Screen Recording

Instant Messenger (IM)Screen Recorder

Too frequently, if you simply focus on their talks, you can lose out on crucial information. That’s not the case with our brand-new IM screen recorder, which periodically and automatically pictures well-known IM programs while in use.

What is Instant Messenger Screen Recorder?

Many people have a tendency to erase chats or unsend messages. If those are your kids, they are undoubtedly hiding something from you, like their sexts or texts that bullied them. It’s best to keep close watch if you discover your kids in that precarious situation. Our most recent screen recorder:

Need to Use Instant
Messenger Screen Recorder

Compared to the typical IM monitoring, which just tracks sent or received texts, you obtain more information.

With the help of our screen recorder, you receive all recordings instantly, improving your understanding.

The first of its type, Ultimate Phone Spy is the best Android monitoring app currently on the market thanks to our screen recorder.

Having access to your child's screen recordings may help you put together the puzzle if you have a challenging youngster at home who you suspect is being bullied (in person or online).

The screen recorder could be quite helpful if you accuse your staff of hiding official talks from you.

Frequently Answered Questions

There is no limit on the amount of screen recordings that can be stored, but because your backups are held on our server for a period of three months, we advise downloading them.

We’ll soon start offering screen recording for Viber, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

Yes, in order to use the screen recording capability, you must root your Android devices.