Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone without backup or computer

Cellphones or in today’s time smartphones are more common than ever and people have been using these to connect to each other. If we say that Cellphones have now become a necessity that would not be completely wrong. In the past, communicating through cellphones was a bit expensive somehow but it is much more economical nowadays. Smartphones either android or iPhone have many applications specifically messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and many others. These applications have brought people close to relatives and friends and even make new friends.

Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone without backup or computer

A smartphone is a complete and large social community, especially for almost every age group and one can never keep count of how many friends your partner has. This might become a matter of concern for some people out there whose partner has started spending plenty amount of time on their smartphones socializing with their friends and you don’t see that many messages in any of their messaging applications.


Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone?

In these circumstances, the first questions that come to one’s mind are whether they have been deleting all the conversations they had and whether you try to find ways how to hack your girlfriend’s phones, and calls, and recover messages that were deleted on the internet. Let us tell you the right place to get all of your answers, which is how to hack someone’s iPhone, with Ultimate phone spy apps. so you don’t have to waste your time searching over the internet.

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With Ultimate phone spy, you can easily monitor your spouse’s phone without touching it. Like every spy app, you need one-time access to install Ultimate Phone spy before usage. You can check the cheap prices of the Ultimate phone spy app to understand what we are discussing.

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How to Recover Deleted Messages

This article will share with you some hacks to recover messages that were from your partner’s phone but the first one needs to know where they need to recover from. Are you trying to recover deleted text messages iPhone without a backup or computer? on Android, there are plenty of messaging services but the following are some of the most popular

  • SMSs
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat


Recover SMSs 

Although, there are many messaging applications. Some people still prefer to use traditional SMS Messages to communicate. In Mobile Phones, either an android or iPhone deleted SMS may be kept in the phone for some time before being completely overwritten. So, here we share some hacks to recover SMSs before they will be wiped out of the phone but for this, you will for sure need to get your hands on your partner’s phone to recover and read text messages.

  1. First of all, put on the mobile in Airplane mode
  2. Launch android data recovery on your computer and connect the phone to the computer through a USB cable
  3. In the case of iPhone launch iPhone data recovery on your computer and connect your iPhone with the computer to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone or android
  4. Install any reliable and trustworthy data recovery app on the phone (there are many available over the internet or you may get help to select one from Ultimate phone spy.
  5. Grant permission to the app for android data recovery to access deleted data.
  6. Once the app gets permission to access deleted messages click on Scan Authorized data
  7. You will be able to see the recovered deleted text messages on your iPhone without a backup or computer. 

Recover WhatsApp Messages

A common perception is made about WhatsApp that deleted or hacked WhatsApp messages are permanently gone but it is wrong. One method to recover deleted messages is from the Backup and reinstalling app. One can get detailed information about this method and many other Phone hacks from the blog.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from My Partner’s Phone

There is one more rather not-so-common method to recover WhatsApp messages. Let us share the details with you all. WhatsApp stores backup files every day and keeps them intact for 7 days. You can use these backup files later on if you wish to restore all the deleted messages.

All backup files are stored in memory using the naming convention: msgstore-YY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt on different locations in Android and iPhone.

On Android, the files are at “/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt”

In iOS, the files are at “net. WhatsApp.WhatsApp/Documents/ChatStorage.sqlite”


  1. Select your required backup files
  2. Use any web services to recover the messages
  3. Press the button that says “Select SQLite File”, and then pick your backup file
  4. After reading the terms click “I Accept” and then Scan
  5. All the content would be listed
  6. You can now save the deleted messages from your partner’s smartphone to any device such as a computer or tablet.

Recover Facebook Messenger messages


Facebook Messenger has the option to archive the chat and some people prefer to archive their chat instead of deleting it as it won’t be visible on the first instant in messenger. So, you can try finding the archived chats and then unarchive those chats to read all the archived messages.

If the chat has been deleted even then there are some ways to recover those messages which you can find on how to find old text messages on iPhone or Android smartphones. Let us share a way to recover deleted Facebook messages.

phone conversation

Luckily Facebook retains your deleted conversation for 90 days and you can simply restore these by following these steps

For Android & iPhone


  1. Go to the Facebook menu and setting & privacy
  2. Tap settings and download your information
  3. Tap deselect all and select messages by scrolling down as we want to recover only messages
  4. Select the date range and then tap create a file
  5. A file will be created for your desired results and you can download the file
  6. Once the download is complete then you can open the file and recover the deleted messages on the phone.


Recover via File Explorer on Android


  1. Install a File Explorer application 
  2. Open the application and go to Internal Storage>Android>Data
  3. Search the folder “com.facebook.orca. This folder has all the data of your Facebook to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung
  4. Go to Cache>fb_temp and pull through the deleted conversations by restoring the backup file

Additionally, there are many Chat recovery tools or third-party applications which can be used to recover deleted text messages on an iPhone without a backup or computer. You can find some reliable information on this on how to retrieve deleted text messages on your iPhone from your spouse.

There are cheating spouse text message codes to reveal hidden or archived text messages on your patterns phone. With these simple codes, you can easily reveal apps on any android phone.

Recover Snapchat messages


Snapchat is most popular for videos and photo sharing but obviously, one can communicate via messages as well. When a chat is deleted in Snapchat it actually does not get deleted rather it is saved as a backup file with the “.nomedia” extension.

You can recover deleted chats through this file. There are a lot of methods to recover Snapchat messages over the internet you can get information about these on find old text messages on iPhone and Android. Let us share a few methods with you in this article

Recover via File Manager

Recover via File Manager


  1. Download and install the File Manager Application on the phone
  2. Go to the messages folder in File Manager by going to data/data/. 
  3. Explore the files with the ‘.nomedia’ extension. All applications will simply ignore the files with this extension which makes the data in these files undetectable.
  4. Rename the files to remove the extension so that other applications can start reading these files.
  5. These files will be now shown in thumbnails and now delete data can be found by digging through these files and recovering deleted text messages on iPhone without backup or computer.


Recover via Connect to PC


  1. Download and Install the Snapchat Recovery app (FoneLab or any other reliable you can find information to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup or computer
  2. Connect the phone to PC via a USB cable
  3. Start USB debugging and select messages from contacts and messages
  4. You can see all the deleted messages once the scan is complete.
  5. Select the messages and tap on recovery to pull through the messages.

To find keylogger can recover deleted messages and how to find them on iPhone.


There are plenty of ways to recover deleted messages as we have described above which one can use on any of the messaging service applications to restore the messages your partner may have deleted. The key is to use the right tool which is reliable and unfailing.


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