldn’t have any proof of what they did. 

To avoid such dangers and to avoid suspicious people like these, you’d want to keep an eye on who your kid talks to on Instagram for their safety. In this article, we’ll let you know how to easily see your kid’s Instagram DMs in three methods. 

how to view someone's instagram story without them knowing

How to look at someone’s Instagram DM’s without them knowing

Instagram DM is a private way for someone to send you a message. To make sure their messages are private, they often use a password. However, if someone’s password is easy to guess or easy to find, anyone can look at the person’s messages without them knowing it.


In order to see someone’s Instagram DM’s without them knowing and figure out someone’s Instagram account password or secret conversation Instagram, you can use the following methods.



Three methods to see Instagram DMs. 

When you want to monitor your iPhone, you need to hack into your iCloud Account. Unlike Android that you need physical device.


  • Ultimate phone spy

There are many ways to secretly see what someone is writing on Instagram. That includes their secret conversation and seeing the DM’s they send. All you have to do is use Ultimate phone spy. To use iCloud credentials to monitor the DMs of anyone, you have to follow these steps.

How to view someone’s Instagram without them knowing on iOS

To monitor anyone secretly on Instagram, follow this step

  1. Visit the Ultimate phone spy homepage, Click shop, select a package
  2. Register and select a plan that fits your budget and purchase a plan,
  3. Log in to your private account with your registered info
  4. Set up your page and log in with user iCloud credentials

This is a very easy way to remotely monitor your kid’s account to know what they are doing. You don’t need to stress yourself when you want to know how to look at someone’s Instagram DM’s without them knowing.


  • Nova spy

The Nova spy app is the easiest method of hacking into any phone and any app. The Nova spy is a spyware app, and it’s considered to be the best spy app in terms of affordable pricing, countless features and qualities, and reliability. 

Nova spy is a trustworthy app with countless positive reviews. With Nova spy, you can easily access your kid’s Instagram DMs as Nova spy can give you access to all the social media apps on the phone you’re hacking. 

You’ll easily see who your kid talks to, including any shared media (video files, pictures, audio messages, documents, or files) between the two people talking in all of the text conversations. 

Incoming and outgoing texts and media are easily viewable with Nova spy, even if the texts or media are deleted from the conversation. Nova spy records the conversations; hence, even the deleted content is viewable.


Other features of Nova spy

Spying on your kid’s Instagram messages isn’t the only thing Nova spy can do. There are various other features and qualities that make Nova spy the best not only for hacking Instagram DMs but also for infiltrating various other private data. 

Access to various social media apps

Instagram isn’t the only social media app you can get access to with Nova spy. Nova spy allows you to view any app and its activity easily. You can see your kid’s Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, WhatsApp messages, or any other app that is on the phone. You can see the people your kid has added as friends in these apps and ensure that all of them are safe. 

There are many ways someone can hack into your Facebook without you knowning.

Monitoring location

Nova spy lets you monitor your kid’s location as well. With Nova spy, you can keep tabs on where your teens go after school or whenever they get late on a weekend. You’d be able to monitor their current location and any previously visited locations if they went to any. 

Security, reliability, and remote access

Nova spy promises you a reliable carefree experience, and it delivers that as well. You can trust Nova spy with protecting your security as there is no need to jailbreak your phone for Nova spy. Jailbreaking a phone causes damage to a phone’s security. 

Access to private or deleted data

With Nova spy, you can access the most private data like the phone’s media gallery, important notes, documents, and browsing history as well even if any of it is deleted. Nova spy records everything, so even deleted content is viewable for you whenever you want. With Nova spy, you can see what your kid searches on the internet and what he\she has saved on their phone gallery. 

  • Keylogger Spy App 

A keylogger is a tool that records keystrokes on the target phone. In simpler terms, whatever your kid types on their phones, any usernames, passwords, or text messages will be visible to you through the tool. Nova has a built-in keylogger tool as well. With Nova spy, not only can you get access to private information on the phone. But you can use a keylogger as well. A keylogger will easily show you who your kid talks to on Instagram DMs. 

how to view someone's story on instagram without them knowing


  • Phishing to look at someone’s Instagram DMs

Phishing is an alternate approach you can take that doesn’t involve spyware apps. But they require some effort to perform. Phishing can be done via email or text. You’ll need some basic hacking knowledge to successfully phish a phone. To achieve this method, you can send a message on your kid’s Instagram DMs. The message will have a malware-infected link that will hack your kid’s phone. The message needs to be written as something that will lure your youngster into clicking the link. Upon clicking and after their phone is hacked, you can access their Instagram DMs and see who they talk to. 

Bottom line

There are all kinds of bad people that take advantage of children. It’s our responsibility to keep our kids away from such dangerous people. Luckily, hacking phones have been made relatively easy. 

Several methods allow us to access our child’s phone easily. But very few methods are doable if you don’t have any hacking expertise. Nova spy is the easiest method that doesn’t need any expert hacking skills, and you can effortlessly see your kid’s Instagram DMs with it.


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