How to Spy on a Cell Phone: The Definitive Guide

Whenever a movie or series shows a hacker, they always have several computers and do very complicated things in them to initiate a hack. However, in real life, hacking isn’t always that complicated. Hacking has improved in this new era of technology, so if you’re wondering how you can spy into someone’s phone, then it is indeed possible. 

There are many ways to spy into someone’s phone, some may actually be complicated, just like the complicated hacking seen on television, but some methods are very easy. The easiest method of spying someone’s phone is with the help of a spyware app


How to Spy on a Cell Phone

is it possible to spy on someone’s phone

Yes, what you need to spy someone cell phone is using a spy app. A spyware app is an all in one app for your tracking needs. It can basically access everything. Spy apps are designed for people who have never hacked in their lives but, for some reason, want to spy on either spouse cell phone. Therefore, you don’t need any advance tech knowledge to know how to run a simple spy app. 

Because the number of spyware apps are too many, it can be a little hard to trust which one to use to spy into someone’s phone. A good spyware app needs to be reliable, trustworthy and should have useful features at an affordable price.

This is basically a description of Ultimate phone spy as it’s considered to be the number one spy app cause of its good reputation of being the most trustworthy and reliable spy app.  

how to spy on a cell phone free

Easiest way of spying  on someone’s phone on Android

To spy on someone android phone, you need to touch the user device and one time install. Within 5 mins, you can install ultimate phone spy.

This is the easiest way to spy on someone cell phone remotely. Once this is installed, all you need to do is login with the username and password to your private dashboard. Ultimate phone spy has ability to track SMS, Facebook tracker and many more.


Cell phone spying apps for Android 

If you’re thinking about spying on someone, there are a few things to consider before doing so. For example, the app can act in stealth mode and it will automatically delete its icon after installation.

You might be worried if the target user finds out you’re spying on him. This is really not a cause of concern as the app works in stealth mode.


How to setup Ultimate phone spy to secretly monitor android phone

When you want to spy on someone phone on android, this is the step you need to follow.

  1. Visit Ultimate phone spy website, register with username and password
  2. Login into your account, select from monthly to yearly payment plan.
  3. Select the device you want to spy on someone android phone.
  4. Download the app on the user phone that you want to monitor.
  5. Step up will not take a minute and you can check the guide on how to setup installation process.


How to spy on someone’s phone from your phone (iOS)

There are a number of ways to spy on someone and check their activities. One way is by using an app that allows the person to remotely monitor the phone.

With the help of this app, you can spy on and check the activities of any target person including growing kids and employees. The app is not only easy to use but also very effective in its function.


Step 1: Get the iPhone’s iCloud credentials ( Username and password)

Step 2: From Ultimate phone spy official website, select iOS

Step 3: Once you’ve paid, you’ll need to follow the instructions to spy on someone cell phone with iCloud credentials

Step 4: Download and install the mobile phone spy program, then log in to the control panel to monitor and track cell phone behavior including browsing history.

Best reasons to use Ultimate phone spy

There can be several reasons for you to spy  someone’s phone. Phones may be one of the most useful things in our lives, but they can also make our lives very complicated. 

When you’re young, especially, most of your concerns are always regarding a phone. Ultimate phone spy can help you ease such concerns through its several features that allow you access to any parts of anyone’s phone. 

Best Cell Phone Spy Without Touching it

Parental monitoring

When you’re a new parent and have recently given a phone to your kid as it’s time for them to get one. It may be the best moment in your kid’s life, but for you, it’s an entry point for all sorts of new worries. Worried parents tend to worry about where their kids are going, whom they’re talking to and what do they do on social media. 

With Nova spy, you can get all the answers to all of these questions quite easily, as Nova spy allows you access to your kid’s social media accounts so you can see their activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Nova spy also shows your kid’s text conversations with other people with texts and shared media from both sides. 

Marriage related reasons

If you’re recently married or if it’s been some time, in both cases, there are times where suspicion arises. When you’re suspicious about your significant other, you’re mostly overthinking and are too scared to confront. 

Nova spy can be a huge help in such instances as it will give you the reassurance that everything’s fine by allowing you access to your spouse’s text messages, call logs and various other things. Nova spy can even show you your spouse’s location if what you’re worried about is where they go when they’re out. 

What can you access on a phone with Ultimate phone spy?

The main feature of any spy app is to access various private information on someone’s phone. Nova spy surpasses other spy apps in terms of the many features it has and how easily it can access all the information on someone’s phone.

Text messages and call logs

Your family and friends texting someone you aren’t sure of or consistent texting with someone and not telling you about it can lead to serious concern. Luckily, Nova spy gives you complete access to text conversations on SMS as well as social apps like WhatsApp or Facebook, and Nova spy gives you an option to record anyone’s entire call-log history as well. This way, you can easily keep tabs on your loved ones.

Notes and documents

Notes withhold important passwords and usernames, sometimes even bank information. With Nova spy, you can easily access someone’s notes and see valuable information. Not only that, but important documents saved on the target’s phone will be accessible to you as well. 

Access to location

With Nova spy, you can track anyone’s live location as well past visited locations. This feature is perfect if you’re a concerned parent and simply wants to know where their kids are and if they’re safe.

Qualities of Ultimate phone spy that outshine other spy apps

Ultimate phone spy has several qualities that surpass and outshine other spy apps. These qualities make Ultimate phone spy the most reliable and trustworthy spyware app. 

Low pricing

The best thing about Ultimate phone spy is that you can get Ultimate phone spy for a very fair price. Other spy apps cost a lot, even though they only have a few features. Ultimate phone spy has double the features of any other spy app, and still, it has very fair and affordable pricing packages. 

Security and reliability 

Ultimate phone spy promises you security, and the app has a good reputation for being very reliable and trustworthy. Ultimate phone doesn’t even require jailbreaking or rooting for your phone because it doesn’t want your phone’s security to be compromised.

Keylogger tool

A keylogger tool is included in Ultimate phone spy that allows you to record keystrokes made in the target phone. It can record texts, passwords and usernames etc. 



Bottom line

From a person’s phone gallery to their text conversations. You can access literally everything on anyone’s phone with Nova spy. Nova spy remotely hacks into a phone, so you don’t even have to physically access the phone you want to hack. 

Hacking a phone may seem like something that requires a lot of time and effort but with the help of Nova spy, hacking into phones is both quick and effortless. Using a spyware app like Nova spy is the easiest method of hacking, as any other method may require an experienced hacker to be hired. 


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