Use the Ultimate Phone SpyGeofencing app to Keep an Eye on Particular Locations

Ultimate Phone Spy is the geofencing app you can trust whether there are specific locations you’d prefer your kids avoid or if you want to ensure that your staff show up to a meeting at a specific location. With Ultimate Phone Spy, you can create notifications for both check-in and check-out on specified locations, forcing your kids and staff to avoid or arrive at those particular geo-fenced locations.

What is Ultimate Phone Spy Specific Location Monitoring?

You can remotely monitor particular locations using Ultimate Phone Spy and receive alerts when your kids or employees enter or leave them. With the full geofencing capabilities of Ultimate Phone Spy, you can:

Need to use Ultimate
Phone Spy Geofencing Monitoring

The location of your child in the actual world should be more important to you than ever because children today face a very high danger of maltreatment from predators.

In the United States alone, 2.9 million incidences of child sexual abuse are recorded each year. You can always be confident that your youngster isn't wandering into harmful areas with a geofencing app on their smartphone or tablet.

For parents who must be away from their children the majority of the time owing to job commitments, geofencing is the ideal answer.

You can set alerts on all the pubs and clubs nearby using XNSPY's geofencing software if you worry that your young children may be visiting bars or consuming alcohol without your permission.

Frequently Answered Questions

All Android and iOS devices support Ultimate Phone Spy. However, only the Android and jailbroken versions of the Ultimate Phone Spy app support geo-fencing.

As the feature requires a real-time GPS location, geofencing on XNSPY requires a functioning connection to the internet (Wi-Fi or data plan) on the tracked device. Also take note that iOS 9.0.3 and the Ultimate Phone Spy Jailbroken version are compatible.

Because XNSPY uses Google Maps on Android and “Find My iPhone” on iOS, it is typically 100% accurate, making it superior to many other geofencing software providers.

The amount of places you can geofence with Ultimate Phone Spy is unrestricted.

The geo-fencing function of Ultimate Phone Spy is very simple to use. Using your web account, simply select “Settings” and then “Add Watchlist Locations” to complete the process.