I need a hacker to change my university GPA


What is university school grade change? Well, I have found out that so many student want to change school grade and the urge to graduate, peer pressure, parent expectation leads to pressure to seek hack to change grades. If you type on google search “I need a hacker to change my university school grades” Most students need GPA change and I have come across student who needs this to attend MED SCHOOL back in 2007. This is how long the pressure to change grade had being on.

How to Hire a Hacker to Change your Grades

Previously I have written article on How to Hire Hacker to Change your grades , On my research, searching for hackers got me to another question which a Reddit user asked, This is a common question which separate the real from the rest. Who is a hacker? How do you pay them? What can they do? How to trust them? Where to find a hacker? When Contacting a hacker? You have high expectation and hope that they can solve your problem. Yes, they can, but can you solve your own problem too? By reading.

Can Hackers Hack School Grades

Can hackers hacked into the computer system and changed his grades and overall GPA. There are multiple records on successful hacking but came with a price.


Checking on YouTube, I didn’t get to see a hacker work on school grade and they are pretty few videos which really did work on school grades.

University Database Hack


Clearly, What the video is suggesting is that the supposed hacker, hacked the Admin database of the school which is blurred out and did make grade changes.

University  Grades Change for Transcript (Temporary)

Other are temporary school grade change. This is best for getting that new PS4 console, showing your parent that you did had great score. refreshing your browser wipe the temporary change.



Temporary Grade Change

Temporary grade change is mostly used by high school student and you shouldn’t make mistake to boost your grade to over the fence like this high school student. First of all, Reflect on the grades you need and consider to make necessary change.

Considering, changing your grades is illegal in many countries and this is education purpose. My advise you follow a principle that other had follow.

5 Tricks to Hacking a Higher GPA

  1. Meet with your professor/TA at least once per month
  2. Get unlimited access to a tutor!
  3. Go to university workshops
  4. Give yourself ample time to study
  5. Learn from your mistakes


Most noteworthy, this are the step I know on how to change your grades and finally, I will make more research on grade change and bring it to your notice on my next article