Is Kik Safe? Ask The Experts!

Strangers should not be approached. That’s one of the first lessons we learn as soon as we’re old enough to speak if not sooner. Isn’t that sound counsel for the real world? So why do kids in the virtual world utterly disregard it? This post will give you the answer to the questions: Is Kik Safe? Ask The Experts!

That’s one of the biggest pulls of Kik, a smartphone messaging software with over 300 million users globally, with more than half of them aged 13 to 24. Kik not only allows you to communicate with friends, but it also allows you to meet new people.

Scary? Yes, especially given Kik’s background (more on that soon). Teenagers, on the other hand, adore it. So, how can you protect your children from the perils of Kik? Should you be concerned that Kik for Kids is being inundated with bogus adult profiles? And just how secure is Kik? Continue reading to discover out if looking for the best phone monitoring

is kik safe

What is Kik and Why is it Unique?

Kik is a popular instant messaging among teenagers. Friends may use cross-platform software to share photos, videos, and gifs. Users of Kik can also play games, make new acquaintances with similar hobbies, and much more.

Kik is popular among both teenagers and adults. Kik has a 4.0 rating on Google Play, based on roughly 2.5 million user reviews. On the App Store, the rating is also over 4. Kik’s positive rating is largely due to the perceived privacy it provides. Unlike other applications that demand a phone number to sign up, Kik allows you to sign up with just an email address. Teens enjoy it because anyone can make a random email address using Google, Yahoo!, or other free services.

You may start trading messages, photographs, videos, emojis, and other types of material once you’ve created a Kik ID.


Teens’ Favorite Kik Features

  • Register with just your email address to remain anonymous.
  • Chat with friends one-on-one.
  • Make new acquaintances who share your interests.
  • Make new acquaintances by chatting in a group.
  • Transfer information from one platform to another (iPhone to Android or vice versa)

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Is Kik a Good App for Teens? Or do teenagers simply enjoy it?

Kik is a messaging app for teenagers. On Google Play, it even has a Teen rating. The software is also plainly aimed towards teenagers, with youthful graphics on its website and in marketing materials.

Kik can be used by children as young as 13, but teens under the age of 18 must obtain permission from a parent or legal guardian before using the app, according to Kik’s Guide for Parents.

Is Kik, nevertheless, suitable for children? Kik does a good job of guiding parents through the app’s safety features, including tips on what to do if your teen receives unwanted or inappropriate messages, what to do if your teen is being impersonated, and how to read your teen’s Kik messages (which you can’t do out of the box, but you can with a monitoring app).

So, just how safe is Kik? Kik appears to be doing an excellent job of easing parents’ concerns about their children using the popular messaging app. However, they don’t have much of a choice, especially given the recent controversies surrounding the social network.

Kik creates Headlines for the Wrong Reasons

In 2017, a Philadelphia Action News undercover reporter used the Kik instant message service to masquerade as a 16-year-old girl. The reporter received improper, sexually explicit photos within minutes.

Forbes conducted its own investigation and found proof of multiple incidences of child exploitation employing Kik. We won’t bore you with the details, but here’s what you need to know: Kik was formerly rife with predators on the prowl. A simple Internet search for Kik predators will alert you to the risks of the app, with pages and pages of results that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

What was the worst that happened? Kik, on the other hand, announced its demise in September 2019. However, a month later, that announcement was overshadowed by another major announcement. Kik stated in October 2019 that California-based MediaLab had purchased the app, ensuring that it would continue to exist. However, this hasn’t prevented parents from wondering, “How safe is Kik?”

Using Kik Can Be Harmful

Is Kik really safe? Depending on whom you ask. It might be from a technological aspect. However, from a parental aspect, we will decline. And this is why:

Kik is available to anybody above the age of thirteen. It only gets worse. Kik accounts can be created with just an email address (no phone number is required), making it simple for people under the age of 13 to pretend they’re old enough to use the app.

Users might choose to remain entirely anonymous. On the surface, this appears to be a good thing. Isn’t it true that your teen can also be anonymous? Maybe. However, it’s likely that they’re utilizing Kik to meet new individuals.

And while they may not be completely anonymous, the 40-year-old predator acting as a 14-year-old girl will take advantage of it.

Your teen can be contacted by anyone. Anyone, including someone your teen has never met before. Kik has been dubbed a predator’s paradise for this reason.

There is no protection in place. You can report someone for sending improper texts and then block them, but there’s not much else you can do to keep your kid safe. While the offender’s account may be deactivated, it’s simple for them to reactivate it, especially since all that is required to make an account is an email address.

How to Keep Your Teens Safe on Kik Messenger

Request that they refrain from using Kik. We understand that this is easier said than done. Your teen’s buddies will want Kik on their phone if they use it.

If they persist on using Kik, show them some recent headline-grabbing Kik horror stories. Consider using a parental control monitoring app as well. Ultimate Phone Spy is one of these products. It allows you to read their Kik messages on your phone without them knowing. Text messages and communications sent through other apps, such as Kik, are included.

You may remotely monitor every incoming and outgoing texts sent and received on Kik messenger by installing mSpy on your teen’s phone. You’ll also be able to see when and where each Kik communication was sent.

Other parental control capabilities include the ability to access their phone’s images and videos, review their browser history, receive alerts when keywords are discovered, read their emails, review their call logs, and much more. It’s a smart method to keep your children safe, especially in a world where adults are exploiting Kik for kids.


How to use Ultimate phone spy to keep kik safe?

Kik is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers that come with any online communication. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to use a spy app to kik safely.

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Is Kik Safe? Ask The Experts

How to Setup Ultimate phone spy


So, how do you use Ultimate phone spy to kik safely? First, you’ll need to create an account and purchase a subscription. Once you have your login information, you’ll install the Ultimate phone spy app on your child’s phone.

The installation process is quick and easy, and once it’s finished, Ultimate phone spy will start monitoring their Kik activity immediately. You can log in to your Ultimate phone spy account at any time to check on their activity or change your settings.

Kik is a great way to stay connected with loved ones, but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks that.

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