How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone?

When we are suspicious about the online activities of our children or spouses, to get ourselves clear from these doubts we try to track the online activities of our partners and children. But the question arises on how to read someone’s text messages without their phone? can I recover deleted text messages iPhone? This is the question we will try to answer in this article.

Let me answer this question in detail.

How to Monitor Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing?

There are several online spying and hacking tools are available, one can choose any of them. But beware! There are many fake apps also out there, one needs to be careful and select authentic spying and hacking apps from the swarm of these snooping apps. 

When we filter the best detective apps, we can access the targeted info that too with complete anonymity. Some best hacking solutions available online are Ultimate Phone Spy to retrieve text messages from old and new phone numbers.

Feature of Ultimate Phone spy

Using Ultimate phone spy, you can easily spy on any phone with one-time usage of the target device. Ultimate phone spy has a feature that surpasses some other to recover deleted text messages on iPhone or android.

  • Stealth:
    Using Ultimate phone spy, you can install on the target’s device without him or her knowing that you have access.
  • Online Dashboard:
    With online access, it’s convenient for you to use anywhere in the world. All you need is your phone to access the data. Your login info can give you instant access and read someone’s text messages without their phone.
  • Cheap prices:
    Ultimate phone spy is one of the cheapest software app anywhere in the world. As low as 15 USD, you can instantly download and use it. Check out the shop to understand how cheap the prices can be.
  • Lite App:Ultimate Phone spy is a lite in size. As low as 1 MB, you can install on any device without having any problem that the user device space will eat up.

With these features, you will understand you can use Ultimate phone spy to read text messages on someone’s iPhone without any issue. All you need to make it work on iPhone is iCloud credentials.

The picture attach below will shop you an example of how you can read text messages and give you an idea of how it works. To read Gmail messages, WhatsApp messages, Snapchat, all are on the ultimate phone dashboard.


Step by Step Guide to Read Someone’s Texts Without Having Their iPhone

If the targeted person is an iPhone user, that is good news for you, because spying is easier in that case. Numerous people consider that hacking an iPhone is a tough task, and they are not erroneous in this thought. When we look for an iPhone hacking software or spying app, we will get myriad results with one claim that these apps will do wonders for us in spying.

However, when it comes to using these apps many of them just end up with time waste. Such apps and software consume our lots of time via clickbait series on the name of human reviews and verifications.

Fortunately, we have some perfect spying apps for hacking purposes such as Ultimate Phone Spy to see my wife’s text messages easily.

How to Read Target’s iPhone Texts with Ultimate Phone Spy?

If you have the Apple ID and password of the targeted iPhone, here are three easy steps to access your desired information from any iPhone user without them knowing. The steps will take 5 minutes to complete.

Step 1

Get Registered for Ultimate Phone Spy and become a subscriber for iOS devices. 

Step 2

Authenticate the credentials of iCloud of the phone you want to spy. Ultimate phone spy will sync with the data in one or two minutes.

Step 3

Now, you can view the data of the targeted iPhone. After that finish the setup via clicking on the ‘Start’ button. After finishing the setup, the ultimate phone spy will render the user to the personal dashboard page. It is the place where you can use all features of the ultimate phone spy.

After completing all three steps, you will be capable to access all the text messages and other stuff that you want to track or monitor. Previously deleted texts are also recoverable. 

Step by Step Guide to Read Someone’s Texts Without Having Their Android Phone

One can also spy the android phone users but, with one exception, that is one need to install spyware either via emails or text or by physically installing spyware on the target cell phone. Despite sending emails and text, for the other method, we have to get the physical control of the target’s Android device.

how to spy on your girlfriends texts

Once you get the android phone, download and install the spy app from Ultimate Phone Spy. Afterward, the spy app stealthily enters the phone without being notices by the target user. Now, hackers or spies will have the access to cell phone call logs, messages, location, browser history, camera, and emails. With this simple step, you can easily spy your boyfriend’s or girlfriends text messages.

Stop Text Messages Online Without Target Android Phone for Free

An ideal way to read someone else’s text messages without having the target android phone is to intercept them. By adopting this method, the targeted user will receive the texts in a normal way. And you will also receive them. The process is done through spying software and apps that are available online.  


If you are searching for online free spyware, Stop! Don’t do that. Because free tracking apps and spyware are often suspicious and non-reliable ones. It is highly recommended to use paid spy software. Such spy apps and software also offer free trial versions if you do not want to spend money you can try them for free also.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone?

In this case, the palpable hurdle is how to get the targeted person’s phone? Do not worry. Ultimate Phone Spy is a perfect, authentic, and life savior online app. In the above section of this blog, we have provided a detailed “how-to guide” to track and spy both the most used devices that are Android and iPhone. Do use this guide and app to keep a secure eye on anyone you care about.

Besides this guide here are some add-on tips and tricks for your ultimate spying voyage.

How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone?
Free SMS Tracker Without Installing On Android Phone

If you want to spy SMS of the android user, and do not have any clue how to do that? You just need to follow our simple instructions. These directives will lead to you the ultimate tracking and spying of every SMS, that the targeted will person receives. These instructions will help you to diffuse into online chats and messages of all social accounts of the targeted individual and make them visible to you.

Free and Undetectable Spy App for Android Devices

If you are searching for a free spy app for Android phones. That also remains invisible to the user. Your search is over! Because Ultimate Phone Spy provides you the free trial solution for your spying and tracking needs.

Whatever the reason behind your tracking and spying tactic you have arrived at the right place. Ultimate phone spy can monitor and track any Android device with totally remain untraceable. 

Some More Awesome Spying Features of Ultimate Phone Spy 

Call Logs Feature

This feature ensures that you can track all the call logs of your girlfriend’s phone. This feature helps you to track who she talks to more and who is calling her?

Text Messages Feature

This feature will help you to keep track of all her chats and text messages. Ultimate phone spy will enable you to read her messages that were deleted before. Isn’t it an awesome feature to know how to read someone’s text messages without their phone?

Location Tracking Feature

This feature will help you to monitor her location with the aid of her phone. You will get her instantaneous location along with that you will be able to track all her locations that she previously checked in. 

WhatsApp Spy Feature

In today’s era, WhatsApp is the most used medium for chats, voice notes, and video calls. With the help of the ultimate phone spy, you can track all WhatsApp activities and chats.  

Why Choose Ultimate Phone Spy

Ultimate Phone Spy app is simply the best among various phone spying solutions. You can experience it by yourself via a free trial version!

Some of the special reasons to choose Ultimate phone spy are:

Web-Based Service

Ultimate Phone Spy provides a web-based service that means you do not need to download the app on your device be it phone or PC. It offers a web dashboard, from where you can access anything on the targeted person’s phone. 

No Jailbreak or Root 

Ultimate phone spy caters the complete privacy, as your viewed data will remain secure between you and the targeted phone. We do not jailbreak or root the targeted device at all. Thus the approach makes the whole process of tracking proceed in a safe and secure environment. 

Stealth Mode

When you use the services of an ultimate phone spy, the target person will never come to know about that spying activity. One reason behind this is that there is no need to install an app on the iPhone of the targeted user. You can spy the targeted person’s online activities by just registering on the ultimate phone spy website.

For Android devices, you need a one-time installation of the app. Later on, the app will always execute in secrecy mode. 

Customer Service

Do remember that we value our subscribers! We won’t forget you after you buy our subscription. We provide complete after-sale services to subscribers with instant customer support. 

Final Thoughts 

We all live in a tech world where no one can think to live without their cell phones. Cell phones have become our digital identity. We store our credentials, personal info, pictures, videos, etc. on our phones. These devices can be a substantial threat to our security and safety if there is a loophole in our handling of them. If any scrupulous person anyhow acquires that sensitive data, can easily blackmail us. 

There may be various reasons for spying on someone. Most of the time, it is for unlawful activities, but sometimes spyware is used for positive reasons as well. Many employers use a spy app to monitor their employees. Also, parents can keep a closer eye on their children, can remain aware of their activities, etc. Furthermore, in a period of such heinous crimes going on, monitoring and spying is the best way to keep a watch on your beloved one’s mobility.

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