Looking For Auto Forward Reviews In 2022: Best Review Sites

There can be many reasons for wanting to spy on someone. It could be suspicion related to your spouse, or you could be worried about your children and want to monitor their mobile phone activity for their safety. Spyware apps are the easiest way to monitor someone’s phone activity.

You probably came across the Auto Forward app when searching for a good surveillance app among the plethora of spy apps. As there are so many spy apps, you want to ensure that what you’re getting is trustworthy and reliable. 

The company claims that Auto forward customers only have positive reviews for the app on their main website. Still, on other third-party websites, people have entirely different views, some have positive and some have negative. Here in this article, we’ll give you a brief overview of Auto Forward, and then you can decide for yourself if Auto Forward is a good choice for you or not. 

What’s Auto Forward? 

Auto forward is a surveillance app designed to spy on another person’s phone. It’s a very simple app that isn’t complicated to use. It’s straightforward and has several useful features. The app can provide you access to information such as GPS location, access to social media activity, text messages, contacts, media, and any other data on the target phone. 

Auto Forward Reviews

Like other spy apps, Auto forward is just as stealthy, and the person you hack wouldn’t know that they’re being spied on. It will also remotely hack the device you’re trying to spy on, so you don’t need any physical access to their phone. 

How does Auto Forward work?

Auto forward is compatible with both iOS devices and Android phones. Using the app is pretty straightforward and simple. To successfully install and use the app. First, download the app, enter the license key, and enter the phone number of the phone you want to spy on.

It will take a few minutes, and after that, it will start accessing information from the phone you’re trying to spy on. After it has accessed the information, it will show the information on its secure online account. Now, the information can easily be accessed from any device from any internet connection on that account. 

What can Auto Forward help you with?

There are several reasons in your life when you worry about varying different things, and only spying on the person you’re worried about can help ease the issue. Auto forward can help you in many ways and on many occasions. 

Parental monitoring

Children require a lot of guidance and care. It can get pretty hectic and tiring. With Auto Forward, you can sit back and relax while the app shows you all the activity on your kid’s mobile phone, such as what they do on social media and who they talk to. Knowing these things can help you with your worries so you don’t stress about your child’s safety. 

Suspicion about spouse

If it’s your spouse that you’re worried about, then Auto forward can help with that easily as well. Suspicion has consequences if you don’t have proof. Auto forward can give you proof if there is anything to worry about or not regarding your spouse by spying on their call logs and text message conversations on SMS and social media. 

Features of Auto Forward 

You can remotely monitor several useful information on the target phone using Auto forward by accessing the recorded information on its secure online account.  

The following information can be recorded to view through Auto forward.

Text messages

Auto forward app allows you to view text messages that are sent and received from both sides. You can see complete conversations, including any media that is shared as well as deleted texts.

Social media 

Complete access to the target’s social media, such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., is all easily accessible with Auto forward. You can view complete conversations, media, and activities effortlessly. 

Looking For Auto Forward Reviews In 2022: Best Review Sites

Call logs

With Auto Forward, you can spy on the target phone’s incoming and outgoing calls, missed calls, and received calls, see their timestamps, duration, and not only that but Auto forward shows you deleted calls as well.


With Auto forward’s GPS tracker, you can easily track the target phone no matter how far it may be. Auto forward notifies you of the target’s previously visited places as well. 

Browser history

Auto forward allows you to access browsing history as well, which is a handy feature if you want to spy on what your kids search on the web. 

Access to iMessages

If the person you want to hack has an iPhone, then Auto forward has features fit for spying on an iPhone as well. It will show you complete iMessage conversations with ease.


With Auto forward, you have access to the target phone’s multimedia files too. You can view any image, video, or audio on the target phone. 

Pros and cons of Auto forward


  • It is compatible with both ios and Android so that any phone can be spied on.
  • Can show data even if it’s deleted.
  • No jailbreak or rooting is required to install this app.
  • Very reliable.


  • Monitors one device at a time.
  • Will need an internet connection.
  • Lacks geofencing.

Problems and negative reviews

According to some negative reviews, the app doesn’t work according to the way they want and has limited functionality. Another complaint is that Auto forward doesn’t reply to these people who have issues with the app. BBM and Viber aren’t available on the list of apps Auto forward can spy on, so there’s an issue as well.

However, these negative reviews aren’t common, and the web has plenty of positive reviews to outshine the negative ones. 

Best Alternative software from Auto Forward review

Ultimate spy is one of the best app to monitor and track phone activties. This software is easy to use and less complicated. For a non tec-savvy parent. It can be installed in few minues.

To step up on iPhone, this is what you need to do.

Purchase the app,

Setup of Ultimate phone spy

Enter the kids name, select age and device.

verify iCloud

verify iCloud credentail and star to monitor any iPhone. On android, you can follow this guide for installation on Android.


Today, technology is so common that even little kids seem to have their own phones, which is a big concern as phones may be fun, but they have a lot of risks in the hand of a child. Cyberbullying and cyberharassment are common issues, so to protect your child from these dangers or for any other reasons, a good reliable spy app like Auto forward can come in handy. 

Ultimate phone spy is a good tool tha can rival any software available on the market.

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